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About is an online assignment writing service that instantly connects students with professional experts. The service covers a wide range of subjects, such as accounting, statistics, management, nursing, programming, finance, law, engineering, etc. It is based in Australia but provides academic help in the USA, the UK and Singapore.

After collecting reviews from trusted sources online and offline, we present honest feedback on the service.

Is safe to buy or worth buying?

When students look for assignment writing professionals online, they expect to hire dependable experts who have in-depth knowledge about a particular subject. But if you want to hire with such expectations, you might be in for a rude shock.

Despite having more than 1000 followers on Facebook, the service barely gets any interactions on their posts.

Even though their Facebook profile has 4.9 ratings out of 5, their service has an average of 4.1 stars on

However, if you look closely at these reviews, you’ll notice a few suspicious ones that are instant red flags.

Case 1

Here, it’s pretty evident that this review is not from a genuine student who has used the service. Instead, it seems more likely that this comment is from the service itself.

Case 2

For this review, the name strikes out as odd. Furthermore, it questions the genuineness of all the reviews on the website.

If is faking positive reviews by itself, there's no guarantee of the quality of assignment that you'll end up with if you hire this service. So, it's not worth buying papers from

2. How much does cost? promises to provide cheap assignment writing services, but they do not have a transparent pricing chart on their website. Instead, if you wish to know how much you'd have to spend on your assignment, you'll have to Request A Quote on their website. Once you fill the order form with the details of your task, you'll receive a price estimate.

This lack of pricing transparency from has been an ongoing problem amongst students. According to Laura Jones, “I booked an assignment on and received a quote of $60 for a deadline of 12 days. My friend booked the same assignment five days later with a shorter deadline, and she received a quote of $40. There's no consistency with their prices."

3. Does offer customer discounts? does not have any information regarding discounts on their main website. However, the Pricing Policy section of the website mentions that you’re eligible for a discount if you pay the entire amount when placing the order. However, if you pay 50% before and the rest after receiving your assignments, you won't be eligible for any discount.

However, the service does not mention the discount you will be eligible for.

4. Is a service where the Delivery Deadline is good? doesn't have a good reputation for delivering assignments on time. Melanie Rivers, a sophomore from The University of Sydney, says, "I had an urgent deadline and chose because they promised to deliver my paper within 24 hours. But it has been a week, and I still haven't received my paper!"

Rivers isn't the only student to face such issues. Jeremy Riles, a freshman, recounted how he received his assignment a few hours after the deadline. But when he checked the paper, it was full of plagiarised content and other minor errors.

So, think twice if you’re planning to hire for any urgent assignments.

5. Is there any complaint about’s customer support?

Unlike other assignment help services, does not have any 24/7 automatic chatbot that can answer your queries immediately. So, if you’re stuck during the order booking process or wish for further information regarding the service, you’ll have to send an email or call on one of their registered numbers.

But unfortunately, the customer support is slow and you might have to wait more than a week to receive a response from their executives. According to Marina Jones, “I was charged twice for my order. So, I contacted customer support immediately for a refund. But they wouldn’t pick up the call or respond to emails for almost two weeks!”

Non-responsiveness is another mark that highlights the unprofessional behaviour of and causes immense distress to students availing of their services.

6. Is there any possibility of refunds?

The Refund Policy of the website is pretty confusing and vague. Based on our assessment, you are eligible for a refund if you cancel your order within 24 hours of confirming it. However, your credit score card employer might take 2.5% of the total fees.

CONCLUSION is not worth the trouble of hiring, as we gather from students' reviews. Their lack of online presence is concerning. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you'll receive high-quality work despite paying steep prices without proper refund and revision policies. Best steer clear and find another more dependable service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an Australian company?

The primary location for is listed as Bay View St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia, on their website. However, it also provides services in the USA, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

2. What is’s contact number? has registered their WhatsApp number as +61 (0) 7304-0-7305 and Skype Id as eEducationGroup. You can also check out the Contact section on the website for further details.

3. How to login with

First, you’ll have to register with using a valid email id and phone number. Once you confirm your registration, you'll be able to login into the service using your registered email address and password.

4. Where can I get discount code? does not provide any bonus discount codes. However, the website claims to offer a discount during checkout when you pay the entire amount when placing your order.

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