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About claims to be UK’s leading dissertation writing service, providing students with authentic dissertations. However, even though the service promises to compose quality dissertations in any subject, students have come to us to help them uncover the truth behind the quality of writing.

As this is a matter of the student's future, we have wasted no time and compiled an unbiased assessment of after gathering students’ reviews of the service from all platforms. So, let’s dive deeper into what offers and whether it lives up to its promises.

(The appraisal is based on the multiple reviews gathered across trusted review websites. does not have any personal opinion/bias regarding any service)

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1. Is safe to buy or worth buying?

The quality of dissertations can make or break a student’s career. Since theirs is an absurd amount of stress associated with this academic paper, students need to ensure the service they hire for guidance can provide them quality work. Unfortunately, seems to be lacking relevancy in this field.

When you type “Dissertation help” on the search engine, doesn’t appear anywhere in the top 3 searches.

In fact, you cannot find anywhere on the first page of the search engine. Such low ranking proves that students don't use this service for their dissertations.

Moreover, with an average score of 3.9/5 on and 2.8/5 on UK Top Writers, it’s safe to assume that doesn’t provide the best services. So, if you’re planning to buy a dissertation from the service, it’s better to look for more dependable options.

2. How much does cost?

The starting price for dissertations at is pretty high compared to other services.

The minimum price is £20 for 250 words, which is pretty expensive considering the quality of writing that students receive. While you can receive additional services like unlimited revisions and plagiarism reports, all of these are basic services that you can find anywhere else.

3. Does offer customer discounts?

You can avail yourself of a 15% discount on your first order. But unfortunately, there are no additional offers or discounts that can lower the total price of your assignments. Moreover, you won't get any customized prices or discounts for bulk orders. Thus, the high pricing can become a massive burden after your first order.

4. Is a service where the delivery deadline is good? does not have any details about the minimum delivery deadline on their website. However, according to some reviews, it is approximately ten days. The FAQ claims to deliver your dissertation regardless of the time as long as you complete all payments. But students have complained of receiving their assignments more than a week after the deadline. Furthermore, those who receive their work on time have highlighted the low-quality writing with spelling and grammatical errors in almost every sentence.

Hence, if you’re on an urgent deadline with your dissertation, it’s best to avoid if you’re looking for quality content.

5. Is there any complaint about’s customer support? promises to resolve students’ queries through their 24/7 customer care services. But unfortunately, students have to wait for hours to receive a reply if the automatic chatbox doesn't answer their questions. Sometimes, the site goes down, and the automatic replies don't work either. Leaving students waiting for a response does not bode well for the service and shows its lack of professionalism.

6. Is there any possibility of refunds?

The Terms and Conditions section of the website does not mention anything about providing refunds if you do not receive your assignment or the work quality doesn’t live up to the expectations.

So, if you book writing services from, there is a high chance you’ll not receive your money back if you cancel your order or you don’t receive your dissertation.


Despite claiming to be UK’s leading dissertation writing provider, there is barely any information about except what they claim on their website. The service also mentions serving 25,000 clients for the past 7 years, even though there are hardly 12 reviews about their services online.

When you look at the reviews, a few immediately stand out, such as:



It is clear as day that Arthur United from Kingdom is a made-up name. Hence, this brings into question the integrity of the service.


So, better be safe than sorry and avoid this questionable service before losing your money and grades.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an Australian company? does not have any address to specify its location. However, it provides writing services to the United Kingdom and other countries across the globe.

2. What is’s contact number?

If you’d like to contact directly, you can call them at +44-7435-732025 or email them at You can also visit the website and use their 24/7 automatic chatbot service.

3. How to login with

To login at, you'd need to register with the service using valid credentials like an active email id and phone number. The service will send an OTP to your phone or mail, and once you confirm it, your account will be valid. Then, you can login using the same user id and password that you set.

4. Where can I get the discount code?

The 15% discount on your first order will be available during checkout. You do not have to apply any additional codes to avail of the offer.

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Do My Assignment #1 Assignment Help in Australia

Reviewed By Jaohn Lewis on 24 Nov, 2023

I was delighted to discover your blogs when I was browsing Google today. I took the time to read them thoroughly and found them to be a treasure trove of insightful information that challenged my perspective in a way I've never experienced before. Thank you for generously sharing your expertise with the world. If you're seeking more content of this caliber, I highly recommend visit Do My Assignment. It has a wide variety of informative and insightful articles on a variety of topics.

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Trusted Brand for Dissertation Help In United Kingdom

Reviewed By Alex Lewis on 24 Nov, 2023

What a pleasure to read your kind words! They were a treasure trove of insightful information, presented in a way that was both captivating and informative. I believe that knowledge is power. So thank you for generously sharing your expertise with us.
If you're seeking informative and thought-provoking articles on a variety of subjects, I strongly encourage exploring dissertation assignment help. It's a treasure trove of knowledge that can help you learn and grow.

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Delivery was on time and accurate citations

Reviewed By James Tinker on 02 Dec, 2022

Well, I was not ready to ask a professional to assist me with my dissertation! It was an overwhelming experience and the delivery was on time too. Really helped me clear the academic term with good grades.

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The well versed dissertation help

Reviewed By Callum Bryne on 25 Mar, 2022

Last year I had an experience of getting assistance from TheDisserationHelp. They are the most professional and qualified writers. I've got the A in my term with their assistance

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