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The academic institutes in the UK have always been known for the quality of education they offer. Over the years, the institutes have increased the academic pressure to bring out the best in the students. However, only a few can cope with such overwhelming pressure without anyone’s help. Most of the students in the UK rely on the online academic solution providers to manage the pressure and stay on top of the academic competition.

Writemyessay.co.uk is a UK-based essay writing company that promises to deliver professional essay and assignment writing services to the students. A lot of students look for academic assistance from such online service providers on the internet to meet their essay and assignment requirements. But the obvious question is – Is Writemyessay.co.uk a reliable essay writing company? Well, here’s what you can find at Writemyessay.co.uk.

  • A brief of about the company:

According to the website’s “about us” page, Writemyessay.co.uk is a well-established UK-based essay and dissertation writing company. In fact, Writemyessay.co.uk is a part of a UK limited company which was established in 2007 to offer academic help to both UK and international students (as mentioned on the website). By the look of it, the website seems pretty basic. It fails to make a lasting impression on the visitor as it lacks significant visual elements.

The landing page suggests that the customers can avail a range of services from the website, including essay writing and editing, literature review, reports, dissertations, dissertation proposals, coursework and even powerpoint presentations. Besides the wide variety of services, the website also claims to deliver 10 different guarantees, including a guarantee of plagiarism-free essays, on time delivery, complete satisfaction, complete privacy and a certain standard of writing.

The website claims that 70 percent of their clients are returning customers and that they have a team of qualified writers in the company. They also mention that they specialize in subjects like English literature, Law, Social Work, Sociology, and Business and Management. While such a variety of service is a commendable attribute of a service provider, we need to see how many of their claims are actually true.

  • Price and discounts:

The website does have a dedicated "Prices" page where you can find the online price calculator for the task you want to order. According to the price calculator, they charge £115 for a 1000 word-long, 2:1 standard, undergraduate degree level essay with 5 days delivery time. Surprisingly, this is the most affordable service at Writemyessay.co.uk. The prices only go up as you modify the requirements.

A master level essay with the same requirements as the last one costs £161, while for a PhD level write-up, they charge £220. Clearly, this is not as affordable as they claim to be. There are plenty of genuine service providers on the internet who offer quality support at a lesser price. As you explore the pricing of the services, you may find that the first class quality services are too expensive to afford. So, if you want good grades, you need to spend your entire budget for the month on the service.

 Interestingly, the website mentions “Discount available” on the landing page and on several other pages, but never really discusses how to avail the discount or how much discount you can avail from the site. This is another unresolved issue that the website needs to fix. The good thing is that they have partnered with PayPal, which offers a safe and secure transaction. However, that does not make up for the excessive service charges.

  • An insight into order delivery:

As per the price quote generator, Writemyessay.co.uk can deliver your orders within the next day if you request so. Usually, they have the standard delivery period of 5 days, which also seems good enough for an essay or assignment service provider. However, that does come at a price. As mentioned earlier, the standard 5 day delivery of an essay is costlier than the industry standard. You can guess what they can cost for the next day delivery.

Well, it’s not that the experts will be delivering the order on time after getting the money. Yes, they claim to offer a guarantee for on-time delivery, but they do not explain what they would do if they fail to meet the deadline, which keeps on happening in the essay writing industry. There's no money back guarantee to safeguard the interest of the customers.

Also, the website has the right to decline your request if they feel the requirements are too complex to meet. For instance, if you ask them for a lengthier paper within 24 hours, they may decline it, which is reasonable. But that is what every other service provider does. So practically, there is nothing new about Writemyessay.co.uk.

  • The efficiency of customer support:

Unlike the majority of the online essay help providers, Writemyessay.co.uk does not have any online chat support. If you want quick information about the service provider, you could have used the online chat to get it immediately, but since there is no such facility, you have to rely on the helpline number for even the smallest of details.

Also, the helpline number is not very helpful either. According to the website, the number is only for enquiries. It means, if you want some detailed information about the accuracy of the work or order placement, you cannot find that over the phone call. Also, the helpline number works only during the working hours, not 24x7.

The only good thing about the website’s customer support is that they have two different email addresses, one of which is designated to the admin and the other one is for quote related issues. However, those facilities cannot offer an immediate assistance to a client’s query or complaint.

  • Customer reviews:

The testimonials that are posted on the website haven’t been updated since 2015. So, even if they say good things about the website’s services, they are outdated. The best way to find out the truth is by going through the reviews posted on the third-party platforms. You can get access to a number of reviewing sites when you look for the keyword “Writemyessay.co.uk reviews” online.

Despite a few setbacks, Writemyessay.co.uk is rated quite decently across the reviewing sites. Bestbritishessays.com states “Overall good, but few minor issues and no social media profiles”. They ranked the website 7.5/10. However, there’s reply on the review page that talks about a negative comment which was not posted on the platform.

Uktopwriters.com, another website reviewing platform, also ranks the website pretty generously (19/25). However, they conclude their review by saying that they are not sure whether you should place an order with the company, as the “quality is questionable” and the “prices are way too high”.

As you may have noticed, the website is not flawless. There are some issues with the services which are too big to ignore. However, they do offer a wide range of services and guarantees which may seem tempting at times. It is better for you to compare the website with the other essay help providers before placing an order. Conduct your own survey before you arrive at a decision. This will help you see if Writemyessay.co.uk is the right choice for you.

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Had to cancel my birthday party

Reviewed By Karan Gill on 09 Feb, 2021

I had no idea that I had to cancel my B'day party for it. Writemyessay.co.uk has successfully ruined my day and I worked day and night to complete my assignment. Moreover, my money was never returned.

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