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Today, there is an abundance of choices to consider when it comes to availing of these services. The best part about these services is you can opt for them sitting at the comforts of your home with a few simple clicks. But the popularity of such services has also given rise to multiple fake assignment service providers. On that note, let me take you by the hand and shed light on a prominent academic service provider known as So is reliable or not? Read on to find out. is primarily a UK based assignment writing company that offers different types of assignments to students belonging to different academic levels. Now the first thing you would notice when you visit their website is an elaborate description of why students need professional help from them and how their services can make things "easy" for the students.

It looks like as though they are trying really hard to convince the visitors about what they can accomplish. What's also worth mentioning here is that today most companies have expanded their operations to different parts of the world to cater to more and more students, but kind of falls behind in this aspect because their services are only restricted to the students belonging to the United Kingdom and the United States. So they need to consider this aspect.

Now coming to the website, at the right-hand side corner of the homepage you would notice that they have listed several services that they offer for free, like the outline, bibliography, title page, formatting, and unlimited revisions. But if you go by several popular review sites, you will see that reviews posted there have specifically claimed that these free services are just gimmicks and labeled as a scam. So that does put a big question mark, is fake?

Pricing and Discounts

Many of the people who have availed their services complained about the unreasonable pricing that the website has come up with. And on multiple occasions, the free services, listed out were not offered for free. Let's look at the pricing structures of their services before making any further observations.

Now if you look at the pricing structure, you can clearly see that the prices of the assignments have been categorized on the basis of urgency and standards (2:2, 2:1, 1st class). However, there is not enough clarity on what these standards mean. In fact, there is no explanation provided on the website in this regard either. So it would definitely make you think that the negative reviews posted on the popular review sites might be true.

The website claims to offer a 20% discount to students who are placing an order for the first time, which seems quite lucrative. However, many students have pointed out in their reviews that the website doesn't provide value for money services, so only offering discounts on their services is not going to add to their credibility. Some reviews have also highlighted how they have charged an exorbitant amount of money for a simple two-page assignment.

There are plenty of assignment service providers that offer best-in-class services even with exciting discounts and within a lot more affordable price range. So needs significant improvement on the pricing aspect.

On time delivery

It’s vital for any assignment writing company to be deadline-oriented, considering there is a lot at stake when the students approach them for help with their assignments. In this case, you cannot simply dismiss the complaints posted on the review sites. According to my observations, the people who have opted for their services have time and again talked about the delays in delivering the assignments. What’s also interesting to note here is that even though the website claims to have a wide a range of services to offer, there is absolutely no mention or explanation on the website about those services.

For any legitimate assignment writing company, it's common to highlight their services on the homepage itself, so that the students seeking assistance can make an informed decision about availing their services. But that’s clearly not the case with So if they are not clear about the kind of services they have to offer, it would be wrong to assume that they would prepare every single task on time. So those reviews seem to have a point when they claim that the service providers have no regards for the assignment deadline of the students.

24x7 availability

This is another crucial aspect for hiring an assignment writing service that seems to have gotten wrong. It’s usual for such websites to highlight the aspect of accessibility, but when you visit, you will not find any mentions of the 24x7 availability.

Now they do have toll-free numbers for their client base in the UK and the US and have a dedicated email address as well. But according to my research, the waiting time on calls is practically endless, and some reviews have even highlighted how the call was automatically disconnected after waiting for 15 minutes. Also, another significant thing to note here is that they don’t offer a callback request facility, which could be really convenient for the students who are looking forward to some kind of assistance of the customer care.

Apart from that, they also have a live chat facility and offer direct communication with writers. But none of these services are actually functional for 24x7. According to my research, there is again a prolonged waiting time on the live chat facility, before an executive entertains your requests or grievances. Also, the writers are mostly unreachable, which could be because they are busy preparing the assignments. Nevertheless, the “experts” at have a long way to go in terms of offering convenience to their clients.

Customer reviews

When it comes to the convenience and satisfaction of the consumers, definitely needs to improve a lot. In fact, the client reviews posted on their website itself points towards their lack of efficiency as an assignment service provider. One such review on stated,

As per my observations, out of all their services, the most common issue that clients had also pointed out is their poor customer service. One review posted on had mentioned:

"They don't have good customer service and don't look after their returning customers well. On one occasion, the writer took a long time to finish the paper and as a result, I was penalized financially and academically. Assignment Masters delayed the investigation process so long and in the end, said that they could not issue a refund back to my card as the transaction was over 6 months old and would only give me store credit which I refused as I am not coming back. There are better services out there that look after their returning customers more.
The actual quality of the papers is not great either; you would have to constantly heck grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers, and so the work produced is basic."

As per another review posted on, the quality of the assignments provided by the writers is a major red flag. Here’s an excerpt:

“One real red flag with or is that they don’t explicitly state that they don’t resell or reuse essays, something many other services make sure to do. As a result, it’s not that surprising that there have been reports of reselling of their essays. What’s even more concerning is that there’s also been a high number of plagiarism reports. When universities are so tough on plagiarism, you know they’re going to pick up on unoriginal work straight away.”

According to another review posted on, the pricing packages are designed quite unreasonably. Here’s an excerpt from the review.

“At first glance, this seems pretty expensive, without a discount coupon or promo code a 3000 word paper with a 7-day turnaround cost £197.45. This isn’t the best deal to start with, but then it seems like you have to pay for loads of extras if you want to be sure you’ll get a great paper, for example, if you want a top ten writer, an editor to proofread the work or a summary. I think that all writers should be good, and all papers edited.”

In conclusion,

After evaluating the services of thoroughly, it would be safe to say that you are better off without a service provider, which would only jeopardize your academic progress in the long run. Instead, choose a service provider that would provide complete value for your money.


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very disappointed

Reviewed By Brooke Cooper on 16 Nov, 2018

I had a really tough time explaining my essay requirements to the writer. After all that hassle, what I got, in the end, was nothing more than garbage! Highly disappointed!

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worst experience

Reviewed By William Coppock on 22 Sep, 2018

Do not use this ! i have had the worst experience ! The customer support team is rubbish as they purposely ignore the messages and calls. the writers do not communicate with you ! and the worst of all they fail to give you the work on time !

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