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Recently I received a very complicated assignment on a topic which was too difficult for me to understand. This academic paper had a good amount of points allocated to it. Thus, it was very important for my final grades.  

As I failed to make meaning out of the main question, I decided to take professional assistance from I first heard about this academic help providing company from a classmate of mine. In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about taking their help. But, finally, I decided to opt for their service.

I came to know from their site that they have a team consisting of more than 500 Australian writers. Along with this, I also learned that they have received a 4.7 rating out of 5, from the students, which is, quite amazing.  Also, I found on their website that they have delivered over 55000 orders. This number was quite remarkable, and I thought if they have completed such a huge number of assignments, then, they must be good at it.

These are some of the facts that first caught my eyes. I became intrigued after seeing this and also built a little trust in this company.

Along with this, their website was quite appealing and very user-friendly. It highlights all the features of the company, shows clearly how they work, and also portrays the testimonials of the past clients. I also did not find any noticeable error in their web content. My overall first impression of this company was quite good.

Price & Discounts

 I always used to think that the academic writing services charge a lot, which is why I avoided taking help from them for a long time. But, really surprised me. The price of their service is pretty low and affordable. This is something that will fit into my limited budget easily. I did not have to spend all of my pocket money to improve my academic grades.

It was very easy to get the exact quote for my order. There was no hidden price and everything was very transparent.

Along with this, they also provided me with a 30% discount and a $20 bonus for signing in. This completely made my day as it significantly lowered the final cost.

The mode of payment is also very convenient, and there are many options through which one can make the payment. The payment can be made through credit or debit card, online banking, or PayPal. The payment gateway is also very secure, which assured me to do my own payment.  

Before I paid, I wanted to compare their price with that of other service providers. So, I looked up other academic writing services, but, found out that their price is comparatively much higher than that of

At, I saw that their standard price is $11.87 which is higher than the quote I received from

Another site which I visited to check the price is Their minimum price is $21.24 for one page, which is quite overpriced in my opinion.

Comparing these prices with the one of, I found that they do provide their service at a relatively lesser cost. And the discounts really make them a favourable option for taking academic assistance.

On-time delivery

One of their most highlighted features is that they maintain punctuality and deliver the work on time. Deadline is one aspect which makes every student worry. I have seen many of my classmates miss their deadline and get a low grade because of that. I have also faced late submission several times.

Hence, if a service provider can solve this problem, it would be of great help. claims to do just that. I found from their website that the writers work really hard and with utmost dedication to complete the assignments right on time. I also saw some useful student testimonials on their site which reflected their fast delivery.

I have always heard of fraud companies which deliver the students’ orders long after the deadline and yet take the full amount. To my surprise, I got my assignment within 3 days. I was the first one among my classmates to submit the paper. And the quality was really up to the mark and I was praised by my professor.

What I really liked about is that they serve what they promised.

They delivered the order much before the given time which not only helped me to meet the deadline but also gave me enough time to check the paper thoroughly.

With, I believe I can finally get over my fear of missing the deadline and stop panicking whenever the submission date is near.

24/7 Availability

I have used the service of various online companies several times and the most common problem that I have faced is the absence of the support team when I needed it. I always found some difficulty in contacting the support team of the biggest companies. But at, I found out that they stay available all the time, i.e., 24/7. This makes it quite convenient in case one faces a problem at an odd time and needs the solution at that very moment.

This feature helped me to keep regular communication with them, through which I could convey any extra instruction that I had to give regarding my order.

They have a live chat system which allows me to get their response immediately and without any hassle. Along with this, one can also reach them by emailing or calling. All of the details can be found on their website. They also have their social media sites which makes it more convenient to contact them.

I have the habit of continuously keeping in touch with the company if I take their service. Several queries keep on popping in my head from time to time. To clear my doubts and questions, I used to contact them frequently. They were always very responsive, and there hasn’t been a single instance in which they did not reply back to me.

Also, my professor gave me some extra instruction regarding the order, which I was able to convey easily to the writers through their effective communicating mediums.

