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About is one of those websites, which gives you a sophisticated feeling with its appearance. The services, however, tell a different story altogether. According to their website, they are operational since 1997. It is hard to imagine an essay writing company in the 90s, given the fact that only professionals could afford a personal computer with an internet connection back then. But if they are claiming to be ancient, maybe there's a reason.

The homepage of is quite attractive. Anyone who is willing to set up an essay writing company in the future should take notes on how to impress the visitors on the first go. This reminds me of the plant – sundew. Those plants are quite attractive, but that’s one of the basic features of the carnivorous plants.

It is wrong to draw a comparison between an essay writing company and a carnivorous plant. The plant tricks the insects with its appearance to meet its nutritional needs. It is still unclear why needs to trick their clients with an impressive homepage layout.

Should You Trust for Your Essay Writing Needs?

"Everything that glitters is not gold." Irrespective of how many times you say the line, it never gets old, and neither does the implication the phrase tries to highlight. The same thing goes for the well-designed essay writing website,

The name of the website itself shows how cunning the people behind the websites are. Whether the students are aware of the website or not, whenever they look for best essays online, this website appears on their search results. Other websites should learn from these people how to make optimum use of their domain names.

The banner of the says "Best writers. Best papers. Let professionals take care of your academic papers". Well, yes. If the essay does not have anything to do with your grades, you can blindly trust their "best" writers. They may have a different definition for the word "best" because their services do not exhibit any sign of superiority. Not in terms of the quality, nor in terms of meeting the requirements.

  • The price of the services:

If you have tons of money which are just eating dust in your bank, you can surely use that money to avail the essay writing services from They may not be able to fulfill the requirements, but at least your money will be utilized for sure. The website charges a total of $21.99 for an essay of 275 words with 10 days deadline, which is quite cheap for an essay help provider who guarantees a straight A for the task, except for the fact that does not guarantee anything like that.

The price they charge for service could have been justified if they were consistent with the quality of service they offer. They need to understand that putting "best" in the company name does not make the website services best in the market. The discounts they offer ranges from 5 percent to 15 percent for the existing users. The new users get 15 percent discounts. Things would have been great if that was the only clause. But they decide the discount percentage based on the number of pages one orders for a task.

So basically, if you are asking for their help on a shorter task, you will need to pay a good amount of money. There are some popular websites on the internet, who can do the same task thrice with that much money. But you cannot slam someone for the pricing they have. There’s a stark difference in the pricing of iPhone and Samsung mobiles, but that does not mean iPhone is scamming its customers. I wish I could utter the same for

  • The time taken for delivery:

The website claims that their team of professional essay writers can deliver any form of the essay within a short time without fail. However, their standard services require 10 days to finish. So practically, if you are not in a rush, you can take a gamble by availing the essay writing help from Even though the standard services cost a massive amount of money, this is still the best deal you can get at

As you ask for a task within a shorter time, the price of the services starts to increase. They even have the option to complete the task in 3 hours, but for a single page task, the service costs $45.89. Urgent orders always cost a little extra. However, you may need to get a loan from the bank to get a dissertation done within a shorter time from

There are a number of instances where the experts have failed to meet the deadlines. The worst part is that they don’t even offer any compensation in the form of rework or refund against the missing deadline. As Beth D. exclaims in this aforementioned review, this is a "mere marketing stunt." Well, if you look at the given details, you will find that leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing their incompetent services.

  • The availability of customer support:

There is a huge difference between a claiming something and fulfilling the promise. Perhaps, only knows how to get the clients to place an order on their site, not fulfilling those promises made in the first place. The promise of 24x7 online support is also a sham. The chatbots are programmed to express with a limited number of responses. When they run out of that, you will get to see the real face of

The reviews by the students repeatedly point out the fact that the customer support is not active throughout the day. It is only available for a certain period of the day, and the rest of the time, you only get to hear recorded messages. They don't even have proper chat support on their website. The one they display as "live chat" option is run by chatbots.

If you have a doubt about the services, which occurs quite naturally if you are new to the site, there is no way to get the assistance on online chat. You need to make a call on the given number to clear your doubts. Yes, the helpline number is functional, but even that is not accessible throughout the day. So, if you aren't familiar with the website's services, you may need to wait for the right time to get their response. Make sure you don't need to wait too long for their response.

  • Customer reviews:

The customer reviews usually reflect the real side of a service provider, but the people at are so cunning that they never publish any review that utters anything negative about their services. If you check their websites, you are only going to find praising reviews which do not give you the complete picture.

However, there are several other platforms where students can submit their reviews on any service provider on the internet. is one such website where you can find a range of genuine reviews which offer you a better look into the services of In fact, some of the reviews published at are quite insightful.

The reviews reveal the fact that the writers present at are no expert. In fact, some of the employees who have worked for the company warn the students not to avail any services from the website.

There are a number of reviews published on that highlight the fact that the essays provided by are filled with grammatical errors. In fact, the content also had a massive amount of plagiarised content in it. So it is clear that if you are willing to secure higher grades on your essay paper, this is not the right place to be.

There are actually several websites besides where you can find the genuine reviews on In fact, some of them publish a detailed review of the services available on the website. So, you can find out what is wrong with the website. If you have enough time and money to spare, you can avail service from the website yourself and check the legitimacy of the reviews. The chances are that you may find the reviews to be true.


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fraud service

Reviewed By Josh Harding on 16 Nov, 2018

Fraud writing service! Don’t waste your money on this fraud service!

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plagiarism content

Reviewed By Ellie Tucker on 18 Oct, 2018

Their content is full of plagiarism. My assignment was rejected straightaway!

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zero research

Reviewed By Brooke Lloyd on 17 Oct, 2018

A pathetic, poorly formatted assignment with no references is what I got despite specifying all my requirements over and over again! Worst assignment writing service ever!

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