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The claims to be a “Leading Academic Papers Writing Assistance Providing Company”, and a part of Allfreelancers Ltd, a company registered in Wales and England. The company aims at providing writing assistance to students in need of dissertation, coursework, essays, term papers, research papers and thesis help. There are around 4000+ writers associated with the company with a minimum qualification of Master’s degree from renowned universities in the United Kingdom. In addition to all of these, the firm claims to have a Q&A team that performs quality check after each of the academic paper gets completed by the writers. Even though the features included in the website and the promises made seem to be satisfactory, helpful and student-oriented, there’s more to it. Is it all fine to believe what we see, or is there a dimension left unexplored? We shall talk about it in the following sections as included below.

Here’s everything you would perhaps need to know. Take a look.

  1. Price & Discounts (Rating 2.5/5)

What they say: As per the information extracted from the company’s website, it has been found that the firm aims at keeping its pricing structure affordable, by providing inexpensive essay writing services for the students. To be precise, the price range varies from £12.95 to £25.95; depending on the fact how urgent is the work. Moreover, students are most likely to avail and enjoy an additional discount of 11%, as included and displayed in the website. In addition, the firm claims to offer “Three Grand Gifts” to the students looking for online dissertation help.


Revelations: Scrolling down further made me realize and figure out a few loopholes and shady stuffs to be present in the website content. First of all, there’s a silly spelling mistake made in one of the on-page advertisements posted by the firm. It says “If you place order of 10,000 words, you will get fellowing benefits free of cost”.  Don’t know what “fellowing” means though!

Secondly, on taking a closer look at the screenshot as mentioned above, you’ll be able to see its written “FREE Topics Consultancy (4Topics) and then there’s a price attached. Can somebody explain this to me? Something that comes for free has a price attached to it as well? What’s the point? What does it mean?

This is anything but simple and relatable. On further enquiry and analysis of facts and figures, I came across an external report and review as posted in says that the price structure is somewhat unclear, as they have no clear indication of what prices would be applicable for a particular grade or academic standard of writing. And as far as the discount aspect is concerned, there’s no clear indication of how to avail the discount offered by the firm.

Consequence: If the price structure continues to stay this unclear and shady, then the students might just lose interest to place order with a company which is devoid of clarity and relevance. A clear price structure is always important when it comes to any kind of online service and product selling. A mere pricing table is simply not enough if the rates are not clearly defined, and the discounts attached to each of the academic services are not well-explained. A 10% discount is good, but certainly not good enough if the students don’t know how to avail it.

  1. On-Time Delivery (Rating: 2/5)

What they say: Now, here comes the aspect of on-time delivery of academic papers. Well, the company is of the opinion that they “know the importance of time”, and ask all prospective users not to worry about submission. They claim to submit all papers within the given time frame.

While it seems that time really is an important aspect, and the online providers of academic assistance are bound to help students receive all solutions within the deadline, the question is “how far is the company reliable and capable of helping customers with a timely delivery of academic papers?” Let’s figure out.

Revelations: Posted in, the “Company trust” aspect associated with the firm has been rated one star out of five. The review site is of the opinion that has no physical location or an address mentioned in their site. If there is a physical address, then the company is more legit in terms of delivering the work as promised.

Now, this is where a distrust or drop in confidence in terms of relying on the timely delivery feature of the firm comes in. Even if a student places an order with this firm, and ends up facing delivery issues and unnecessary delays, then he/she won’t be able to track the order in real time, or reach out to the officials easily. In addition, sharing office locations and addresses is a sign of authentication.

Consequence: If faking things confidently and making some easy money are things this company is ever bothered about, then this might not go down well with others in the near future. Sooner or later, the company would end up losing clients and could eventually ruin its goodwill among students in and across the United Kingdom. Here’s something you should read, and the company should also take note of the same. There are users who aren’t apparently happy with the services provided by Here’s a proof. Take a look.

  1. 24/7 Availability (Rating: 2.5/5)

What they say: Now, this is one equally crucial aspect of online academic paper providers across the globe. Well, the company is of the opinion that they provide 24/7 live customer support service, and also offers a direct communication facility with the writers. Visiting the website will allow you to figure out a live chat box powered by Zendesk, positioned at the bottom left corner of the portal. And visiting the “Contact Us” section will introduce you to an online form, which has probably been created for the students to include all assignment details and the required personal data before placing an order.

Revelations: To talk about the live chat box, it is to be mentioned that the process is somewhat complicated and time consuming for a first timer. They would ask you to introduce yourself, type a message and sign in with your social media accounts.

Now, for an individual who is in the middle of urgency and looking for a solution at the earliest, don’t you think such prolonged formalities would take a lot of time?

Apparently, has cited one instance where a reviewer has marked as a scam site. And in another review, it has been stated the executives didn’t receive any order, and even the phone was also disconnected when the user tried to reach them.

Consequence: If such is the situation out there, then why would someone, in the long run, rely on the credibility of this firm, despite the “24/7 availability of customer support service” being bragged about in the website? Using flowery words and coming up with “too-good-to-be-true” promises is simply not enough, if in the long run, all that you are doing is disconnecting phone lines and failing to accept orders on time. This is certainly one issue which is to be taken care of and resolved at the earliest.

  1. Service Quality and Perks (Rating:  2/5)

What they say: To talk about the service quality, the firm claims to provide students with academic papers that would help them get their “Degree with Distinction”. Not only this, the company has some freebies available as well; these include “Free Title Page”, “Free Proposal”, “Free Unlimited Revisions” and many more.

Even though the firm has so many things to offer and brag about, let’s take a look at the actual scenario and revelations regarding the company’s true credibility in terms of offering quality services and perks associated with the same.

Revelations: On further enquiring and extraction of information from other reliable sources, it has been found that has marked the company’s quality aspect with a negative rating of 1/5. It has been stated that many users are of the opinion that the academic papers are generally of poor quality and some of them were even subjected to plagiarism. As per the overall rating given by, the site has been marked with a 1.2/10, which is certainly horrendous for an academic help provider to achieve.


  1. Customer Reviews

Now that you are here, and have read through the revelations given above, it’s time for some further validations. Here is a list of accumulated reviews regarding You may go through it for a clearer idea of how things would work on placing an order with this firm.

Even though the verdict and in-depth analysis discussed is entirely based on information extracted from the internet and opinions posted by expert reviewers, you are always free to place an order with the firm. Do not forget to seek the solution and discover all outcomes for yourself.

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Reviewed By Vinod Rajbhar on 09 Feb, 2021


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Vinod Rajbhar 09 Feb, 2021


Absolutely untrustworthy

Reviewed By Bhairu Singh on 09 Feb, 2021

I got the most horrible case study paper. This proves that they have some of the nastiest writers on board. Absolutely untrustworthy and fake assignment writing service.

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Vinod Rajbhar 16 Feb, 2021