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Are you looking for the most affordable assignment writing service in Australia? Then should be far away from your first preference. Do you want to know why? The assurance of no plagiarised and 1500+ writers is a trap to deceive students who need urgent academic help. Does it sound a bit disappointing? Well, this review is written after extensive research.

As the career of students mattered the most, we couldn’t leave one stone unturned here. We have surveyed the AssignmentWorkHelp review to ascertain that genuine service is served to all students.

Is worth buying?

The experts of this company say that they have been working in the online academic industry to provide help, but they don’t mention when they have been providing academic help. Several clients around the web remarked that is not safe and doesn’t provide an accurate solution at a go. It is the first allegation that they make. Clients should be aware of this kind of false statement by an academic writing service.

In fact, on searching ‘AsignmentWorkHelp’ on Google, you will first see the negative and low rank, so it is a clear indication of being unprofessional and a scam

The user reviews on various sites verify that the experts at are not reliable and good at writing. 

How much does cost?

You have already got the quality review, and now it is time for the price. Well, you will be easily attracted when you see that gives you assignments at an affordable rate. But here, the story is something else. We have researched their price chart and find that it is not affordable for every student. Whether it is 500 words essay or 5000 thesis writing paper, the price is pretty high compared to the other writing services. Most students have stated that the expense for one essay is pretty high at Unfortunately, we have found no valid justification behind these high charges. 

Does offer discounts?

This is the online platform where they will make you a complete fool. You will get excited when you are actually impressed by their flash sales on the home page. But the reality is different. When you get to know that they have offers for any particular topic, you will like to hire their experts. Later on, you will come to know about their different terms and conditions: they have no discount on your order, or you have to order more to get the discount. So, the discount and offers are actually fake

Is a service where delivery is prompt?

AssignmentWorkHelp promises to deliver your order on time. They also take orders on an urgent basis and take huge money. But at the time of delivery, they make a lot of excuses for not providing quality work. This is one of the severe falsifications made by their experts.

As per the student’s review, they never deliver assignments on time. Because of this, many students failed in their assignments. To judge their on-time delivery status, a team of reviewers created a fake student account and ordered a 700 words essay on finance. This team also provided a proper requirement, word count, structure and deadline. 

One of the reviews states, “It is so shocking that didn’t give me high quality content, and it was full of grammatical errors and information. I couldn’t even submit it on time.” This site has been providing assignments for more than 5 years now, and it is still unable to happy clients with their required assignments. Another student posted that the assignments were indistinct, and the expert didn’t follow the basic instructions, which hurt the grade. It was not even a one-page essay but charges for 3 pages. They refused to refund the money also.

As per another student’s opinion, “I hired an expert from for an urgent assignment. Unfortunately, I had to pay $20 extra for the urgent deadline. Although the experts delivered it on time, it was poorly structured and had to work on this.”

Is there any refund policy at

As per students say, there is no such refund policy at No such claim says that this company gives their clients an option to get their money on time. 

Is there any complaint about’s customer care support?

It is time to get to know customer service and how they deal with students’ grievances. Is it legit? Honestly, we have tried to communicate with them, but no one has given us any reply. We also go for their live chat option, but they barely reply. Previous clients said they barely take calls and reply on their live chat window. When the company boasts that they provide you 24*7, they can’t just hang up.

Final Verdict

It is significant for students to verify all the factors while hiring any online assignment services. If you are unsatisfied with’s reviews, hire other reputed online assignment providers. This review is based on the student’s testimonials and the reviewer’s experiences. Therefore, you can understand that availing of is not something you can rely on.

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