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My-Assignment.Help is a popular academic writing service that you can easily avail yourself of, but is it reliable? Before choosing, read our My-Assignment.Help review. We surveyed more than 1100 students to get our conclusion. Furthermore, we ensured the survey was comprehensive and private to obtain honest feedback.

Students regularly use online paper writing services to complete their writing tasks because they have so many assignments to do and exams to study for.

Without question, the need for academic writing services has grown over time.

Many problems about this industry's quick expansion are raised, such as: Can every company run a legitimate business or match the expectations of its customers?

My-Assignment.Help claims that it has been helping students complete their assignments on time and gain grades for semesters since its day one. But, like other businesses, it makes similar promises about being a reliable and safe writing service.

The reality, however, is quite the contrary. Users of My-Assignment.Help doesn't appear happy and leaves the website with many unfavourable reviews.

To determine if a company is legit or a fraud, you must learn everything there is to know about it. So, let's find it out.

About My-Assignment.Help

Australia-based My-Assignment.Help is well known for assisting students who need assistance with their homework. According to the website, 300+ highly qualified and experienced writing professionals do everything to bring an A+ to their customers.

My-Assignment.Help offers services in Australia.

If you're interested in discovering more about its services, read this immediately.

Quality of Assignment – Is My-Assignment.Help Safe to Buy or Worth Buying?

The engaging copy on the homepage of My-Assignment.Help claims that it is a reliable company that provides students with the most outstanding-quality papers. Regarding providing students with original content, there are numerous guarantees and assertions. They added that as they only accept flawless papers, students should contact the website if they want to be top-graded students.

When you read the reviews currently placed online about this website, try to find out what people had to say about My-Assignment.Help, the scenario does, however, change slightly. On several review websites, college students have reported that most of the claims made on the website are fake.

Pricing – How Much Does My-Assignment.Help Cost?

The fee structure at My-Assignment.Help is opaque. However, a tonne of information is available on sales, discounts, and exchange procedures. Here's an illustration: " I asked My-Assignment.Help professional and highly experienced writers to do my research paper assignment. Sadly, my solution includes factual errors and misspelled terms. In addition, 95% of it is copied. I'm not sure who wrote that, but it was definitely not a PhD holder. Lastly, Arya writes, "They never took the time to give me a refund or any information on my payment." So now you are aware that the claims are fake.  

Offer and Discount – Does My-Assignment.Help Offer Customer Discounts?

My-Assignment.Help doesn’t provide any exciting deals or offers for its customers.

Delivery – Is My-Assignment.Help a Service Where Delivery Deadline is Good?

According to My-Assignment.Help, students can turn to them for a timely solution if they have a paper that needs to be submitted by a specific date. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. Although they seldom bring solutions on time, they never forget to charge for rapid delivery. So how can it be a legit business?

Deadlines are important since late filings may result in a year's loss or suspension. Reputable online writing services always take care of students’ assignments and provide finished solutions on time. However, My-Assignment.Help is unquestionably not the most acceptable choice as it would seem.

Customer Support – Is There Any Complaint About My-Assignment.Help’s Customer Support?

After reading the student reviews, we have concluded that the customer service staff is unresponsive. They don't pick up the phone when you need them. All they want is money. So, it is nothing but a scam.

Revision and Refund Policy – Is There Any Possibility of Refunds?

Advertising for return policies and customer service is everywhere on the website. For instance, My-Assignment.Help, a website offering assignment help, stated that cancelling a purchase triggers a straightforward process for refunding your money.

Customers who have already used its services are incensed by My-AssignmentHelp’s policies regarding support and refunds. Sadly, most assertions are false, making it a website to stay away from. It is because of My-Assignment.Help is not reliable.


It is safe to assume that My-Assignment.Help is not the kind of academic service provider you should trust when your grades are on the line.

As per many reviews, the website also takes advantage of a renowned company in Australia named for the similarities in its name, which is nothing but a crime.

You should also get all the premium features they do not offer if you are paying for support. In addition, they frequently decline to assist the student in a time of need and frequently deliver late. Therefore, you shouldn't employ the services of My-Assignment.Help. So, stay away from the website like this. It's nothing but a scam.

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