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Fraud academic writing companies like make a fool of students who need academic assistance. In case you are planning to get academic assistance from, then, you better read this review first.

What they claim- According to their website, the company has more than five hundred experts who are carefully selected. It is also claimed by the site that they assign the orders to appropriate writers who have the required qualifications. The website also declares that these so-called experts are consistently helping students to score better marks.

The truth- When a company boasts, it usually ends up delivering very little. The quality of their work is quite dissatisfactory. It does not seem that the papers are written by someone who is highly experienced. Rather, most students feel that their assignments were written by an amateur writer who just gathered some poor information and scribbled the same on the paper. One student also complained that she received an essay which clearly gave the vibe that it was written by someone who had no clue about what he/she was writing.

Next, let us talk about the ‘Researchers’ present on their webpage. Some of them look like the stock photos which can be found easily on the internet. Some of the people whose photos are put up on the site seem to hold no degree from any high school or college. If that is so, how can they be called an expert? To be an expert, an individual must have years of experience in the field.


What can be said about their pricing, it’s like they are on a mission to rob the students. For 2-3 pages of Ph.D. level essay that will be completed in 7 days, they are charging a whopping amount of £804! And this includes the delivery charge! When the students are supposed to download the work from the site or some other portal, they have to pay for the delivery.

If we see the prices of other academic help companies, it is much lower than that of The high price is totally unjustifiable.

Needless to say, there is much confusion regarding the delivery time. They can delay the timing and decide to release the work after their standard time, only if they feel like doing so. So, if you are expecting your order within a specific time, you may end up being until midnight or way past that to receive your assignment. And, why is that? It is only because is not a reliable service provider.

If you are searching for a company which can waste your money by making a bunch of false promises, is the right place for you!   


There are no discounts! So, in no way can you reduce the high cost of their service. Other service providers give many offers and discounts that help the students to save quite a considerable amount of money. But there is no mention of any kind of discount on

This is quite discouraging as there are many students who have a very limited budget. In general, no student can afford such an expensive service. Discount is what they always look for, but badly fails them.

Conclusion- You are not going to get options to reduce the final price. So, if you want to avail of their service, you will have to make a large payment and that too for the very poor quality of work. If you are in the mood for making the dumbest decision of your life, you can go ahead and choose them.

On-time delivery

What they claim- According to the company, they are committed to handing out the work within a fixed period. And if there’s even the slightest delay, they will give the paper for free, to ensure that there is nothing to worry regarding the delivery time.

The truth- As mentioned above, you cannot rely upon the time frame by which they promised to deliver the work. Your task will be allocated after they locate a suitable writer, only when half the payment is done.  By the time you are making the payment, no writer has been selected, due to which the process can take longer. As the time for finding the writer extends, so does the deadline.

Along with this, there is also no guarantee that you will receive the work within the specific time period mentioned by them. If they feel like doing any changes in the paper, they can delay the delivery. So, there are high chances of your date of receiving the paper getting postponed. As a result, you might end up missing your deadline.

24/7 Availability

They are not available round the clock. If you face any problem in the middle of the night, you have to wait until their opening time or until the next day arrives. This means you are going to waste a lot of time dealing with a single confusion or doubt. And if you are stuck with doubt or query, you cannot proceed with your essay or any other academic writing.

Usually, with any other academic help service, you will find a useful feature called live chat support. But, there is no chat system with So, every time you need help from them or want to contact them, you will have to call them or will have to mail them and that too within their working hours. This shows their lack of commitment when it comes to the convenience of the students. Along with this, their failure in keeping themselves updated with the latest and must-have features is a huge drawback.

According to their website, their customer support team will help you to place the order and get an excellent return on investment. So, their support team will only assist you to spend your money to fill up their pockets!

Customer reviews

The funniest part about is the reviews posted on their website. It seems as if they are perfect and not a single customer is unsatisfied with their service. Now, even the biggest companies in the world get complaints from their customers. It can be said that they are either God gifted or simply presenting misleading reviews.

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Moral of the story

Judging from the above points, it can be said that is the perfect representative of the manipulative academic help services, whose only intention is to get all the money from a student. Neither will you get quality content nor on-time delivery. So, you can expect zero return on investment. Rather than opting for their services, you might as well dump your money in a wastebasket.

Are you still thinking about taking help from them? Then, all the best to you!

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They are fraud, don’t trust them!

Reviewed By Rosalind Parker on 06 Feb, 2019

This company is a fraud. Please do not trust them. When I contacted their customer support team, they guaranteed that they pass all their assignments through a grammar checker and spell checker. They promised me to deliver an assignment devoid of any grammatical errors or typos since they have an online editor. But they did not keep their promise. They delivered me an assignment with full of grammatical and spelling errors. Unfortunately, no refund was given to me. Please do not hire them.

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unprofessional staff

Reviewed By Elizabeth Thorpe on 18 Oct, 2018

I wonder why have they even mentioned 24/7 customer support? Their support team is hardly available. Moreover, the way they reply, it seems as if they are robots. They are of no use!

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very high prices

Reviewed By Sienna Hewitt on 17 Oct, 2018

This essay writing service is surely not meant for the students. The prices for their services are way past what an average student can afford!

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Reviewed By Abc on 17 Oct, 2018

No comment

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Fake promises

Reviewed By Barbara K. Lee on 16 Oct, 2018

I didn’t get my assignment even two weeks past the deadline. They just claim to beat the deadlines, they can’t make it happen!

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