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8 Online Review Statistics You Should Know In 2022

Running an e-commerce business can be challenging if you are not aware of the nitty-gritty. For example, your online store is set, your systems are in place and thoroughly tested; still, something is missing. What could possibly go wrong? Many factors are involved in running an online business, and customer reviews seem to be an integral part of it. If your customers do not engage with your store affluently and write a negative review, it can hurt your business. From miscommunication to international shipping to logistical delays, there can be so much that can go wrong. These unanticipated hiccups often turn into negative reviews.

Whether you like it or not, your potential customers are probably surfing through the internet, checking reviews before they commit to a purchase. In this digital era looking at online reviews is quite a natural norm for online shoppers. They trust these reviews as much as they favor their personal recommendations. Most of the time, it so happens that their decision can get influenced by these reviews.

However, customer reviews can be pretty tricky. Where negative ratings can harm your business, a perfect score can also raise some red flags. Therefore here are 8 online review statistics that you should know about your customers.

1. Customer Seek Advice From Online Reviews

Almost 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews before making a purchase. This makes nearly 89% of customers in the world who actually make an effort to go through the reviews before purchasing from a particular platform. These statistics will give you an idea about how thoughts can have an impact on your customer's purchase journey.

Moreover, it also indicates the amount of faith these customers put in the opinion of their fellow customers. There is just a slight difference in the review reading habits between men and women. 88% of the men read these reviews in contrast to 90% of the women. Any slight imperfections can hold the swaying power. However, more than 50% of the customers say that the not-perfect reviews seem to be the most authentic.

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2. They Look Out For Transparency

62% of the customers defy perfect scores. They are less likely to buy from brands that censor or rig the reviews to promote brand visibility. Transparency and authenticity is a significant factor when it comes to customer reading online reviews.

Therefore business owners should stop slacking negative reviews as this practice could jeopardize their sales massively. The same rule applies to fake reviews. 62% of the customers believe that fake scores or excellent reviews can be manipulated and immediately removed.

3. Customers Trust The Reviews

72% of the shoppers trust online reviews blindly. They give this as much importance as they do to their personal recommendations. It continues to hold a significant influence, especially in the young generation. However, the impact of influential reviews varies from sector to sector. For example, 79% of the customers check the reviews before booking a hotel, café, or restaurant. On the contrary, only 66% of the shoppers consider considerations to be critical while buying clothes.

4. Online Platforms Are The Go-To Site

59% of the customers rely on reviews published online on public review sites. They do this to check the authenticity of your e-commerce platform and your products. Just putting up pretty thoughts on your website is not enough to cionv9nce these customers. When they are willing to invest their money in your product, they go far to browse through all different reviews sites before they make up their mind. The importance of such reviews cannot be denied as the customers place their trust only after reading these.

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5. Not All Customers Leave Online Reviews

Almost half of the online shoppers say that they post their reviews online. 47% of the shoppers look for reviews before purchasing but deny putting up their own thoughts for the same product. This practice is more common in the younger generation. For example, only 53% of customers from 25 years to 34 years post online reviews once a month. In contrast, only 30% of the internet users ranging from 55years to 64years post monthly reviews.

6. Buyers Expect You To Reply Instantly

More than 50% of the customers who post online reviews expect you to reply instantly. This is especially the case with negative thoughts. Customers rely pretty strongly on negative reviews, and they want instant solutions to their experience. These customers don't just leave reviews to educate other customers, but they take this space as an opportunity to lodge complaints.

Almost 53.3% of the customers expect companies to reply to their negative comments in a week. However, most of them are just left disappointed. This makes around 63.3% who say they have never heard from the companies.

7. Negative Response Can Cost You

Almost 10% of the company loses their reputation per hire due to the negative reviews. Therefore companies should make it a habit of sharing their positive thoughts while handing out recruitment information. In addition, sharing internal customer stories allows the employer to humanize the brand, and potential candidates are most likely to relate to such experiences.

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8. Customers Look For Reviews On Product Pages

A product page that publishes customer reviews is likely to bring about 3.5 times more conversions than those without it. These statistics paint a clear picture of the importance of customer reviews. If you want to boost your e-commerce platform, you can incorporate reviews on your website and product pages instead of just relying on online review sites. This can generate almost 4.5 times more revenue per year.

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