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Is worth buying from?

Assignment quality can determine the course of a student’s career. There are numerous websites that offer reliable and legit assignment writing services. Students try to find one for themselves to boost their grades. According to the NewAssignmentHelpAU website they are one such website that specialises in offering safe and reliable assignment help to students.

However, upon typing “ reviews” online, the search engine presents us with a plethora of reviews that dismiss their claims. You can find most of the reviews tagging them as fake or scam. We had to scroll through multiple pages to find one review that branded them as legit.

So, after going through multiple online reviews, we can only say that they didn’t seem reliable to us. If you want to buy services from, it may not be safe for you. They may even scam you when you ask them for any assistance.

Are Writers Reliable Enough?

We encountered several questions from students asking if the writers at are reliable or not. So, we browsed over a hundred reviews to find out the truth. They have claimed that they recruit only the best writers from top universities. They even mentioned that all their writers are proficient in university guidelines and can write assignments on any subject.

However, the reviews revealed a shocking truth. We found many students who were furious about their service. They mentioned, in bold fonts, that the writers are not at all reliable. They said that when they asked them to write their assignments, they could hardly deliver a legit assignment. Most of the contents seemed fake and paraphrased. So, we cannot find a single proof that determines that writers are safe and reliable.

There are further proofs that is a scam. Many students also said that getting hold of one of their writers is next to impossible. They never reply to emails, and their hotline number always remains out of order. So, many students expressed their suspicion if this website is legit or just another fake website.

Students seek expert assistance at odd hours. Since always fails to meet their demands, it makes sense why so many people don’t find them reliable or safe.

Does offer discounts?

Offering a competitive price doesn’t make the cut for students. Many students look for great discounts while hiring legit assignment help. However, doesn’t seem to offer any discounts. Rather they seem to charge extremely high rates for their services. Moreover, they do not have a standard price chart for the services.

When we browsed through the reviews, many students complained about how they charged them different prices for the same task. So, they rightly called them fake and a scam.

Especially since all legit online service providers offer a discounted rate for their services, the high prices of seem like a bigger scam. Many legit websites even have provisions for loyalty discounts. doesn’t have any such offers either. According to the reviews, they only aim to squeeze out money from the students but don't guarantee any quality.

Does deliver within the deadlines?

When it comes to assignment submissions, timely delivery is a very big concern. Students always look for reliable and legit writers who can ensure timely delivery of the assignments. Although claims that they always deliver all their orders within the deadline, the reviews tell otherwise.

As we went deeper into the reviews, we found out that they often default on delivering within deadlines. Students complained that the writers were too callous from the start and never bothered to take the deadlines seriously. Numerous students said how it is never safe to hire assignment help from them, as there is always a chance that you will get your assignment days after your deadline.

Jones B said, “I was looking for a reliable website that can write my assignments. I was busy with other commitments and wanted a legit website urgently. Then I came to know about I told them specifically that I needed it within three days. But they are such a scam that they mailed a subpar assignment three days after my deadline.”

Another student, Josh K., said, "When I went through the site, I thought they are a legit website. However, I was gravely mistaken. Despite reminding them repetitively, they never took my request seriously. I got my assignment after four days of my deadline, and as a result, I lost my marks. Never hire this fake website at any cost.”

Is there any refund policy?

We have seen many legit academic websites offering refunds to students. It may happen that the quality doesn’t meet the student's expectations, or they make some errors on their end. In such cases, any legit website will initiate a refund. In fact, does claim that they have a refund policy on their website.

However, the reviews debunk any such claims. We could say that it is a scam if they claim they give refunds. We can assert this after going through 100+ reviews. Students always claim that they deny any of their faults when anyone asks for a refund.

In our final verdict, we can confirm that is a fake website, and avoid them if you are looking for a safe, legit, or reliable website.

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