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About Oxessays.com

Oxessays.com is an academic writing service dedicated to assisting students all over the UK. According to them, they tame the desire to improve the quality of all students' university experience. As a result, they can help students with the quality of their university requirements and eventually buy good grades.

Here are some more details about the organization:

Company Details: Website Details:

Organization- Domain Privacy Service FBO Registrant.

Owner-Domain Privacy Service FBO Registrant.

Address-10 Corporate Drive 01803 Burlington MA




Website Speed- Very Slow

SSL certificate valid- Not valid

SSL type- Low - Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

They claim to provide students with a beautiful mixture of quality, reliability, affordability, and security. 

But students who are influenced by these articulated words: Need to know the truth that plays behind the stage. 

Are their claims fulfilled by the writers working here? Stay with us to find the reality.

Quality Of Assignment- Is Oxessays.Com Safe To Buy Or Worth Buying?

Let's start with a review. 

A review from trustpilot.com shows how much of a scam this organization is. According to various other reviews around the web, oxessays.com compromises with the most crucial feature of assignment writing: quality. As a result, they fail at providing top-notch writing services to students. In fact, on typing "oxessays.com" across Google search engine, oxessays.com never appears in the ranking list.

Coming to company establishment, Scamadvisor.com states the agency is established somewhere in the US and the UK. Now, how is that even possible?

Pricing - How Much Does Oxessays.Com Cost?

Quality check- Done! Now it is time to check the pricing. 

Here we will expand on the pricing details:

Source: https://oxessays.com/prices

On skimming eyes over the list, even a novice can understand that the rates are above the nominal. This is because students have to work hard to earn money during their college lives, and the owners don't think twice to reap students' investments. 

Although the website owners talk about maintaining affordability, they never stay true to their words.

Offer & Discount- Does Oxessays.Com Offer Customer Discounts?

Let's now put the light on the discounts offered by oxessays.com. 

This is possibly the only benefit the agency provides to its clients.

Oxessays.com has several onetime promo discounts for clients. So, students can visit their home page and check out available discounts. On placing an order for the first time, users will instantly get a 19% off, and they also claim to offer lifetime discounts. 

Check out the image given below to understand their discount policy.


source: https://oxessays.com/discounts 

Delivery- Is Oxessays.Com a Service Where The Delivery Deadline Is Good?

Deadline- a word strong enough to strike fear in students' hearts. This is often the main reason students want expert help. But when the experts themselves forget about their purpose? 

Oxessays.com is an agency that claims on-time delivery but fails to in reality. The review from a student proves the same. Furthermore, the review screenshot evinces that the experts working with oxessays.com cannot value the trust of their clients.

This also makes it seem that the agency is entirely unreliable for delivering content on specified dates. But, again, this shows nothing but the inefficiency of writers to deliver challenging assignments within a short period.

Customer Support- Is There Any Complaint About Oxessays.Com's Customer Support?

As clear from what Iordan Catalin has stated, they expect help from the customer support executives will leave you disheartened. They are just worried about getting more clients and draining out their money. Once their motive is fulfilled, they will not bother what the client has to say about the outcome.

The telephone support of the company is awful. Student reviews show that the executives are never prompt with their queries or answers. 

Revision & Refund Policy- Is There Any Possibility Of Refunds?

Let's look at another review stated by one student who dared to take oxessays.com's help.

Undoubtedly, there is no provision for a refund. But to keep the client engaged with their website, they strategized to offer a 10% discount the next time he comes to avail their service. This is entirely UNPROFESSIONAL. 

Neither they provide a free revision guarantee nor give a refund when asked for by a dissatisfied customer. Also, it is common for them to compose poor quality assignments for students when they boast of their quality maintenance policy on their website. 

Wrapping up, 

The owner of oxessay.com is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service. The website has more negative reviews than recent visitors, and they also have a suspicious group of writers. The writers are famous for making grammatical errors, errors in sentence structure, and other errors. This positions students in a sensitive place. To whom you would complain if the agency proofs to be a scammer? Plus, they do not even have a valid SSL Certificate.  

All these factors show nothing but a huge RED FLAG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is oxessays.com an Australian company?

That remains a question. While the company claims to be based in the UK, Scamadvisor.com (a trusted website reviewing site) says that the agency is based in the US.

What is oxessays.com's contact number?

The contact number that will get you in direct line with the people at osxessays.com is -+1.6027165339. 

How to log in with oxessays.com?

You require to register online at oxessays.com with your valid personal details like phone number and email id. Then, the agency will forward you a verification code, which you need to use during logging into the site. Once done, you can place the order.

Where can I get the oxessays.com discount code?

Discount codes are available for the discounts section of the agency's official site.

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