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I’ve been hearing the name of SpeedyEssay.co.uk recently from many students. So, I wanted to do my own detailed research on the service they offer. And based on my findings, I wrote this review. Before one decides to get academic assistance from any company, it is necessary to know if they provide a good service or not. This review can help you to decide whether SpeedyEssay.co.uk is worth your money.

According to their website, SpeedyEssay.co.uk is an academic writing company based in the UK. They offer assignments on various subjects and help students who get poor grades to improve their academic performance. Appearance wise, their website is average and it does not contain any ‘about us’ page which is usually found in all websites. Thus, nobody can see when this company was started, what is its mission, etc. This really affects their credibility and makes us question how trustworthy this company is. There is also no physical address present on the website, which again makes us suspicious about whether the company is a registered one or not. According to Ukessaysreviews.com, the website of SpeedyEssay.co.uk is not at all user-friendly and is very disorganised. It also contains many incomplete pages.

How ironic it is that the company which promises to give perfect academic papers has not done a good work on their own webpage.

Price and discounts

Their price varies according to the time and quality of the assignment. Even though they accept many modes of payment, their price is comparatively higher than other academic help providers. For a paper of the 2:2 standard which will be delivered within 10 days or more, they charge

Along with this, nothing is mentioned about the price for the number of pages. Even if the price can be considered as reasonable, it depends on the quality of the work if the money was worth spending.

Here are some of the reviews that students have given about the quality of work provided by SpeedyEssay:

In both the reviews we can see that SpeedyEssay.co.uk provided very low quality of work. Thus, it makes no sense to spend a good amount of money on this service. They are only charging high prices against poor quality papers. This is how they are making a fool of their customers.

Coming to discounts, on their homepage you can find a 15% discount tab. But, it is not clear how one gets that discount and with which orders is it applicable. BestBritishEssays.com points out that SpeedyEssay.co.uk does not provide any space where the discount coupon or code can be added. Thus, there is a confusion regarding the same. Apart from this, there is no other visible discount on their page. They claim to provide some freebies which usually remain included in the package of every other academic help service.

On-time delivery

One of the main reasons for which students take the assistance of the academic writing services is to submit their papers on time.

The order form of SpeedyEssay.co.uk is very long and time-consuming to fill up. In a review written by Ukessayservicesreviews.com, they have highlighted that the minimum deadline within which this service provider delivers the orders is 24 hours. Hence, if somebody needs his/her academic paper written within a few hours, he/she cannot rely on this company.  It is funny how they have kept their website’s name ‘speedyessay’, when they have set their own time for delivering the orders.

In the website, Writeyourpaper.org, it can also be found that SpeedyEssay.co.uk has also delivered the task just a day before the deadline, which left the student with no time to get any changes done in the paper. Simplegrad.com also points out that there have been reports of essays being delivered late. Thus, students can’t really depend on this site for meeting their deadline every time.

24/7 availability

It often happens that students get some query or doubt at an odd time. And it becomes very frustrating if the doubt is not cleared at that very moment. Hence, students should always look forward to an academic writing service which has a very responsive and always available customer support.  

Even though SpeedyEssay.co.uk provides several means of contacting them, not all of them remain active all the time. For example, their live chat feature often goes offline, and they ask to leave a message. One cannot know or be sure regarding how long it will take to get a reply to that question. They also provide a form to fill up and a number where you can call to contact them. Again, Bestbritishwriter.com points out that there is a single telephone number which can become a real problem if several students call at the same time. This can turn out to be an issue for a student if he/she wants to receive an urgent answer or solution. A review posted by a user on Simplegrad.com states the individual had to spend a lot of time for a refund request. Hence, students can expect their time to get wasted by the customer support.

Customer reviews

Many reviews can be found about SpeedyEssay.co.uk on different sites. Reviews are great in terms of providing valid information about a company and can assure an individual that he/she is making the right decision about paying a specific service provider.

In quite a number of sites, SpeedyEssay.co.uk has received a very low rating. For example, Uktopwriters.com has given them a 1.8 out of 5 rating; BestBritishEssays.com has provided them with a 2.1 out of 10 rating; BestBritishWriter.com has given 3 out of 10 rating; a 3.2 rating out of 5 has been given by Writeyourpaper.org.

Students reviews can also be found. In Uktopwriters.com, we find two testimonials which show that their quality of writing is very poor.

Again, another complaint about the quality of their work has been found in a review given by a student on BestBritishWriter.com. It says that instead of a superior dissertation of the high standard, the student received an essay of the high-school level. This also makes us question the capability of the writers working for SpeedyEssay.co.uk.

On Writeyourpapee.org, a number of reviews can be found. In a review, a user said that her work was delayed by two days from the day they were supposed to deliver it. After she reached out to the billing provider, she got her paper. It can be said from this, that SpeedyEssay.co.uk does not serve as per their promise of on-time delivery. Hence, students should be cautious before paying this company for getting their papers on time.

Another review shows that even though the reviewer received the paper on time, it contained several flaws including minor mistakes. Hence, they charge a lot of money and provide flawed papers which contain many errors. One must not expect to get full value for the price.

It was highlighted by another review on Ukservicesreviews.com that the testimonials available on the website of SpeedyEssay.co.uk seem to be fake and the photos attached appear to nothing more than stock photos.


In conclusion, it can be said that if one wants to waste his/her money in a low-quality academic service provider, then SpeedyEssay.co.uk is the one he/she needs. Even though they have some positive points, most of the reviews talk negatively about their service. Thus, students are advised to find an academic writing company that has credible writers, clear policies mentioned on their website, and a team of experts which serves as per their promises.

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worst experience

Reviewed By Naomi Ryan on 22 Oct, 2018

Worst essay writing service ever. You can sure avail their services if you are fond of wasting your money!

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