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5 Effective Online Reputation Management Tactics for Academic Services

Consumers always look for the best value and the best experience. The reputation of a product/service/business depends upon numerous factors, and tangible value & a positive experience are two of THE most crucial aspects.  And, the song remains the same in the digital domain too.

Online reputation management (ORM) is crucial to determine how successfully a business connects with its audience and further improve that relationship. Its ultimate aim is to create a positive brand image, better trust and enduring loyalty.

For online academic writing services, the gravity and importance of having a spotless reputation are greater. These services can influence a learners' career and need to ensure the best service & best reputation throughout.

5 Techniques for Effective ORM For Academic Services

Following are five potent techniques explicitly tailored for academic services.

1. Perform An Audit of Your Brand’s Reputation Online

Performing a proper audit will give a decent idea about the status and reputation.

  • A quick search on Google will reveal the SERP of a brand.
  • In addition, the Google My Business app can help evaluate ratings, comments and reviews on Google.
  • Similar searches on social networking sites will reveal the reputation therein.
  • Go through all reviews. Evaluate how the perception of the service varies on a singular platform or across multiple platforms.
  • Analyze the reviews well and try to understand the general sentiment behind them.
  • Flag those avenues that contain the maximum amount of negative or misleading/fake/spam reviews.

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2. Prioritize Your Responses & Define Response Policies

The Web is vast, and it is impossible to jump on every mention of your service. Prioritization is, thus, paramount.  A proper audit can aid you in getting your priorities straight.

  • Set the goals and parameters for your ORM endeavor. Determine your objectives, define your resources & limitations, and note which avenues to prioritize.
  • It is best to prioritize those channels that have the maximum impact on your businesses.
  • Define strict policies and guidelines if you want your ORM strategy to be effective and ethical.
    • Prioritize reviews and review channels as urgent, non-urgent and Urgent channels are those that have a critical impact on brand image. Non-urgent channels do have influence but are not essential to reputation. And blacklisted channels are generally trolls and malcontents.
    • The tone and content of your responses must also be defined in your ORM policy guidelines.
    • Employ brand monitoring tools such as Brand24, Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, Mention, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc., for quick alerts, keeping an eye on industry trends & brand mentions, and better idea about audience expectations & behavior.

3. Monitor Brand Proactively

A proactive approach works best. Monitor priority channels for a real-time view of your online presence and getting an on-the-ground idea of your online reputation.

  • Brand monitoring tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, etc., offer numerous options for targeted tracking. For example, you can choose a domain, region, brand name, keywords, etc., as parameters and schedule reports as required.
  • Schedule monitoring reports with proper thought. It all depends upon your priorities.
  • Publishing fake and malicious reviews to mar a brand's online reputation is common, especially in the online academic writing industry. Keep an eye out for such fraudulent negative reviews and address them directly.

4. Dominate SERPs In Your Domain

Online reputation management strategies will be incomplete and ineffective without some SEO.  Here’s a great SEO checklist for academic services in 2021.

  • Define branded keywords and their variations, which signal your presence on the Web. It should be unique and noticeable.
  • Identify those branded keywords with the highest impact and put your focus upon them.
  • In case of negative reviews featuring branded keywords, address them urgently and investigate for further resolution.

And, while you are at it, link up your social media marketing strategies as well. A truly multi-pronged approach to ORM needs to utilize SEO and SMO for optimal effectiveness.

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5. Respond Responsibly

Responding to reviews and similar content is inevitable and essential. According to an article by Oberlo, 9 out of 10 customers go through online reviews before engaging with a brand. In addition, online reviews are word-of-mouth on the Web, and almost everyone swears by it.

  • Respond to as many reviews as feasible. Encourage people to leave honest reviews and thank those who leave positive reviews. Engage with them on social media channels, use pop-ups to coerce them or use some reward system.
  • Try to discern the reasons for dissatisfaction of those who post genuine negative ones.

In fraudulent, negative reviews, it is best to respond directly and unearth the details beneath. Then, point out their fraudulence and warn of strict legal action.

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