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According to, they are one of the best leading companies around the web and have been providing academic assignments. However, first of all, this site never mentioned the number of years for which its experts have been working in this industry. Hence, it is proved this company is not reliable entirely. This is when the question first arises: Is legit?

Moreover, they have stated that their online experts and academic faculties are all genuine and gained considerate expertise in all types of assignment writing for various academic domains. A company which claims to have the best writers, like, should provide top-rated assignments. But do they really provide such A+ assignments to their students?

In this review, we will see whether is fake or not. We have gathered hundreds of student reviews of from different sources. So, let’s delve deeper to know more about

Quality of Assignment- Is safe to buy?

The quality of the assignment is uncompromising. Students don’t want to leave a stone unturned to make it possible. is not at all a safe site where you can find top-notch papers from acclaimed experts and academicians.

In fact, there are various negative comments on their assignment quality. According to the HelpMyAssignment review, there is a significant number of unsatisfied students of, and they will never recommend this online providing site. 

According to the reviews shared on the site, they have a large number of experts, editors and proofreaders, but when our review writing team visited the site to get help with a marketing assignment help, it was an utter failure.

There was no single expert active at that time, and our review experts didn’t find any free samples to check the quality of the content.

Other students have found that the quality of content is poor and unprofessional, and the experts don’t start their assignments from the beginning.

Sometimes, students are penalised due to plagiarised copies given by’s experts. This is a big disappointment for all clients. Unfortunately, we have found this site to be a scam company.

Pricing- How must does charge?

Pricing or cost is the initial factor that comes into any student’s mind while availing of p-professional academic help from any online site. Of course, many can’t afford expensive academic writing services, but is not budget-friendly.

It becomes more frustrating when you find that you have to pay more for editing and proofreading. On, you can check out the cost of your assignments order, but be ready to face the hidden charges afterwards.

There are no fixed charges on their site, and you must wait for bids after they assign a few writers to you. Their prices vary for different services, such as writing dissertations to proofread. The minimum assignment writing charge is $20, and when you need your assignment within 24 hours, it bids up to $45.

Offer and discounts- Does offer frequently?

We couldn’t find discounts, seasonal, or flash sales on their site, even though we created a fake profile to make the first order. There is no referral bonus as well.

Is it a reliable site to offer? Well, as per the testimonials, it is not a reliable site to trust.

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer you any bonus or seasonal sale or offer like another professional site. 

Delivery: Is a service where the delivery deadline is maintained?

You will get numerous negative reviews on their late delivery. Many students didn’t get their papers on time and had to wait another 5 days to receive them.

In terms of delivering assignments, this site promises to provide your order before your deadline.

They vary their pricing scheme according to the delivery assignment's urgency and type.

Well, some assignments like thesis writing, dissertation and research paper writing take time.

HelpMyAssignment also promises that if they never miss the deadline and if they do, they will refund the money. These promises are all scams, and they never refunded if they deliver assignments late.

Customer Support team- Is there any complaint about’s customer support?

According to the previous client’s review, HelpMyAssignment boasts of having a large team of customer care executives who are 24*7 available for any query.

But they never get enough responses from their customer service management team. For one revision, one has to call or message them 10 times a day and never receive any calls. Moreover, students can’t talk to the experts directly.

Revision and Refund policies: Is there any possibility of refunding money?

As per the site, doesn’t offer any money back, and there is no clear statement regarding editing and proofreading for free. Furthermore, when students requested rework because the writer didn’t follow any content structure, they charged some extra money, but they mentioned a free rework policy.

Final Verdict

 As per previously clients and our survey reports, reviews from several sites portray the poor quality of contents, delayed delivery and other issues at The website is not legit. As per overall research, students should look for better academic writing sites, and needs to work on its services more accurately.

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