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About Papercheap claims to be the best essay writing service provider in the United Kingdom, as they are “ready to understand you in the toughest situation”. Not only this, but the essay writing firm also claims to write all UK essays within the “shortest time” and at the “lowest price”.

From a “variety of assignments” to free revisions, and order tracking facilities to features that allow students to enjoy “constant support and communication” the company appears to be promising and active, isn’t it? But how sure are you of the fact that the firm sticks to its words with no falsity and vagueness?

Let’s dig further into the matter. Here’s a detailed insight highlighting each of the vital aspects and the way each of the experts associated with the company performs in the real world and real time. Before you head towards placing an order with this particular company, take some time out to read through what’s been discussed here. Who knows, you might just find things helpful in the long run?

Price & Discounts (Rating: 2.5/5)

What they say: Well, to start with the pricing and discount aspect of this particular firm, the website shows us a chart that includes all individual plans applicable for each of the schemes students would buy. Academic paper help for the school students starts at an amount of 9 UK pound, the starting price for college-level assignments is at 10.00 UK Pound, for university its 11 UK Pound and a whopping 16.00 UK Pound for Master’s. And far as the discount is concerned, the company isn’t really expressive about it. Actually, there’s no discount, loyalty point or bonus schemes mentioned on its website.

Revelations: To be very honest, the so called “cheap paper service provider” is anything but affordable. Asking for £ 16 for a Master’s level academic paper help is way pricier than other online academic paper help providers available in the market., an online review and feedback forum has rated with a mere 2 star, and have stated its price as quite high for an average student to afford.

On-Time Delivery(Rating: 3/5)

What they say: So this firm seems to be dedicated in terms of ensuring on-time delivery of solutions, as they have included order delivery lateness as one of the instances where the money back guarantee gets applicable. But is that really so? We are yet to find things and come up with a clearer revelation based on research and accumulation of real time data and information from virtual sources.

Revelations: Previously with a negative rating of only 2 stars out of 5, things have become more evident with further revelations of factual data and a review as posted in the The review site has given 3.5 out of 10 stars to the firm.

What could be the probable reasons? The quality, price, support and service aspects!  Now that each of the components has been questioned and talked negatively about, a timely-delivery of the paper naturally seems to be unreal or ineffective, if in the long run, the overall paper quality isn’t satisfactory enough.

Moreover, if you read through the “MONEY BACK INSTACNES” carefully, you can see that the money refund for being late in submitting the solution is only done partially, which means students are not entitled to receive a complete refund if the writers are late in submitting the paper. Now, this could possibly be a limitation students might not be comfortable with. Here’s something for you.

24/7 Availability and Chat Support (Rating: 3/5)

What they say: Well, the company claims to ensure “Constant support and communication”. Now the question is how constant and seamless is the communication and support? They are of the opinion that the customers are entitled to have the opportunity to talk to the writers associated with the firm directly, as the support team associated with the company would do the needful to bridge the gap.

Revelations: Now on the contrary to what they say, both review sites as already talked about and mentioned above are somewhat of the similar opinion that isn’t really up to the mark as far as the availability of services is concerned. If you read through the comments posted below the general review regarding the site as mentioned on, then here’s one of the comments you might consider taking note of.

While on the other hand, is of the opinion that there are some customers who have reported that they have issues with the customer support team, mostly revolving around the aspect of faulty refund policies and the likes. Here’s a screenshot of the same for a further validation.

Services and Features (Rating: 2.5/5)

What they say: Well, what precisely has been promised and highlighted on the website seems too flowery and good to be true. They have so many features in store. From offering assistance on a “Variety of Assignments” to “Urgent Writing Help” and “Free Revisions” and anti-plagiarism guarantee, it seems that the site might just turn out to be the next hot spot for students in and around the United Kingdom. But is that really so? Let’s figure out.

Revelations: You would rather be amazed to figure out that the has been included in the list of fake academic assistance provider across the globe in a shocking revelation made by Here’s a screenshot of the same. Not quite sure whether it’s a legit news and clam to be made by the portal as mentioned above, being listed as a scam site is certainly not a good thing to happen though. Now as far as the service quality is concerned, here’s something for you to read and explore.

Customer Reviews

Now coming to one of the most vital aspects which is none other than what customers in real time have to say about this particular academic writing service company, here are few findings I just thought of sharing with you all. Come, take a look.

As posted by a student in the comment box of

Here are a few more screenshots extracted from another source.

However, do take note of the fact that each of the revelation, reviews posted and perspectives put forth are entirely based on thorough research and analysis of several aspects associated with this firm across the internet. You are free to come up with your personal point of view based on experience and self-revelation.

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I got C

Reviewed By Varinder Singh on 09 Feb, 2021

Bunch of idiots sitting behind the computers to rob students like me. Don’t fall for their false promises. The website is full of fake claims that they never offer.

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