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While the demand for professional academic assistance is soaring significantly across various countries, the UK has seen an emergence of numerous websites that pledge to deliver essential academic support to the students on their requests. happens to be one of those new-age academic solution providers that claim to offer dissertation writing support to the students in the UK so that they can tackle numerous academic challenges.

According to the website, the company is operational for the past 5 years. And like most of the academic solution providers on the internet, also offers a well-decorated website where you can learn about the company, its services, and other crucial details. However, the information that is available on this particular website seems rather limited. In fact, the length of the landing page at is also quite short.

From that limited information, all you get to know is that the company focuses primarily on dissertation writing services. As a matter of fact, the website has dedicated web pages for dissertation-related services, including dissertation research services, dissertation editing services, dissertation writing services and dissertation proposal writing. Interestingly, the website also has a blog section. However, they have published only 3 blogs till date.

The website also claims that they have a team of world’s no. 1 assignment professionals, who can provide with dissertation writing assistance at both postgraduate and PhD levels. They even claim that some of their best researchers, writers and editors have graduated from top institutes across the UK. However, the expertise does not reflect on the variety of services since they only focus on dissertations.

  • Price and discounts:

According to the website, they have some of the most affordable dissertation writing services at However, you don’t get to see any price chart or a quote generator on the website that can tell you the price for a particular service that you want to avail from the website. That not only causes inconvenience to the users, but also puts some visitor off on their first visit.

In the “how it works” page, they mention that in order to know the price of the services, you need to sign up on the website, and then you must put your requirements in order to know how much it is going to cost for the service you require. Interestingly, there’s no order-placing form on the landing page. They only have the sign-up form, which clearly translates to "you need to register to know the pricing".

Well, while the pricing of the website remains a mystery (unless you try to login), there’s no mention of any kind of discounts on the services. It does not even write anything about the loyalty points or referral credits. So basically, if you are there to avail their dissertation services, you need to be prepared to spend a significant amount of money, which they can charge for the service.

  • On-time delivery:

Since they don’t have a fixed pricing plan, you don’t get to know about what kind of delivery time they offer in general, or how early they can deliver the dissertation paper. If you look at the website’s information it does mention “on-time delivery”, but it does not elaborate that in details. Perhaps you can set the desired deadline for the task while placing the order on the website, but unless you do that, you cannot get an idea about the average time of delivery for their services.

Since they only serve dissertation services, it is okay to assume that the website cannot offer a fresh dissertation within a few hours. Since dissertation writing takes days to complete, it is unreasonable to expect them to deliver such assistance overnight. However, you wouldn’t have to assume things, if they were clear about their services in the first place.

Surprisingly the website also does not have any terms of use or refund policy page, where you can learn about the measures that you are allowed to take when a requested service is not delivered on time. Well, that makes you wonder whether the services at are reliable or not.

  • 24x7 availability:

The website offers 24*7 call facilities and the customer care executives do attend to you without delay, however, sadly, they miss out on the online chat support. So if you think you can just ask about the price quote on the online chat – that is not happening. What is even more surprising is that they don’t even have a helpline number on their website. An academic solution provider that does not have a helpline number is generally avoided by the customers.

Well, the unprofessionalism does not stop there. You may think that you can reach them over e-mail. But they also don’t have an e-mail address mentioned on the website. So if you are expecting 24x7 availability of customer support executives, you are not getting that here. Perhaps, they don’t even have a customer support team for the website.

Yes, they do have a contact us page, where you get to see only the “contact us” form. It needs you to submit your name, email address and phone number. However, the form also has a "message" box, where you can type in your query or complaint regarding an order. Besides that, there’s no other way to get in touch with the people at


Since the number of fake websites and incompetent service providers have increased in the market, it has become important for every user to verify the legitimacy of the website before availing any order from it. However, in the case of Ukdissertationshelp, you will not find any significant review of the site on any online platform, except for their own site. Usually, you can find the unbiased reviews from the students on a number of third-party websites including,, and others.

Since there’s not much information available on the internet that highlights the efficacy of the services at, you may need to take the risk and place an order yourself to verify its proficiency. If the reviews on the website are real, you actually don’t have anything to worry about.

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Surprisingly cheap and efficient at the same time!

Reviewed By Shikha Sharma on 13 Aug, 2020

I suck at trigonometry, to be honest! I was so worried about a low GPA but thanks to you guys I could cut myself a slack. The coursework paper you delivered was devoid any errors and full marks to the writers for guiding me through. The rates were easy on my pockets too! A must-recommend.

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Great work!

Reviewed By Sarah Kazi on 11 Aug, 2020

The writers at did excellent work with my Chemistry assignments. They balanced the equations right. They performed accurate calculations and also cited the sources. The pricing was within my budget and I think I got a higher quality work compared to the price I paid. I would recommend Ukdissertationshelp to anybody looking for reliable academic assistance.

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Reviewed By JEFLIN ABRAHAM on 10 Aug, 2020

I had a tendency to stress out whenever I am seeking help from online websites. But I am very pleased with the service of Their customer support was not only friendly but gave me updates on the daily progress of my work.

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Completely trustworthy

Reviewed By Ellie on 07 Aug, 2020

Recently, I asked Ukdissertationshelp to write my Political Science assignment since I didn’t have time. The writers structured and formatted my assignment perfectly. They also proofread and edited the paper without asking for extra bucks. In my opinion, Ukdissertationshelp is a one-stop solution for students in Birmingham.

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Good work, guys!

Reviewed By Parker on 06 Aug, 2020

I had completely forgotten about my assignment until the last submission date. Basically, I had only a few hours to submit my assignment and save myself from the deadline penalty. Ukdissertationshelp agreed to help me out and they delivered my essay right on time just like they promised. My essay was perfect and I scored 81% in the paper only because of them. Good work, guys!

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Charging so less

Reviewed By Rahaman on 05 Aug, 2020

I feel good at the ukdissertationshelp's team as they delivered a well written solution after charging so less. The customer support team is good. According to me, they have fulfilled all the requirements that I instructed. Thanks!

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excellent job

Reviewed By Dylan Stone on 26 Oct, 2018

I am still wondering - How did the designated writer manage to provide an awesome 10-page assignment within a 48-hour deadline? Awesome work guys!

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