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Students rely on online writing service providers to match pace with the stringent deadlines. Throughout their academic courses, students have to submit multiple assignments, essays, dissertations, coursework and homework. It becomes quite difficult to manage time and work at the same time. Hence, several online assignment help providers have come forth to help these students out. MightyEssays.co.uk is one of the essay help providers that offer essay writing services to students all around the UK. Let’s have a look at its services and see if it can come in handy for students struggling with deadlines and studies.

According to their website, MightyEssays.co.uk offers essay writing help to students studying Law, Nursing, MBA and Marketing. They haven’t mentioned any other subject specifically, so you might have to contact them directly to know if they can help you with a different subject. The website interface is not user-friendly and the same content has been rewritten again and again throughout the homepage.

Usually, online writing companies offer services for dissertations, thesis, assignments, research papers, term papers, coursework and many more. However, it is quite disappointing to see that MightyEssays.co.uk have only essay writing services to provide (as per the website). What if the students don’t require help with essays at all? What if they need urgent help with their dissertation or thesis? Do they have writers to write these papers? The ‘About Us’ page says nothing about writers well-versed with writing projects other than essays.

The ‘About Us’ page lacks precise information about the company, when was it founded or how many years of experience they have in this industry. So, it can compel students to wonder if this company can help them out effectively.

It is natural for students to check the qualifications of the writers who would handle their projects. But, MightyEssay.co.uk does not mention the qualifications of their writers. Also, they have not mentioned the strength of their writer’s team and that makes it unclear whether they can handle the work effectively.

Prices and Discounts

On their ‘Pricing’ page, MightyEssay.co.uk has mentioned the list of prices according to the three standards of writing that they provide. First, there is the Standard package which is equivalent to 2:2 quality of writing. This package starts from £8.99 whereas if you want the paper within 24 hours, then you have to pay £19.99.

You can also opt for the Extended package which is equivalent to 2:1 standard of writing. This package starts from £13.99 and if your deadline is within 24 hours, then the price goes up to £24.99.

Similarly, you can choose the Platinum package which is equivalent to the first class standard of writing and it starts from £18.99. However, if your deadline is within 24 hours, then you have to pay £29.99.

As compared to other online writing service providers, MightyEssay.co.uk has got some costly rates on their price chart. Students always look for affordable prices to get their writing tasks done. The Standard package is itself quite expensive, let alone the other two packages. Also, this price can differ according to the number of pages, words or the deadline required to complete your essay.  Hence, to avoid any confusion, it is better to have a word their support executives first before placing an order with them.

They have stated explicitly that they charge no cost for the title, bibliography, formatting and the plagiarism report. The fact is, all these are an integral part of essay writing and if they charge nothing for these, then the entire paper might be free as well, which is not the case.

Most of the online writing service providers provide excellent discounts and offers to help students get their writing tasks done within a pocket-friendly budget. As per the website, MightyEssay.co.uk does not have attractive discounts or offers as such. But, they do have an offer of availing a 40% discount on essays for a limited time period. However, when you click on the button, it takes you to the order form which has no indication of a promo code or whatsoever. So, it can confuse the students whether the discount is applicable or not.

On their ‘Terms and Conditions’ page, MightyEssay.co.uk has talked about the money refund policy. According to the website, they offer money as refund to students who are not satisfied with their work. However, the procedure is not mentioned.

On time delivery

It is crucial for the online writing companies to submit the papers to the students on time. As per the website, MightyEssay.co.uk also provides on-time delivery of the papers. The client testimonials also state that they can deliver work on time. But, if you have an urgent requirement, it is better to talk to them directly about the delivery timings.

Their order form lets you choose deadlines from 24 hours to 10 days. But, they haven’t stated an action that the student must take if the order wasn’t delivered on time. Other writing companies usually offer money refund or other alternatives in case the paper wasn’t delivered within the deadline. 

If you have any urgent requirement or you need to talk to them regarding a specific instruction for your paper, then you need to consult with their support executives. As per their website, you can’t speak to the writers directly, which is a disadvantage for the students. How can the students trust the writers if they can’t communicate with them directly? It is tough to know whether their papers have fallen in the right hands.

24*7 Availability

It is essential for the online writing service providers to be available to the students for 24*7. MightyEssay.co.uk says that they are available round the clock, but the live chat option remains offline during a certain period of time. The same might happen with phone numbers and email IDs as well. You need to contact them and see their availability for yourself.

You can interact with their support team via a phone number that is mentioned on the website. Mail ID is also given, so send them a mail if you have any doubt or questions. They usually reply within 12 hours which is again likely to be accepted by students who want immediate essay help.

MightyEssay.co.uk is available on social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. So, you can get in touch with them via these social platforms as well. However, as mentioned before, you can only talk to their customer support team and not with the writers even after placing the order.

Customer Reviews

At MightyEssay.co.uk, you will find all the positive reviews where their clients have mentioned that their services are amazing and delivery timing is perfect and so on. Students from Ireland, Australia and New Zealand have vouched for their services and said they would recommend them to anyone looking for essay help.

On the other hand, https://uktopwriters.com/ says otherwise. According to them, MightyEssay.co.uk is not at all worth the student’s money and trust. They have given one star to the quality of writers and no stars to the Company trust. They have also stated that the writing quality is poor and has recommended students to opt for a better writing site.  Overall, UkTopWriters have rated MightyEssay.co.uk 1.6 out of 5.

https://simplegrad.com/ has also suggested students not to opt for this company as their budget is expensive and the writing quality is disappointing. At the same time, the customer service is also not user-friendly and can cost you a fortune if you live outside UK. They have rated MightyEssay.co.uk an overall 2.1 out of 5.

It is essential to choose the most suitable writing company to get your essay done.  Amidst multiple service providers, it is difficult to select one that is authentic. Hence, analyse the website thoroughly and go through the reviews posted on several trusted review sites to get an idea about the quality of their services.

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Reviewed By Mukund Singh on 09 Feb, 2021

I contacted mightyessays because they said they have expert editors. Well, my paper didn’t show that. They returned me the exact file with zero addition and alteration at all. One-star rating from my end.

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