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Students who are preparing for their exams are trying their best to keep up with both time and the study pressure. They do their regular studies and handle the assignments at the same time.

Thanks to the academic writing services that are present to cater to the writing requirements of the students. A mouse click is enough to get the finest assignments sitting in the comforts of your home.

However, a common question that arises is regarding the authenticity of the websites. There are so many academic writing service providers available on the Internet. The list seems endless and so confusing that it becomes tough for the students to find a genuine service provider.

A few days back I had to submit an essay on English literature. Hence, I started searching the Internet for an appropriate service provider. I had to keep many parameters in mind since I am studying at a UK university. I needed the finest quality of assignments that will be at par with the educational standards of my university.

After going through a list of academic service providers and reading the names of the site, I found a service provider named The name intrigued me since the site tagged themselves as ‘perfect writer’. I was happy that I got the ‘perfect writer’ who will do my essay ‘perfectly’. Who does not want one?

I thought to check the site as well as the reviews with the expectation that I will see students appreciating their service. I researched a little more, and I am going to elaborate on what I have found.

The over-crowded webpage of the company was a great disappointment. Crammed with information, it seemed like I would take a while to appreciate the services offered. I wished to hit the back button, but I convinced myself to go through the site. The page is just overloaded with information. I felt like I was being force-fed.

The site is a UK based company, though it is not mentioned anywhere. I concluded this from the extension of the URL. It can be a fake one as well. The ‘about us’ page mentions the qualities of the writers that are nothing but repetitive pieces of information.

The site claims to provide specialized services on all kinds of assignments. I could not understand ‘specialized’ services stood for. Other academic service providers also provide the same services. Needless to say it will be quite a disappointing experience for you as well.

Moreover, I could not find any information about the number of writers that they have. I surfed through the other links like ‘why choose us', and I found no substantial data.

Price and discounts

The price and the discounts page is a complete mismatch. Firstly, I could not find my subject from the long subject list. Secondly, the price is exorbitant. I searched with the other subject which is world literature, and they quoted me 232 pounds for a seven days deadline that too only for research and writing within 255 words.

I was also confused with the discounts that the site provided. The reason is, if you look at the home page, you will find a flat discount of 50?ing advertised. And then when you go to the price link, they are offering up to 75% discount. The two offers were so different that I kept thinking which the true one was. It struck my mind that the entire site can be fake.

Consequently, I concluded that they are fooling the customers by promising ‘too good to be true’ offers. Or else they have increased the prices and then providing the discounts to earn name and fame. Well, by the time I noticed these things, I started disbelieving these people.

On-time delivery

It is very crucial for the students to get the assignments on time. It is also important for the service providers to send the assignments on time as well. Since I could not take a chance by ordering the papers, I searched for reviews about to see if they deliver the assignments on time. The results were as I expected. They don’t deliver projects on time.

I went through several review sites like and Though students did not mention if the site delivers the assignments on time, they were not satisfied either. They miss delivery dates, and I found a 2.2 rating out of 10.

24/7 availability

Seamless customer service is what every person expects when they purchase any product or service. I wanted to check their customer care service, and to my disappointment, I found that there was no way to get in touch with the customer care executives. There was no phone number provided, which prompted that this site might be a fake one.

Students either have to get in touch through chat or fill up a form that is given in the 'contact us' page which was really painstaking for me. I opted to chat with the customer service executives, but I did not get a prompt reply. I had to wait for a long time before I could get my queries answered.

Moreover, I found that the customer service executives were not available 24/7. Therefore, it would be great trouble for students to get assistance or resolve queries at late hours. commented that one has to wait more than 20 minutes to get in touch with the executives. That is quite a waste of time.


Customer reviews

I had to know what are customers or students saying about I read some reviews that were posted by the students. Those gave me an insight into the services provided by the website. Most students mentioned about the quality of the paper and that they were totally disappointed.

“Trusted my paper to them and was totally disappointed! They are not worth even a cent I’ve spent on my assignment! Looking for the refund- never trust them! Quality is poor!” – Suzanne K. This was the review posted by students on

Another student Mike P. said “Nothing special: average quality of papers they deliver.  All the pieces need to be checked before the submission to your teacher”.

Maggie posted a review on and said that “I failed the assignment. Did not get my money back. They blame me and my tutor. Is not any warranty. Avoid this people”. She asked students to avoid the company. Though, I found that they replied back asking apologies, but what is the point when a student has already failed in the assignment.

I also noticed that the review sites and the students repeatedly said that the site never provides the quality of paper that student needs. said that they ordered a research paper. They also provided instructions to the writer with a few references.

Unfortunately, the writer did not abide by any of the important instructions. asked for a revision, but in vain because the issues were not corrected. The price charged against the order was too high, and it did not meet the expectations.

Summing up the reviews posted by various review sites on, the end note is that quality of the papers deserves one star out of five. For the price, I would give them two star out of five. Customer service will also score two star out of five. Hence, the company cannot be trusted at all.

Time runs very fast, and needless to say that we have to keep up with its pace. Therefore, putting a conclusion note to end the review of, I will never order my assignments here. I will also recommend students not to take their services either, as they will be disappointed when their expectations will not be fulfilled.


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they are making fool

Reviewed By Edward Barlow on 22 Oct, 2018

I feel cheated! Neither did they provide the quality they promised nor did they deliver my essay on time! Beware of these frauds!

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