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We are all aware of the increasing number of fake companies that are emerging in the academic help industry. Hence, it is advised for every student to be very careful and not to get befooled by the appealing graphics and alluring words these fake service providers use. WritingBunch is one of the online assignment writing companies. If you thinking about taking help from this company, you need to read this.

WritingBunch.co.uk is a company that claims to provide outstanding academic help to the students via their talented team of writers. According to them, their main goal is to help the students with the problems that they face at the time of writing their academic tasks. But, if their web content is read carefully, it can be seen that there are significant grammatical errors in it. Hence, this can be said that it is there content that has poor health.

If a company has such noticeable mistakes on their webpage content, it cannot be said how much they can be trusted for giving high-quality academic assistance to the students. Along with this, they also claim to give a plagiarism report with the order. Lastly, WritingBunch.co.uk also guarantees a 24/7 support system through which their representatives provide effective solutions to the students’ problems.

A company that makes so many promises does not even have a physical address on their website. Not just these, WritingBunch.co.uk has not even provided a phone number through which, students can contact them. This can give rise to suspicion in anybody’s mind regarding the credibility of the company.

Price & Discounts

WritingBunch.co.uk has a separate section on their website which lists the prices of their various services. This company claims to provide their unbeatable services at affordable prices, but it doesn’t seem so when we see their prices. They offer papers of three different qualities, ‘standard (2:2), extended (2:1), and platinum (first class)’. For a standard paper which will be delivered by 10 or more days, an individual will have to pay £8.99. For an extended paper that will reach the students in the same period of time will cost £13.99. Lastly, for a Platinum quality paper, a student will have to pay £18.99. The prices change depending on the quality and the urgency. However, if this price is compared with that of similar services provided by other companies, it can be seen that WritingBunch.co.uk is basically making the customers fool by charging so high.

Other companies, for example, MyAssignmenthelp.com provides the same service for a much lesser price. They offer high-quality papers at a price lower than £7.

Even if we overlook the price, it cannot be said that the students will get superior service from WritingBunch.co.uk. The samples they provide showcase a very poor quality English, along with a badly written paper. Hence, they are not giving quality but, taking a huge sum of money. Thus, they are simply exploiting the student.

As for the discounts, no other coupon, code or offer can be seen on their website, apart from the 25 % signup discount on their homepage. However, it is not written anywhere how can one redeem this bonus, how to use them. Hence, students can be in a total confusion regarding this offer.

They also provide some freebies namely plagiarism report, revisions, formatting, etc. However, these things usually come with the academic paper from every assignment help service. Hence, this cannot be said that they are giving something unique.

Thus, it can be seen that WritingBunch.co.uk has kept their prices so high and yet, don’t give any option to the students to lower this price through discounts. Students who look for different types of offers and discounts are going to be highly disappointed.

If individuals want to waste a lot of money after some low-quality service, this is where they should come.

On-time Delivery

Meeting the deadline is a big deal for any student of any level. Hence, they always look for a company that will help them to do the same without fail. Since, by missing the deadline, the students get lower grades, it becomes a real problem when the academic help company fails to provide the order within the given date.

WritingBunch.co.uk promises to deliver the top-quality paper by the deadline given by the student. But, the truth about this can be revealed only by the students who have availed their service.

According to a review posted by a student on BestBritishWriter.com, even after taking the money, WritingBunch.co.uk didn’t deliver his 2 essays on the due date.

Uktopwriters.com states that they found plagiarism in all of the papers they received from this company. Hence, even if the work is delivered on time, one will not be able to submit to their professor before the deadline.

Thus, there is no guarantee that a student will get their orders delivered at the right time. Students can either give a date that is way ahead of the actual deadline or, they will have to write the papers themselves even after making a payment. This is another way WritingBunch.co.uk is making their customers fool and getting their money by deception.

24/7 Availability

WritingBunch.co.uk also claims that their customer support executives stay online all the time for solving the problems of the students. However, not much can be said about their mode of communication. They haven’t provided a physical address or a phone number. They have a live chat window, but, it stays in the offline mode. They have only given a mail address, a form to fill up, and some social media icons through which students can reach them.  But, it is pretty obvious that how much time people take to reply through mail.  It seems that WritingBunch.co.uk does not want the clients to be able to reach out to them.

The reviewers from Ukessaysreview.com state that when they tried to get in touch with the company after placing an order, they did not get any response. When they contacted the company once again, they received a reply from them after half an hour. Hence, their service cannot be said to be available for 24/7, but, they stay online at an unknown time.


Hence, if you are looking for a company that will get back to you fast so that, you can clear your doubts and queries, then, WritingBunch.co.uk is not the place for you. You might have a very bad experience with their customer support team.

Customer reviews

WritingBunch.co.uk also has both positive and negative reviews present about it. Customer’s reviews about this company can be found on its site, as well as, on other reviewing sites. The testimonials that are present on its site are mostly positive, and nothing negative can be seen here. Also, the number of reviews is surprisingly very less. Hence, the question naturally pops up, how many clients they have had to date.

However, on other reviewing sites, it can be seen that WritingBunch.co.uk has received a very low rating. Some of them have even recommended not to avail this service.

This many negative reviews really contrast the positive testimonials present on the site of WritingBunch.co.uk.

Judging by the above information, it can be said that WritingBunch.co.uk is not an ideal company for getting superior-quality assistance with one’s academics.

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They threatened to report my university

Reviewed By Preet Taneja on 09 Feb, 2021

Writingbunch, in fact, threatened me to report my university when I asked for my money back and rework on my paper. Stay away from these sick people guys.

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