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There are plenty of service providers on the internet which have neither an appealing user interface nor an impressive set of services. Well, you cannot say the same thing about Oxbridgeessays.com. It is perhaps one of the finest-looking essay writing companies available on the internet. But does it excel in other areas too? Well, here’s what we found after scanning the website and its services.

  • About Oxbridgeessays.com:

According to the website, Oxbridgeessays.com has more than 1,900 academics in the UK who ensure the clients get the grades they want. The website also boasts the fact that they have planned, researched and written more than 320 million words to the exact specifications of the clients. Their banner reads, "With Oxbridge Essays, it has never been easier to get the grades you've always wanted."

If you are visiting the site for the first time, the website provides you with all the reasons to avail their essay writing service without even thinking. But do they live up to all the promises? Unfortunately, they don’t. There is a lack of consistency in the services when it comes to delivering the requests of the clients. Yes, they will provide you with some kind of solution within the given deadline, but there is no quality assurance for the service they deliver.

However, one of the good things about the website is that it allows connecting with the academics after paying for the order. It means you can chat with the academic who is supposed to help you with the essay you have requested. Even though they claim to have some of the finest academics in the UK, you will soon discover that there are no experts in the team. The website is run by some amateur writers from either Kenya or India.

You can tell by their responses that there are not more than 50 writers in the team. If they had more than 1900 members on the team, they would not take 10 days to deliver a simple essay. If a student had 10 days to spare, he might as well finish the essay on his own. We will discuss the aspect of average delivery time in details later. However, one thing is clear that they don’t have any regards for the clients’ expectations.

  • Payments and discounts:

If you think you can run the risk of receiving an average quality essay from Oxbridgeessays.com, then think again. You may have a tough time convincing the bank manager why you need a loan for an essay writing service. Yes, if you are planning to buy one of the writing services from Oxbridgeessays.com, you may need a bank loan to pay for that.

They claim that they can deliver the essay paper the next day of order placement. However, for a single page essay on a common subject, they charge a fee of £320. That is not even the worst part of the story. Their operations remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays, which means if you need your essay by Monday and you place the order on Friday, you will still need to pay £320 as that will be counted as next-day delivery.

Also, the best value service that they offer on their site is practically useless. It costs only £135 (cheapest of the lot) for a single page essay, which will take 90 days to be delivered. Basically, they want you to predict that you will require an essay paper 3 months from now. Even though this is the cheapest service available on the website, £135 is still a lot of money. It is perhaps more convenient to write your essay on your own if you have that much time in hand.

  • The average time taken for delivery:

The standard essay writing service available at Oxbridgeessays.com, which charges around £145, takes about 10 working days to be delivered. Well, if you can’t spare enough money for the urgent services, you have no other option than to avail the standard services. They also have the option to deliver the services within 5-6 working days at the cost of £155 per page. However, they will insist you get the 10 days' plan.

The reviews on Oxbridgeessays.com which you get to see on their own website only speak good things about the services. However, if you want to learn the real deal about Oxbridgeessays.com, you need to see what the students say about their services on an unbiased platform. Some of those reviews reveal that the website has failed to meet the requirements within the given timeframe on multiple occasions, which simply shows how unprofessional they are.

It's been pointed out by a number of students that the so called experts at Oxbridgeessays.com can either deliver a decent solution or make on-time delivery. They cannot do both at the same time. So, when you are paying £320 to get a single page essay on an urgent basis from this website, there’s no guarantee that you will receive any quality support. It means, you are not only risking your grades but are also wasting away a lump sum amount of money on the service.

  • Availability of customer support:

One of the major downsides of Oxbridgeessays.com is that they don't have the feature of online chat on their website. So if you have any query regarding their services, you need to get in touch with them over a phone call. The funny thing is when all the other essay writing companies offer 24x7 online support through chat as well as phone calls, Oxbridgeessays.com keeps their helpline open for only a limited time, that too only on the weekdays.

It is quite surprising to most students, as the majority of the essay writing companies on the internet these days offer 24x7 online support. However, oxbridgeessays.com is absolutely open about it, which is commendable. At least, they do not hide it like several other websites in the industry. The thing that astonishes me more than the limited availability of Oxbridgeessays.com customer support is that they decide not to respond when you ask them about an on-going order.

So, if you have received a poor quality solution from Oxbridgeessays.com, which is nothing new, you may not get any rework or refund from the site, as they will no longer entertain your calls or request on that order anymore.

  • Student reviews:

Like a typical shady essay writing company, Oxbridgeessays.com does not reveal any negative review on their own site. Hence, when you visit their website for the first time, you get a nice impression of the website. However, when you do some research online, the truth starts to come right in front of you.

The reviews reveal the ugly side of the Oxbridgeessays.com, which you can witness only when you place your order there. Since the website has a nice user interface, people often consider it to be a decent essay writing solution provider. However, the majority of the students get to learn about the real truth about the website the hard way. Most people have their complaint about the quality of the content they offer. It clearly signifies how incompetent their writers are.

Also, the price and the delivery time are some of the major concerns that are raised in the student reviews. So if you are willing to risk your grades, you are most welcome to try Oxbridgeessays.com. However, the chances of getting a disappointing service are way too high at Oxbridgeessays.com. So it will be better if you can consider some other options.


As they say, "everything that glitters is not gold." The saying is apt for Oxbridgeessays.com. If you think they have experts from Oxford and Cambridge universities at your service, you are sorely mistaken. As mentioned earlier, their user interface is quite attractive. However, that is where the good things about Oxbridgeessays.com end. If you don’t believe the reviews, you can go and try their services yourself, given that you can enough time and money to spare for the experiment.

As mentioned previously, there are a number of third-party reviewing sites like Sitejabber.com or Uktopwriters.com where you can learn more about the various websites and their services. So be a smart person, and choose the online services only after evaluating their past records.

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making fool

Reviewed By Josh Harding on 16 Nov, 2018

Yes, they are experts! Experts in scamming the students who come to them seeking help!

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don't value of your deadlines

Reviewed By Katherine Morton on 18 Oct, 2018

I placed an order two weeks before the deadline and they delivered it a week after the deadline. Anyhow, the professor accepted it, only to return it completely red. Reason? It was of poor quality!

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unprofessional staff

Reviewed By Mary S. McKinney on 16 Oct, 2018

The customer support team will act so helpful initially. Once you’ve placed your order, they won’t even reply to your queries!

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