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Are you looking for the most wonderful assignment writing service in the UK? Then should be far away from you first preference. You know why? The guarantee of 0% plagiarism and 1200+ expert writers is a trap to deceive students who need academic assistance. They claim to have some 800 crores of delivered orders. These fake claims are only to mislead students and convince them to hire the services of the company.

But, the reality is something else. When you visit the website, you can be impressed by the way they have displayed every web page. But, as you choose them and handover your work, you will start facing the real deal. At first, they will promise you a lot of things, but with time, you will get to know how they work.

I am a critic who keeps track of the testimonials of different sites. By evaluating a lot of reviews from various sites, I have come to know about the service of When I read all the reviews, I realized that there is nothing with this company that you can regard to be ‘good’ or even ‘average’. With every single feature, they fail to meet the expectations.

Now, let us do a comparative study about what they say and what they are:-

Regarding experience

They say that they have been working in the field of providing academic help since 2009. However, the reality is they are functional only since 2014. It is the first falsification that they make. When people see that they are much experienced, most of them readily believe and hire them. Later, they came to know that they have minimum years of experience. In addition to it, falsification is the biggest turn off in case of credibility.


Well, you will be easily attracted when you see that they have a very affordable rate. But if it is, the story is something else. You will get to know that they have a very high range of price for any small academic paper. Whether it is an essay of 700 words or an assignment of total 2000 words, the expense is pretty high and sometimes even unaffordable. Sadly, you will not find any justification behind such absurd high rate.

 Some of the students reviewed that when they chose, they thought that it is very affordable. But, later when they analyzed the market, they came to know that it is indeed costly from the rest of similar services available in the market.

Discounts and other offers

This is the place where they will make you a complete fool. When you get to know that they have offers for any particular subject, you will like to hire them, right? But, later on you will come to know about different ‘terms and conditions’ that they have for their discount. When you ultimately go for the payment, you realise that the discount is just a show. 


They promise a lot of things. But, what they say is way different from what they do. They promise to assign your task to the experts from relevant fields of academics. But, when they deliver the work to you, there are end mistakes in it. I have seen people posting reviews saying that the guidelines given in the job card are not followed. The analysis is also not up to the mark. Problems with referencing and citation styles are also mentioned in the reviews.

On-time delivery promises to deliver the work on time. For urgent work, they take 3 hours with a huge amount of payment. But, at the time of delivery, they show a lot of excuses for not providing the work. Many students have also posted that due to the service provider’s negligence, they could not submit the work on time. This is such a dangerous thing for the students as their academic career depends on these assignments.  Sometimes, there have also been complaints by the students that even if enough time is provided to the writers; they fail to deliver within the deadline.

To judge their on-time delivery status, I created a fake account and ordered an essay on marketing. I also provided a proper job card, word count and deadline. They took the order instantly. After two days when I reminded them about the work they said the writers are working on it. But, when the deadline was at hand, they did not give me an update about the work. When I pressurised them for the delivery, they submitted the assignment 3 hours late. Also, the quality of the paper was horrendous with lots of grammatical errors.

Quality of the website

The website of is pretty impressive.  They have information for you and only tell you fabricated stories when you hire a service. But, when you start using the site, you will get to know that the usage is not very simple. Also, there are a lot of technical errors on the website. The FAQ page does not load at all. In the application form too, there are specific issues as all the menu disappeared suddenly.

Many students also complained that the speed of the website gets tremendously slow. Thus, the order placing process also becomes very hectic for the students at times.

Customer Support

Well, to be honest, customer support is almost a joke. I guess the service providers do not have any idea about the concept of ‘24*7’ availability. Thus, when we go for their live chat option, they barely reply to you. When I found about it by reading some of the reviews, I thought of experimenting on my own. I opened another fake account and started live chatting with them. They replied almost after 15-20 minutes and answered my first query. Their email support is also unsatisfactory as they took 3 hours to respond to a query via mail.

Mark Johansen, London

“I was in need of an academic assignment. I came to know about I visited their website and wanted to place the order. But, when I start filling in the form, I faced a lot of problems with it. Some of the menus disappeared, and some information also got deleted on its own. It’s pretty irritating to spend a whole hour filling up the form which could have been completed within 10 minutes”.

Terrible quality by Steve Rogers

“I don’t understand why the Grademiners claim such things when they cannot live up to them. Firstly, I received a terrible quality of assignment. I don’t know what kind of writer they have and what kind of training they undergo. The simple structure of the assignment was also not up to the mark. I specifically asked for a certain requirement in the format what was also not met”.

By now you must have understood that their service is not at all worthy. It is only a sham service provider that deceives the students and over-charges them for assignments that are not worth a dime.


You can understand that is not something you need. With lots of adverse effect and reviews, if you need a proper assignment writing service, then this is not your choice at all.

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worst quality assignment writing service

Reviewed By Catherine C. Kocher on 17 Dec, 2018

I wish I would have never come across this horrible site. Worst quality assignments and pathetic customer support!

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Pathetic Service

Reviewed By Michael J. Downing on 05 Dec, 2018

“Assignment ruining service” would be a better name for this pathetic service!

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Very Disappointed

Reviewed By Taylor Smith on 22 Oct, 2018

I am seriously disappointed! Worst assignment writing service ever with the poorest quality of all!

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Worst company

Reviewed By Brian K. Tucker on 16 Oct, 2018

This is the worst essay writing service I’ve ever encountered! All they are interested in is your money!

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Cheaters and scammers

Reviewed By Charles Headlam on 11 Oct, 2018

What kind of people are you? Cheaters and scammers. After placing the order, I realized they are charging too much. But there is no coming back now and it's been worse when they have sent me plagiarized assignment which is ripped off from other published assignment. I would love to give you 0 rating If I can.

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