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About Dissertation-service.org

Dissertation-Service.org is a brand new dissertation writing service that wasn't known to anyone first. Then, it emerged out of nowhere and gradually became the talk of the town.

So, the question arises, ‘Is Dissertation-Service.org a legit and trustworthy website?’

We ordered a dissertation from them for a comprehensive idea of the website's services. Based on our experience, we plan to present a general evaluation of Dissertation-Service.org to help you form a lucid idea of what to expect from the brand.

Dissertation-Service.org: A Quick Overview

Dissertation-Service.org is an online academic website that provides professional dissertation writing services to students.

As claimed by the website, "We have one main goal to achieve when we created our dissertation writing company: to reach the top of the industry.” They offer assistance at any stage of the dissertation writing process, have 375 PhD experts in the team, guarantee the privacy and 24*7 live customer support.

Before you plunge deep to comprehend whether Dissertation-Service.org is trustworthy or not, let's have a glance at some customer reviews online-

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Are The Services of Dissertation-Service.org Safe To Buy Or Worth Buying?

Dissertation-Service.org claims to hire experts with higher academic degrees from varied fields. However, their homepage claims they have only 372 PhD experts in all fields. There is even no page on their website with the data of the writers.

We still decided to give it a try. However, when we received our dissertations from the website, it felt like it was written by someone whose native language is not English. We received a generic dissertation with paraphrased paragraphs from Wikipedia and other obvious online resources. That's not definitely what a student wants to pay for.

Furthermore, we found the site to be pretty popular for operating numerous fake reviews to attract first-time customers.  Almost all 56 reviews on Sitejabber.com were incredibly sugary until we chose 'Verified Site Experience'. Voila! No reviews will meet your search criteria. In fact, the customers who posted all these compliments were first time users of Sitejabber.com. This pretty much gives you an idea of how reliable the site is.

See for yourself-

Image Source: sitejabber.com

How Much Does Dissertation-Service.org Cost?

Our review won’t be complete if we don’t mention anything about the prices of the website.

If you look at the pricing chart given on the website of Dissertation-Service.org, you will find it to be too complicated.  Apart from that, they have three plans- Standard, which includes MA writers, Premium including MA or PhD writers and Platinum, which includes only PhD writers.

The most popular option is Master Level writing. The prices include $24.99 for 10 days, $30.99 for 3 days and $36.99for 48 hours deadline. When we compared the costs of other websites, we found the rates were high. Additionally, if you believe that by hiring Platinum services for the highest prices, PhD writers will provide you with exemplary and flawless dissertations, you are sure to be disappointed.

Image Source: dissertation-service.org

Do Dissertation-Service.org Offers Discounts?

 As far as the discounts are concerned, Dissertation-Service.org claims to offer a 17% discount on the first order. However, the prices are so high that applying these discount codes doesn’t help you save any money at all. There are numerous hidden charges as well.

Image Source: dissertation-service.org

As for other discounts, we have not found any on the website. We were also disappointed to find that you can pay using MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro payment options. There are no provisions for PayPal, which offers maximum security and protect you against all kinds of scams.

Is Dissertation-Service.org A Service That Deliver Projects On Time?

As claimed by Dissertation-Service.org on its website, "Most candidates put their careers on a break as they have to complete the project. However, if you can't afford to do that, we'll help you complete the paper on time."

However, when we ordered our paper from Dissertation-Service.org, we set 3 day-deadline for a 17-page chapter of the dissertation, which seems like enough time. The writer working on the order didn't reach us while working on the paper. But, we received the dissertation 2 days after the deadline. No explanation or justification was preferred.

Luckily, it was just a test order. If it had been a paper with a real deadline, we don’t even want to imagine the dire consequences a student had to face. Let’s check out some reviews posted online-

“Worst Service Ever!

I needed research for my dissertation and decided to try this service. No instructions were met. The dissertation was delivered much after the deadline, and some data was missing. So, I asked for a revision and refund. I got no response at all, even after multiple efforts. I never had such a bad experience in life!

Paul Andino, UK

Worthless Team of Writers

I ordered a dissertation with a 10-day deadline approaching. My writer called me three times to clarify my clear instructions. He was extremely inconsiderate and rude. After fifteen days, I received an inaccurately cited paper, and I am sure that my dissertation will go to complete waste. Thank you, guys, for wasting the precious years of my life.

Mark Baros, Greece

Is There Any Complaint about Dissertation-Service.org’s Customer Support?

Now Dissertation –Service.org claims on their website, "We offer 24*7customer support whenever you need it. Our customer support centre is always ready to answer your emails or speak with you via our Live Chat."

Image Source: dissertation-service.org

We got our first experience with customer support when we logged in to the website. Though these agents were quite helpful, we soon found out that they don't have any real power or effective methods to ensure that you get the unmatched guidance you truly deserve.

Is There Any Possibility of Refunds?

After performing our thorough tests and checks, we concluded that the guarantees of the website do not represent the best interests of the clients. If you want to cancel an order, they have the right to decline it at their discretion. Neither will you get the dissertation nor any money back. To have your request reviewed, you need to present a list of violations. You will get $0 back if you cannot do the same.

Furthermore, you will only have 72hours to place a formal refund request. Even if you do that, there's no guarantee that you will get the solution per your specifications or a complete refund.


Based on our evaluation, we can safely conclude that Dissertation-Service.org cannot be considered as one of the most remarkable dissertation writing services out there.

The website has terrible customer service, no guarantees, and substandard authors that can't deliver their promises. Their writing services are even $10 more expensive than others.

We know how important dissertations are. Thus, we recommend searching for more reliable alternatives.

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