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According to, they are the industry leader and have been in this industry for ‘some years’. First of all, by not mentioning the number of years for which they have been active in this area, they give very vague information. This is when the question first arises in our mind, “Is reliable?”

Furthermore, they have written, “...and with the passage of time our British assignment writers have gained considerate expertise in all types of assignment writing for various fields of study”. Phew! Reading it is like singing in one breath! This sentence is so long that the readers will easily become uninterested in it. A company which claims to have the best writers cannot make such a mistake. There is also punctuation error in it.

Along with this, the overall quality of the content is not something that gives the idea it is written by professional writers. This again makes me quite sceptical and I really wonder, “Is fake?


Coming to the price of their service, they claim to have very ‘inexpensive charges’. According to them, their price is ‘economical, reasonable, and feasible’. But, their price plans do not say the same thing. For a 2:2 standard assignment, they charge £8.99 if it to be delivered in six days or more. With the same requirement, a 2:1 standard assignment will cost £13.99 and for a first class assignment delivered in the same number of days, it will cost £18.99. Now, it is not written anywhere what will be the minimum length of the assignment. Creating this kind of confusion makes look like the scam companies, as the scams companies also manipulate their clients by creating confusions. If the said price is for a one-page long assignment, their claim“we genuinely care for our student” will be in stark contrast to what they provide.

They have also segregated the price according to the quality of the assignment. This is the biggest trick that a company can play. They claim to never compromise on their works’ quality, yet, they will provide low-quality papers if I pay them less. It is as if they are saying, “if you cannot afford it, you do not deserve it!”


There is no discount or offers visible on their home page. There is no promo code either. Only in their chat section, it is showing to contact their representative to know about some 15% discount. It is also not written here that I will surely get this discount. So, after contacting them, I can also learn that I did not get the discount. This is a great way to make a fool of the customers. Once I go to their service page, I can see that they are offering a fifteen percent discount if one signs up with them. I was completely disappointed by this as I always look forward to having a variety of discounts that can lower my final cost to some extent. They provide only one type of discount, and it is also very vague. What happens after I sign up? Is it applicable for every order or on some order of specific amount only? So, there is again much confusion regarding that. This again arouses my suspicion of being a fraud company.

Meeting deadlines

According to them, they always deliver the orders on time. They also claim that they have never missed a single deadline.

But, let’s have a look at the real scenario:

A student’s review on the site, ‘’ goes as follow: “Please do not use this service. I was in the hospital and had a deadline. I was asked what degree standard I would like an assignment to be completed. I asked for 2 1. The standard of the essay was so bad. It was late and the Customer service team were pathetic. They actually laughed on the telephone to me. Extremely rude. Would not give me a refund this service is definitely a SCAM don’t waste your time and money.”- J.

This negative review shows the truth behind their claim of on-time delivery. Apart from this, we can also see how they treat their customers. After spending a good amount of money, this is what can be expected of them. In my life also, there come many situations, where, I get so busy with something that I do not get that much time left for doing the assignments. If I pay them expecting to receive a well-written assignment and do not get it within the given time, it will be the worst nightmare of my life. For each day after the deadline, my professor deducts marks. is giving false promises, so, it does not worth spending money after the service provided by them.

24/7 customer support

They claim to be always available for the students. Apart from a live chat option, they have also provided an email id and phone number for contacting them. When I read about it, I was very happy as it really annoys me when I have some query and there is no one present to solve it for me.

So, at first, to know about their different service, I decided to contact them through their live chat option. I texted in the chat box, but there was no instant reply. I waited for half an hour but, there was no reply from their side. I thought there might be some technical problems for which the chat box is not working.

Then, I tried to contact them through the number provided on their website. At first, the call was not even connecting. Then, it kept on ringing but no one answered. I called them 4-5 times but, got the same response every time. Being frustrated, I wrote them an email mentioning my experience. I received their reply after 7 long days. They started by saying sorry for any inconvenience, and then, they started to persuade me to use their service. But, by that time, my need for their service was over. I wrote my own assignment by that time to meet the deadline.

If this is what they mean by 24/7 availability, then, I am completely speechless. Again, they are making a fool of us by promoting fake things about their service. If you are ready to wait for a lifetime for getting a response from them, you can go ahead with

I found some negative reviews where the previous clients have mentioned a similar experience. Along with this I also got to know that they also don’t respond to the complaints provided by the students.

Customer reviews

The reviews on their webpage are what really opened my eyes about this company. They have a testimonials section on their website. Here, I found several students saying nothing but good things about What seemed unusual to me is that it contains only the good reviews and not any negative complaints. So, I did a little bit of research on them. There are several review sites that provide valuable reviews from students. I went to those sites to cross-check what students really have to say about the service of this company and this is what I found:

“I love the prices they give out here, but I’d rather pay a bit higher rate if it means I will get good papers. I cannot recommend this company because their writer was terrible and made dozens of mistakes in a two-page essay!” – Elizabeth Lyon [found on]

 “I am just having a bad experience with them right now, paid for an assignment that has never been done. As their staff was not prepared for the requirements of the assignment - before taking my money , they said the assignment can be done, and after I made the payment. They sent an email saying it can be done only half of it; I said I refuse half work being done and I have been asking my refund of £215.94 for the last 5 months and they don’t do it yet. Every time I call them, they take me from zero level, like they have no records about my details. I have to remind them over and over about my issue .They are just a SCAM , never trust them; they took all those money and I did not receive any work from them -as I refused it before they even start it, so practically they just took my money and they put me on delaying over and over.”- marilena [ as found on]

It can be seen clearly that these reviews contradict the ones on their website largely. It makes sense that they will only show the good reviews on their site. It is also a possibility that those reviews are completely fake. I seriously doubt the credibility of a company that presents only fake testimonials.


Overall, I cannot see any point for which I should recommend the service of If you are looking for a deceitful company where you can waste your money, then, is the one.

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third class service

Reviewed By Bruce A. Cabot on 17 Dec, 2018

If you are looking for an assignment help service in the eleventh hour and desperately need someone to save your grades, this is not the place you should be looking out for a solution.

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worst experience

Reviewed By Bailey Knight on 22 Oct, 2018

Pathetic assignment writing service! They’ll not listen to your requirements. They’ll simply provide the trash that they have with them!

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Accounting Assignment

Reviewed By Annabelle Thow on 17 Sep, 2018

The assignment was done to expectation.

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