Hence, I can say that this feature of theirs is really helpful and also very active.

Customer Reviews

To back up my own review, I would also present some useful review from other students. This is something that I checked before availing their service. I always do some background check before using the service of a company. And checking the reviews of the past clients is a great way to do this.

I checked the testimonials provided on their site and also the ones that can be found on the various review sites. And I found that most of them are positive.  

From these testimonials available on their website, it can be seen that the students are quite happy with the service they received.

In the first testimonial, we can see that the person is quite impressed with the easy to use service of From the second testimonial, it can be seen that even on a complex topic like ‘Cellular Biology’, succeeded to provide a copy that got the student the highest grades. The third testimonial highlights how fast they deliver their order. By reading these testimonials, I gained enough confidence in this company.

On this site, I found that the rating of is on the higher side. They have received a 3 out of 5 rating in everything, i.e., quality, price, support and delivery. This indicates that this company is quite reliable and one can expect to get a high-quality service from it.

Apart from this, I also found out that has it’s headquarter in Australia. The company provides rework and also has its refund policy. It helped me to believe in the credibility of

In conclusion, I would say that judging from my experience, and also, by going through the reviews of other students, is indeed a reliable company which can be trusted for receiving quality academic papers.

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Perfect assignment help

Reviewed By Nikhil Sai Singh on 25 Feb, 2021

Last month I ordered an assignment for me. I have received my assignment within the time and submitted it in my college, hopefully got A+ grades. I want to thanks for the help. I recommend it to my friends.

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Happy With Assignment

Reviewed By Laura Serra on 24 Feb, 2021

I'm happy with my order and with the grade for it. it was big piece of work and your experts hepled me a lot to complete it.

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Good essay service

Reviewed By Manoj Pawar on 23 Feb, 2021

I need assistance in my law essay writing and I have received Law essay help from essayassignmenthelp. It was a quick and easy solution. Thank you.

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best online assignment service

Reviewed By Dimitra Frangos on 20 Feb, 2021

Best thing is assignment delivery on time.

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Best Assignment Writing Service

Reviewed By Hardik Chhabra on 18 Feb, 2021

Best assignment writing service on the web. Here the writers are confident, dedicated, and creative. I would be glad to recommend it to other students.

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Great Work

Reviewed By Minhal Raza on 18 Feb, 2021

Received my physics assignment from, It was great work. I recommend all for this website. I am really very satisfied with their work.

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Great Work

Reviewed By Prajwal Khanal on 15 Feb, 2021

Love the work done. I'm really happy that I found this website. Thank you soo much and keep up the work!

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Excellent Works

Reviewed By Naomi Duplessis on 15 Feb, 2021

Excellent Works is done by the company which helped me a lot and definitely will suggest to my friends. Nice

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Fast Delivery service

Reviewed By Isaac Hellyer on 13 Dec, 2018

Connected with them in the eleventh hour yet they provided me with a high quality essay that had no errors or plagiarism issues. Sounds unbelievable but they made it happen!

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Reliable service

Reviewed By Lilly D. Hawkins on 01 Dec, 2018

I am glad I took a chance and relied on Essayassignmenthelp. They provide the best kind of assignment help, irrespective of the deadline!

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Timely delivered

Reviewed By Joel Kneeshaw on 29 Nov, 2018

I have never missed any of the deadlines ever since I availed their services. They take your deadlines seriously and that’s what I love about them!

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pathetic writing service!

Reviewed By Jacob Derrick on 12 Nov, 2018

The professor returned my assignment covered in red marks and a big “F” on it! All thanks to this pathetic writing service!

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Quick Delivery!

Reviewed By Brianna Learmonth on 27 Oct, 2018

I can’t thank you, people, enough for the much-needed help! You delivered what you promised, and I am thankful!

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satisfied with the service

Reviewed By Sophia Crane on 26 Oct, 2018

I am completely satisfied with this essay writing service. They made sure all my requirements are met and I got exactly what I wanted!

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