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The burden of multiple assignments, exams and coursework has persuaded many students to rely on online assignment help on the Internet. These online assignment helpers promise to deliver work on time without compromising with the quality of the papers. However, it is always better to study the website well before relying on them entirely. OkEssay.co.uk is a writing service provider based in the UK and it offers a plethora of academic writing services to the students in and around the UK. Wondering how reliable are their services? Thinking if you can rely on them without a second thought? Let’s find out.

The website interface is too promotional or over-advertised to be true. According to the website, OkEssay.co.uk provides writing services for:

  • Thesis
  • Dissertations
  • Assignments
  • Coursework
  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Literature review
  • Speechwriting
  • Personal statement
  • Book review

You can visit their website to have a look at the list of other papers they provide writing assistance for. Usually, most of the top-notch writing service providers have a ‘Services’ page in which they write about their offers, projects, subjects they provide assistance for, etc. OkEssay.co.uk, on the other hand, doesn’t even have a ‘Services’ page and that makes it quite difficult for students to trust them completely. What if they do not provide writing help to the paper you are looking for?

Also, they haven’t mentioned the subjects they can help you with. You might have to log in to know that. But, not all students would want to log in just to know the subjects they provide coverage for.

Although they have stated that OkEssay.co.uk has some of the best writers to help the students submit an impeccable paper, yet the qualifications of each of the writer are not mentioned on the website. What if the writers are not native English speakers? What if they are not qualified enough to draft the University standard papers? It is suggested that you call them up and clarify this doubt immediately.

The number of writers is also not mentioned on the website which makes it unclear whether their writers are capable of taking up multiple tasks or not. Submitting the paper before the deadline is crucial for every student. You can find proofreading and editing services mentioned on their website, but do they have a separate team of proofreaders and editors? You might stay under the impression that the writers edit the papers. It is better to contact them and know more about the team and the way it functions.

Prices and discounts

Budget is very important for students and they usually look for the most cost-effective price chart while looking for online assignment help companies. But, as far as the price rate is concerned, at OkEssay.co.uk, they have expensive rates for average write-ups as compared to other assignment writing companies.

According to the ‘Prices’ page, they have three standards of writing that the students can opt for. First is the A-level standard in which the price starts from $21.24 for a deadline of 10 days. However, if you want the paper within 3 hours, then the price is $92.04.

The second service package is named as Degree which starts from $22.06 for the deadline of 10 days. But, if you want the paper within 3 hours, then you would have to pay $114.90. The last package is for the Masters level. It starts at $31.86 for a deadline of 10 days and the price amounts to $177.38 for a deadline of 3 hours.

The prices seem too high for students to afford. After comparing the price chart with other top-notch assignment helpers, it is found that OkEssay.co.uk is charging quite high for the papers.

They have mentioned discounts for the first time users. However, most of the online assignment helpers provide significant offers and discounts for students, allowing them to make the most of their services. But, at OkEssay.co.uk, there was no discount for existing clients and only 15% off for the new users. Also, they did not mention any criteria that must be fulfilled for the promo code to be applicable. Hence, it is better to get in touch with them, talk about the eligibility of the discount and then place the order.

The refund policy is also not flexible compared to that of other service providers on the Internet. OkEssay.co.uk has mentioned on their ‘Terms and Conditions’ page that students can ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of their work. However, the students need to submit a genuine proof that states that the quality of their writing wasn’t up to the mark. But, they haven’t mentioned anything about the money refund against bad grades. Also, the refund policy is acceptable only for 14 days if your assignment has less than 20 pages. The refund policy is acceptable for a period of 30 days if you had more than 20 pages in your assignment.

As per their website, the money will not be refunded right away. They will conduct a quality analysis to calculate the percentage of mistakes made and refund you the money according to the percentage. So, you need to consult with them directly to know if they would refund the entire money or if they have cancellation charges.

Most of the assignment writing companies provide unlimited free revisions to help students submit a flawless paper. However, at OkEssay.co.uk, you may not find the same privilege. Like the refund period, they also have a revision period. The revision period is 14 days for assignments that have less than 20 pages and 30 days for assignments that have more than 20 pages. The return period can also change on the basis of your paper’s requirement.

On time delivery

On the ‘Home Page’ of the website, OkEssay.co.uk has mentioned that they are famous all around the world due to their timely delivery of the papers. Their website says that they can serve deadlines of up to 3 hours which is too good to be true. An assignment needs a significant amount of time for research, planning, writing, proofreading and editing. All these take more than 3 hours. Usually, other companies promise delivery within 24 hours because the time is genuinely required to write a quality paper. But 3 hours is too quick for any writer irrespective of his/her qualifications.

Their claims will make you wonder if they resale the papers that were already written long back or if they send plagiarized and low-quality assignment to poor students who need urgent help. Apart from this, they have also mentioned that their money refund policy is not acceptable if the paper wasn’t delivered to the client on time. It is essential for every student to submit the assignments on time. So, if you miss the deadline, it will take a toll on your assignment grades and money because they don’t have a refund policy for that.

If you need to get your assignments done urgently, then it is better to have a word with their support executives first. See if they can send you quality papers on time.

24*7 Availability

Like most of the online assignment helpers, OkEssay.co.uk has also stated that they are available 24*7. You can get in touch with their support executives via a toll-free phone number present on the website. There is a live chat option at the right bottom corner of the website which sounds too robotic and might not be useful in answering all your queries. Since the Live chat option is not up to the mark, it is better to call them and see if you can get in touch with them right away.

 Another drawback of this website is that they have not mentioned any physical address of their company. So, it might happen that they’re making a fool of their customers by selling plagiarized assignments and laundering thousands of dollars every day. Usually, scam companies do not provide the physical address of the company because they don’t have any. So, take suggestions from seniors and only then you might want to get help from OkEssay.co.uk.

Other writing companies usually have a contact form and an email ID for students to get in touch with them easily. However, at OkEssay.co.uk you will find no such contact form or email ID. It becomes very difficult for students who usually opt for the email to contact writing companies.

Customer Reviews

As per the Client Testimonials page, OkEssay.co.uk has some of the most amazing writers who submit an impeccable paper on time even if it’s within 3 hours. According to those reviews, they have an affordable price range for high-quality work.

However, https://uktopwriters.com/ says otherwise. According to this top reviewing site, OkEssay.co.uk is not worth any student’s time and trust. They have also said that OkEssay.co.uk has poor quality writers who can make students suffer due to poor quality writing. Customers did not seem happy with their services and some also indicated that they indulge in selling plagiarized content and might run away with your money without delivering any work at all. They rated OkEssay.co.uk an overall 1.6 out of 5.

Another reviewing site, https://bestbritishessays.com/ also stated that OkEssay.co.uk is quite hard to get in touch with as they have not provided a legit contact form, physical address and the live chat is auto-generated. According to this reviewing site, OkEssay.co.uk has got expensive rates in exchange for low-quality essays and that too without the guarantee of delivering the papers on time. OkEssay.co.uk received a rating of 2.5 at Best British Essays.

Choosing the perfect writing company is very important to earn high grades and shape your career in the right direction. Analyze the website and take suggestions from the top reviewing sites before you take the decision.


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Reviewed By Sahej Sandhu on 09 Feb, 2021

I had an overnight deadline. They promised me to deliver in the morning. After multiple calls and emails, I got the paper in the evening. The worst I have ever seen.

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