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The presence of academic writing services no doubt brings relief to the students. Over the years, the education system has changed and there is a significant rise in the number of homework and assignments that a student is expected to finish.

Students try their best to cope up with the high standards. They prepare the daily lessons, and at the same time do the assignments because both are equally important. In both the cases, the task is compromised because of time.

Most students wish if they could get more than 24 hours in a day, so that they can find enough time to complete the tasks properly. However, now that the service providers are taking the responsibility of completing the papers, students are relieved.

They do not have to take the trouble to research, find information and write the papers. But, students are often confused regarding which service provider to choose. Last week, I had to write a case study on nursing and I was perplexed because I could not manage to find the time since the weekend was hectic for me.

So, I thought of hiring someone to get the job done. For the past few days I was hearing from my classmates that they got writing assistance from some academic writing service provider. So, I started Googling and then I found so many service providers that I could not understand whom to choose.

Keeping different aspects in mind, I found a site named as since I was studying at a UK nursing school. At first I overlooked the site because it had ‘essay’ on the website, but I saw that they write case studies too. I went ahead and checked the site, researched the reviews and testimonials and I am going to tell you what I have found.

The first look of the site seemed alright to me. This is previous to reading the information on their home page. The second look after I read the information disappointed me because I found too much exaggeration of their services. I found too much of self-praise. Being a UK student, I know how hectic it is for us and they are just reminding it again.

My other thoughts on the site were also not good, because at few places I faced navigation problems. The service providers could manage with a simple navigation system to read the major information. And then I found too many ‘read more’ links which I hated. Dear, please understand that we do not have so much time.

Their ‘About us’ section mentioned that the site is based in the UK. They have all the necessary resources, writers, services, etc. Well, I am going to come to that later. They are authorized and legitimized. Wonder how! The site claims to give original papers, free of plagiarism, low rates, etc. I have to start checking on them immediately.

Now, I went through the reviews to find what the students have said on claims made by the site. And yes, I am disappointed. I could barely find any reviews that have 2 or a maximum of 3 stars on any given aspect. I thought to pass the information to other students.


Price and discounts

I was disappointed to see that the price is too high. I needed a case study written in a thousand words and they were charging me almost a hundred pounds. The deadline was the end of this month. The page mentioned a 30% discount. I really could not understand how to apply for the discount and get the promo code.

I thought that if I clicked the ‘proceed now’ button, I would be able to know it. But that was the ordering page and it was too clumsy. They were asking my personal information and I was looking for a price bifurcation. It clicked in my mind that the site could be fake. The thought scared me because they were not transparent.

So, I went through a few review sites like which said that their deadline options are very limited. This is not at all welcome. The site rates the pricing factor of the company a 5.5 out of 10. I am not at all impressed.


On-time delivery

This is a very important aspect that I have to discuss. I did not order the papers because I knew they would be unable to send the paper on time. And after reading the reviews, it was very clear to me that they do not send the paper on time though some said that they met the deadline but ended up compromising with the quality.

I went through review sites like and The verdict was the same throughout. said that they had sent the paper on time, but did not meet the requirements. There were several mistakes and it was useless to complain to them.


24/7 availability

I always prefer a customer care service that is available round the clock, because being a student I understand that someone can need assistance at any point in time. And I was extremely disappointed here again. Though there is a call facility provided, it took a long time to get connected.

Mailing to them was out of the question because people who cannot receive a call will never answer a mail on time. And then I found the chat box. I thought that this could be the savior, but then I saw that I have to provide my details. For a moment I felt that my security is being compromised.

But it was the same here. The customer service executives took a long time to reply to my ‘hello’. When I concluded that these people are not available 24/7, I decided that this site is out my list.


Customer reviews

Customer reviews matter a lot to the students. Apart from reading the reviews, I went through all the reviews that are posted at sites like,,, etc. And the reviews met my expectation. I knew that the site was not very trustworthy. The reviews from the students clarified it.

I am listing some of the reviews below.

Sarah Jane posted on saying “British Essay Writers are a total scam, I made an order with them and they took my money and I failed on my subject.

I contacted them to receive a refund.



Mary M. posted at saying:

“Absolutely a SCAM!!!!!!!!!! AVOID BUYING ANY SERVICES FROM THEM!! THEY ARE SCAMS. I purchased a 1st class service and the essay made no sense at all. They assigned the essay to "another writer" which was also really rubbish. AVOID GUYS please. I'm surprised no one has taken legal action against them. THEY ARE LIARS; Angie Barns promised me a refund for the work that did not even make sense, instead, when I asked for it, she went against her words!! THEY ARENT EVEN BRITISH, PLEASE AVOID!”


Jordan posted a review at saying:

“NEVER in my life have I made a review. But I simply had to this time. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I BEG YOU. All reviews are real. This company is a total scam. They overcharge for services and don’t use them. There work is 70% copy and paste. They don’t follow instructions and they ignore you when you try to get a refund. They are nothing more than a bunch of scam artists. They say they hire writers from your area of study to work on your paper, but this is impossible because they are honestly stupid. There is probably 5 writers at most. 5 writers with a “phd” in copy and paste and still get it wrong. They promise to guarantee a first class but the work they sent me wouldn't even guarantee 30%. FRAUD”


“I found this company of online forum and read a positive review from one of their customers. So I decided to try and was disappointed. I have got plagiarized paper from them!” – Kate H.posted at


Therefore, I would like to conclude that you should be aware of After conducting my research and reading the reviews, I will never recommend this site to any student.

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I curse this website to die without clients

Reviewed By Mandeep Sharma on 09 Feb, 2021

Britishessaywriters should die without clients. They should know that fake promises and lame excuses are not going to take them anywhere. Stop going to this website. You will come back only being robbed and no assignment.

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