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The academic writing industry is filled with several scam companies. Thus, students are advised to take extra precautions to avoid getting manipulated by fake companies. Below, you will find some important information on which will help you to get a clear picture of the service provided by this company. is an academic writing company with a vision to get to the top position in the market for providing excellent service to students around the world.  Following this, they have again written that they are the best in the industry of academic writing service. This is confusing and contradicts their vision statement. If they are already the leaders in the industry, why is it their vision to conquer the market?

In their about us section, it is written that the company wishes to expand their service to many countries. Again, they have written that the students can send their orders from any place in the world. Along with this, they have claimed on their landing page that they are the world’s no. 1 essay writing company. If they can already send their service to anywhere in the world, which expansion are they talking about?

They have not mentioned any physical address of their office or how long they have been serving in the industry. This really makes us question the credibility of the company.

On their home page, they have highlighted the issues that students face with academic writing.  If one doesn’t read the content carefully, he/she will surely make the mistake of thinking that these are the main features of the service that provides.

Along with this, they have also given some statistics about their company which are as following:

  • They have completed more than 3000 projects
  • They have a 92% customer satisfaction
  • They have over 250 specific writers
  • 85% of their clients return back to their service

Although these statistics look impressive, it cannot be said for sure if these claims are true.

Price and Discounts

Any student would like to get a quality academic service at a low price, as the budget of any student is always limited.  But at, one cannot expect that. They say that the price of availing their service is affordable, but the truth is something else. provides their service at a rate of more than $13 for a page. They have claimed that this is quite a reasonable price for the quality they provide.  But, if we compare it with that of the other companies in this industry, it will be seen that this price is way too high. At, they charge $8 for a one-page task. Thus, it can be said that is indeed making a fool out of its customers by charging so high for just one page. And this is all the more concerning because the students will have to pay before getting the papers in hand. Nobody can tell what will be the quality of that work for which they are charging a hefty amount.

Discount wise, not many variations or options can be seen. They are offering a 15% discount currently. Along with this, it is written on their website that they often give out special discounts. Many academic writing companies provide various offers, discounts, and bonuses which is absent when it comes to For example, apart from giving seasonal discounts, also offers special discounts for new users, especially on bulk orders, and a great referral bonus system. All these offers help in lowering the final cost of the student.

By not providing a variety of discounts and bonuses, they are limiting the chances of the customers to reduce their very high price. Thus, if any student is looking for an academic writing company where they can spend all of their pocket money, would be the perfect place!

On-Time Delivery

After going through their website, one will get the idea that delivers the orders very fast. They claim to provide high quality papers in no time. claims that their writers will never miss a single deadline as they are very careful regarding meeting the deadline. However, in other review sites, a different story has been portrayed.

In a site named, it has been highlighted that the essays are usually delivered on the very last day or later, which does not give the students any time to revise the work. Thus, it can be seen that their claims are not at all true.

Also, if one checks their price list, the minimum time they have mentioned for delivering the tasks is 24 hour. Thus, if one has an emergency and needs the papers within a few hours or overnight, he/she cannot expect to get that from For certain academic tasks like the dissertation chapters, students will need to wait for a minimum of 7 days.

24/7 Availability claims to be available 24/7. They have a live chat service which is a little weird. If we click on the live chat option, a new tab opens up. This is quite different from the chat system of other companies. Everywhere else, a new tab does not open; instead, a normal chat box opens up where a student can directly type out his/her message.

Apart from this, they have provided a contact number and an email address. There is also a form available which students need to fill up to ask any question.

Contrary to their claim for being available all the time, the review of users speaks differently. According to, it is not easy to reach out to the writer of a paper. Thus, it becomes difficult to get answers regarding one’s essays. It has been further stated that their customer support team is hard to reach out even before one makes a purchase. mentions that according to the customers of, once a final product is received, it becomes all the more difficult to get all queries and issues solved. A review reveals that once a customer did not get any more response and the work was never delivered even after the payment was made.

Thus, it can be seen clearly that they promote fake promises about their service, so, in no way, can this company be trusted.

Customer Reviews

On the testimonials page of, many reviews can be found which says nothing but good things about the company.

It is very unusual that there is not even one negative review about the company. Even the biggest companies have some customers giving negative reviews. The truth about this company can be found from other review sites.

At, has received a 3.4 out of 10 rating.  The final conclusion of this company, according to, is that the service provider is possibly a foreign company which hires only unqualified writers. Furthermore, it has been suggested to avoid at all cost. It cannot be said with a guarantee that the writers of this company have the skills or experience to bring students higher grades with the papers written by them.  

This completely contrasts with the testimonials present on the website of It is normal for any company to highlight the positive reviews about them, but having only those and not the negative ones can be misleading for the customers.

Thus, cannot be trusted under any situation.


Judging by the information found from the site of and also from other sites, it can be said that the company seems very shady and there is the possibility for it to be a scam. Starting from the absence of a physical address to their high prices, everything creates a negative impression of the company. Hence, if any student wishes to get scammed or want to spend a lot of money after a poor quality service, he or she can go forward with

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I lost $300 with plagi content

Reviewed By Jagroop Singh on 09 Feb, 2021

I paid for them beforehand. I lost $300 for essayempire. No quote, no offers and discounts, instead I spent a lot extra and got 50% plagiarized copy.

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