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The increasing competitiveness among the students and the soaring academic pressure have generated massive demand for professional essay writing support across the student community. is one of the notable essay writing companies that have emerged in the scene to fulfill that demand. But does it provide with quality support? Well, here’s what the website has to offer. is a UK-based essay writing company that has apparently been in the business since 2001. According to the website, has also been declared as “Britain’s biggest online provider of custom essays and dissertations” by the Sunday Times in 2005. However, a lot of proficient essay help providers have been introduced in the industry since then.

According to the website's "about us" page, has a group of individuals who "thrive in our (Essaywriter’s) unique culture” to offer the best customer service. The website also highlights the fact that they have the most talented writers and analysts in the country. Even though there’s no way to verify this particular claim, you can actually check the profiles of the people at on their “Meet the Team” page.

Well, you may think that the company only offers essay writing services because of its name. However, as per the website, they also offer writing support on other tasks, including reports, dissertations, CV/Resume, cover letter, personal statement, coursework, powerpoint presentation, assignment and research paper. They also offer proofreading and editing support for the drafted papers. Apparently, the website also serves at various academic levels starting from GCSE to PhD.

  • Price and discounts:

Thanks to the smooth navigation, finding the “prices” page is quite easy at However, it does not have a separate price chart describing the rates for the services. Instead, they have a quote generator in place, which calculates the necessary amount instantly as soon as you put in your details on the form.

For an essay paper of 1000 words with 2:2 standard writing and 7 days’ delivery period, charges £107. Well, that is the cheapest service they got, and if you want an originality report, the price jumps to £113. For a 2:1 equivalent essay with the same requirements (with originality report), it costs £139, while for an essay paper of first-class quality, they charge £269.

The price starts to climb as soon as you reduce the time in the delivery period section. According to the price calculator, you can set the delivery period at 6 hours which will cost you £417 for the same undergraduate essay of 1000 words at 2:2 standard, with an originality report.

Interestingly, the website does not mention anything about the discounts or loyalty points. They have also missed mentioning if they charge any additional cost for particular subjects. Some questions remain unanswered, even though the instant price quote generator is quite amazing at calculating the price.

  • On-time delivery:

As mentioned in the “price and discounts” section, you have the choice to set the delivery time at the minimum of 6 hours from the time of order placement. The standard service, however, suggests selecting the 7 days delivery period. However, if you want, you can choose a longer delivery period as well.

Interestingly, the website also provides you with the option to choose the amendment period of up to 3 months from the due to date. During this time, you can ask the experts for a free rework on the paper. The standard amendment period is of 7 days from the due date. However, you have got the option to extend it up to 3 months. For the amendment period of more than 7 days from the due date, the website charges extra money from the client.

Even though they do not mention it on the website, they cannot deliver certain orders within the 6 hours delivery period. Dissertations or research papers, which are not only longer in length, but also require thorough research, cannot be drafted flawlessly within the time limit of 6 hours. Since they do not guarantee a 100 percent acceptance of the order, you can guess that they will reject the order straight away if the requirements are too difficult to adhere to.

The good thing about the website is that they safeguard the interest of the clients with their refund policy, even on the event of delay in delivery. However, they only consider the Sundays and public holidays as non-working days. So if your order is due on a Sunday or on Christmas, expect it to be delivered on the next working day.

  • 24x7 availability:

The website does have a live chat box. It actually stays active round the clock which fulfills the claim of 24x7 availability. However, the chat can answer some generic questions like the price for a 1000 word essay or the availability of the writers. If you ask about the something for critical, they ask you to check the website.

Well, there alternative options to get in touch with the customer support executives at Interestingly, they remain available 7 days a week, as per the website. In fact, you can get in touch with them over a phone call or through email. The “contact us” page also has a form, where you can fill your details and place your query. You can even upload a file on this form if you want to share a document with the customer support team.

Even though they claim to offer 24x7 assistance, the helpline number is active only during the working hours, i.e. 10 AM – 7 PM. Also, the email takes days to get a response from the’s end.

Since the chat or email is not the best means to communicate regarding crucial issues like the privacy policy or the terms of use, the telephonic conversation with the customer support executives does offer a proper insight into these details. However, even the helpline number goes unreachable during the working hours.

  • Customer reviews:

Well, the testimonial section at is filled with positive reviews about the services and the customer support. Some even describe the quality of essays as "Excellent". Well, that is somewhat expected from a website that has been formally reviewed by The Sun.

However, the third-party reviewing platforms have a different story to tell., which rates 2.4 out of 5, describes the services as "not worth gambling your grade on". They even share that the support provided by the experts at is generally "flagged for plagiarism by the university". rates them even lower (3.3/10) than, mentioning that there are “no guarantees on anything” and there is “fabricated website information”. They also highlight the fact that the company has no physical office. In fact, the prices for the services are also higher than most websites, as the review suggests.

Well, there are a number of websites that have been built with the intention to scam people. So they even post made-up reviews to convince people about the efficacy of certain services. It is not clear whether is a fraud or the reviewing sites are trying to defame So perhaps it will be better if you avail the service yourself and see the efficacy of the writers and the services.

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poor research

Reviewed By Erin Watkins on 22 Oct, 2018

They sure provided me with an assignment the same day of placing the order but that was of no use! It was full of errors from beginning till the end!

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