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Pursuing higher education in the UK is a tough nut to crack, and everyone who has studied for at least one semester in the country would agree with me. The standards of higher education at all institutions – public and private – are quite high, and students have to work twice as hard to achieve good scores. Be it lab assignments or group projects, impressing professors at the academic institutions in the UK is quite an uphill task, and most students falter when it comes to the submission of assignments.

Being a retired academician, I understand the trials and tribulations students have to go through to match steps with the difficult course modules and curriculum of their respective disciplines in the UK. Since falling back on an online academic writing service is quite a common scenario in the country, students should be careful about which one they choose. I have analysed student testimonials from leading academic writing and review websites, and prepared a detailed overview of the services offered by Read on to know more about the quality and customer satisfaction factors at Go through the testimonials from students regarding the various aspects of their services.

Stellar quality of essays at

When you order an assignment or essay from an online writing service, you are most likely to be concerned about the quality or standard of the finished solution. puts all such worries to rest, and in style. Students simply cannot stop praising the superb quality of work that the experts of deliver, and keep coming back for more. With a team of more than 3000 PhD-qualified scholars engaged in customising assignments, maintains top-notch quality for all the papers that they deliver.

Reviews and testimonials from students vouch for the awesome quality of work and high standard of writing that the professionals onboard offer. Since the higher education institutions in the UK have set really high standards for assignments in all courses, it is imperative that students turn in impeccably written papers if they wish to score good marks. does just that, and students have acknowledged the fact by giving them all-stars when it comes to the quality of the assignments. 

Students speak: Joanna Thompson from the UK hails experts as ‘geniuses’ and remarks, “I have availed research paper help before, but never saw anything so perfect like The expert who did my paper was nothing less than a genius. The arguments were supported by well-researched data, and the whole paper was formatted as per the guidelines.” The matter of quality is thus one of the most-reviewed aspects of the services at, with almost all students mentioning how impressive their papers were.

Quality rating: 4.5 out of 5

Attractive prices and too-good-to-believe deals reigns supreme when it comes to the matter of prices and discounts. With a unique pricing scheme that students can customise as per their needs and requirements, offers the best prices and deals in town. A comparative study of over 50 academic writing websites revealed that students can indeed get the most affordable prices for their assignments at Students can get value-for-money deals by stating their requirements and getting a price quote customised for them.

Along with low prices for all sorts of assignments, also has discounts and cash back deals as well. Students can hardly stop gushing about the discounts and prices at, emphasising on the quality of work delivered at affordable prices. Since managing finances while in college or university is an uphill task itself, availing assignment assistance from does not come with a pocket pinch. That is what makes it the most sought-after academic writing services, if reviews and testimonials are to go by.

Students speak: Ava Leena from the UK recounts her apprehension at seeing the low prices at, and remarks, “To pay off my student loans I was working work part-time at a convenience store. Maintaining the work-life balance was turning out to be a nightmare for me. I was desperately looking for some help to manage the piles of assignments that I had to finish and I have found that help in Ordering an assignment with them is such a seamless process and even a child can navigate through their website. They are also extremely reasonable”

Price range rating: 4 out of 5

No worries about missing deadlines – ever!

When you are in a college or university, one of the primary worries that almost never leave your side is the panick about submission deadlines. Students often have difficulties wrapping up their essays or assignments in time, and their grades suffer due to deductions in scores due to late submissions. With part-time jobs, back-to-back lectures and co-curricular activities to juggle, it is understandable that students hardly get any time to finish their assignments all by themselves.

However, their raving reviews about say that this website has been their friend in times of crisis, delivering assignments on an urgent basis, whenever needed. is thus one of those very few top-notch academic writing services who stay true to their promises of meeting the deadlines by submitting an impressive quality of assignment. Students have praised the fast deliveries that helped them turn in all their assignments in time for submission so they could score good grades.

Student speak: Jack Rogers from the UK mentions how panicky he was just a few days before the submission of his research paper, and praises for their fast delivery system without compromising with the quality. He says, “I was utterly hopeless when I found I had only two days in my hand and needed to draft a research paper of 25 pages. These amazing people finished the whole paper in two days. It was unbelievable. Thanks for saving my grades this time.”

Promptness rating: 4.7 out of 5

Always there to lend a helping hand

Customer support services have always been a high point about availing essay or assignment assistance from Most testimonials and reviews mention how responsive the customer support staff at is. The reviews reveal that the customer support executives at have the right balance of courteousness and problem-solving skills. They have always been patient with resolving all the queries and confusion of students who contacted them when in doubt.

