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Getting academic paper help from a good service provider was something I was longing for. I had seen my friends getting top scores in the semester and teachers are immensely impressed by their academic assignments. I always wanted to reach to the top. But, I always fail to manage time and mess with the work.

I asked them how they manage their assignments. Then I came to know that they hand over the work to the professional writers. Their academic paper is handled by experts and done flawlessly. I also decided to choose such a service to achieve the desired grades. Then I came to know about is one of the assignment writing services providing help to the students and functioning in the industry for many years. They have native essay writers who are experts of different professional fields. They have a good understanding of the academic papers.

They cover a variety of subjects. They guarantee you a 100% quality as the work is done by expert writers. But, when I chose them, I faced a lot of troubles. Moreover, the quality of the assignment was also not up to the mark. Let me tell you what bothered me about

Rates and other offers: -

The first thing about is the rates. When I first hired them, I thought they have the best price in the market to offer. Alas! When I came to know about the prices offered by other services, I realized how foolish I was to believe them. There are even other services in the market with more affordable rates. When I checked, I found out that they have indeed very overpriced.

However, their discounts and offers are not that bad. They offer a good percentage of discounts on various occasions. If you can hire them at that time, your investment will be worth. They also have ‘referral bonuses. This means if you have friends to refer about the service and if the service is availed by them, an amount of referral bonus will be added to your wallet. This amount you can use for your next purchase. does not have this awesome offer for a discount.

On-time submission:

This is the biggest blunder that I have made is to trust them with the delivery date. When I gave them my college essay which I had to submit urgently, they took the order and guaranteed on-time delivery. But, when they were supposed to submit the paper, they failed to do so. I repeatedly asked for my essay, but no response from their side.

They submitted the paper full 24 hours later. I was late with the submission and also failed to impress my teachers. The worst part is, the college essay also had proofreading errors. I was really disappointed with them.

My semester’s scores were also not up to the mark due to the average quality assignment I have submitted. I was really very disappointed.

24/7 Availability:-

In, this is probably the only aspect that impressed me. They are indeed very much prompt with the reply, especially, in the live chat option. I first interacted with them in live chat and they replied to all my queries. I was impressed with them.

I also tried to call them but, the 24 hours availability is just for show. Their calling line is always busy and I had to wait! So, customer support is only active in the live chat option. But, at the time of delivery, I even found the chat support to be poor. When I repeatedly asked them about my delivery, they failed to respond promptly.

However, when I came to know about other services from my friends, they said the other writing services have 24*7 availability and they are also prompt with their replies all throughout the working process.

Quality of the paper:-

Now, this is indeed a million dollar question. The college essay that I received almost a day after the promised delivery date did not have the quality that I expected. The paper carried numerous proofreading errors. And I did not have much time to check the whole paper. Still, I found out there were plenty of proofreading errors. Although, the instructions given by the teachers were followed by the writer, the language used was not very coherent.

Apart from that, I found plagiarism in some parts of the write-up. So, overall the quality of the work was indeed very poor. I did not expect this from

Customer review:-

I should have checked the testimonials before hiring their service. When I failed to submit the paper within the deadline, I decided to check the customer reviews. Then I came to know they have a lot of negative reviews. The only reason is, not able to submit the work on time. Most of the customers are disappointed with such an attitude.

Allen Mark- Sydney

“I was such a fool to hire for my work. I chose them because I wanted to submit the work on time. But, they failed to deliver the work on time and also the quality of the work was very poor. I will never recommend their service”.


To put it in a nutshell, I am not at all impressed with the work that they have produced. has disappointed me with their service. I could not achieve the desired grades. I would never recommend their service to any student.

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plagiarism free writing

Reviewed By Maya McCulloch on 13 Dec, 2018

They do not lie when they say “no plagiarism” or “100% error free work”. Getting such fantastic service at such a low price is rare.

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good job guys

Reviewed By John Moss on 06 Dec, 2018

We ordered four assignments on four different subjects. We received all of them much before the deadline, and none of them needed to be sent back for revision! Keep up the good work guys!

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Awesome writing Service!

Reviewed By Steven H. Williams on 01 Dec, 2018

No other service has ever taken my assignment requirements as seriously as Allessaywriter! They are simply awesome!

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great work

Reviewed By June P. Echols on 29 Nov, 2018

These guys exceeded my expectations to say the least! You guys just earned a loyal customer! Keep up the great work!

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good writing team!

Reviewed By John G. Gardella on 26 Nov, 2018

I’ve been going to Allessaywriter to tackle all my assignments ever since I first asked for their help! It’s been three long years and that’s how good they are!

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