Students recount their experiences about getting in touch with customer support at through Live chat in the middle of the night, and at other odd hours throughout the day. They were always met with a polite greeting and genuine concern by the customer support staff who quickly solved all their problems.

Student speak: Ralph Hodgson from the UK remarks, “Aside from their quality of thesis papers, what also stands out is their responsive customer support service. These professionals have guided me wonderfully when I approached them to write my thesis paper. They have been a great help.” Tessa Mackie, another student from the UK also chips in along the same lines, saying, “ has the best team of customer support executives in the industry. They were always available when I needed their assistance, and they also passed on my request to the writers quite conveniently. No wonder it's so popular among my friends.”

Responsiveness rating: 4.8 out of 5

Overall experience at

As per the reviews and testimonials of the students, the overall experience at is quite a satisfactory one. They have been able to strike the right balance between quality and precision, and have delivered all assignments and essays on time. Additionally, their expert insights about the topics and disciplines have helped the students get rid of study-related confusion as well. Customizing the assignments as per the specific needs of students, has firmly established itself as a premium academic writing service online.

They have been in the business for more than a decade, and there have hardly been any negative testimonials regarding their services. The students opine that they benefitted from the services at, and would recommend the website to their friends. The issue of affordable prices has also been one of the strong points for students as has a pocket-friendly price range and plenty of discounts all year round. Delivering the finest quality of work at the most attractive prices, is naturally the foremost choice for students facing academic distress.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

In conclusion

In the end, I would conclude that students who have availed the services at have all hailed it as reliable. Going over their reviews and testimonials, I found that not only do they deliver all assignments and essays on time, but also take care to include all customizations as and when specified by their customers. Couple that with a dynamic team of editors and efficient customer support executives, and you have got a top-notch website that provides academic service. Be it an injury, illness or writers’ block – if you need to complete the assignments on time, can provide the ideal way solution

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Thank you Myassignmenthelp!

Reviewed By Jeremy B. Traylor on 17 Dec, 2018

I have always been a procrastinator. I can’t get myself started when it comes to assignments and essays. I am so lucky that I am connected with Myassignmenthelp.

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Thank u Myassignment Help

Reviewed By Alfie Conway on 14 Dec, 2018

I got the highest mark in the class with this assignment.
Also I loved this subject so I got Distinction in all grade

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Best Assignment Writer

Reviewed By Jasper Driver on 13 Dec, 2018

I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Myassignmenthelp. Their writers are too good at what they do!

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Affordable price

Reviewed By Alexandra Hewitt on 06 Dec, 2018

Awesome service! Prices that they offer won’t burn holes into your pocket, and the discounts that they offer won’t let you go anywhere else!

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Best customer support team!

Reviewed By Victoria Short on 05 Dec, 2018

So, this is my new favorite assignment help service! All thanks to the highly supportive customer support team!

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Yes, Myassignment help is reliable.

Reviewed By John J. Ruiz on 01 Dec, 2018

At first, I was almost sure that this writing service would end up like all the other fraud services. When I finally received my essay, I was sure that Myassignmenthelp is the only service I’ll be seeking help from, in future!

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Excellent writing service

Reviewed By John Sharp on 29 Nov, 2018

Excellent writing service. They delivered exactly what I wanted!

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Highly recommended!

Reviewed By Thomas E. Hartigan on 26 Nov, 2018

Highly recommended assignment writing service! They do what they say! I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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Worth Service

Reviewed By Felicia D. Perez on 15 Nov, 2018

They delivered exactly what I ordered! I was surprised to see how they took care of even the smallest requirements that I mentioned! is worth your money guys, go for it!

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on time delivery

Reviewed By Molly Miles on 26 Oct, 2018 helped me get my first ever “A”! All thanks to the perfectly drafted assignment and timely delivery!

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good research and writing

Reviewed By Alfie Carey on 20 Oct, 2018

The assignment that I received effortlessly reflected the expertise of the writer. Their work reflects the high standard that they maintain!

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fast delivery

Reviewed By Sarah Aiston on 18 Oct, 2018

I reached out to them with a lengthy, pending essay with a 24-hour deadline. What I got back was an exceptionally well researched, perfectly formatted and unique assignment that got me an “A”!

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1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Wonderful Service

Reviewed By Ashley Carson on 15 Oct, 2018

You guys reacted very quick on my assignment error. Thank You SO Much for the wonderful service and for the correction. Would love to use again

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good work

Reviewed By Mark Williams on 21 Sep, 2018

meet my all requirements. thank you

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