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Getting help from online writing companies have become a trend these days because students need to multi-task throughout their academic courses. From submitting assignments to preparing for exams, they need to do all of these, that too within strict deadlines. Hence, they rely on the online assignment helping companies to get their academic tasks done with ease. EliteAssignmenthelp.com is also one such assignment helper that provides writing services to students all over Australia. But, are their services reliable enough for everyone? Let’s find out.

Established in Australia, EliteAssignmenthelp.com strives to help students with their assignments, research papers, term papers, thesis, dissertations, and other writing tasks. They haven’t mentioned the subjects that they take care of. What if they don’t have writers for your subject? So, you need to call them up and speak to their support executives to make sure they have writers to take care of your subject. Usually, websites of other writing companies display the list of subjects they provide writing assistance for.

According to their website, they have over 1000 writers who are qualified enough to handle the student’s works. You can check out their ‘Writers’ page to see which writer might be suitable for your paper. But, are the writers qualified enough? The ‘Writers’ page does not include the qualifications of each writer, but it has the number of projects handled by them along with their customer ratings. It might be difficult for students to understand if the writers are capable of handling their papers with care.

Most of the assignment writing companies provide proofreading and editing services to make sure that the paper is flawless. Surprisingly, EliteAssignmenthelp.com did not state anything about editors or proof-readers. Students might wonder if they have to send the paper back to them for revisions because that could take a toll on their deadlines.

The revision policy is also not mentioned on their website, thereby making it difficult for students to rely on them completely. Other online writing companies usually offer unlimited revisions till a specific time period to make the student’s paper 100% perfect.

Prices and discounts

As per the ‘Prices’ page on their website, EliteAssignmenthelp.com charges $18.32/page for a deadline of 14 days, $22.55/page for a deadline of 10 days, $28.19/page for a deadline of 4 days and $50.76/page for a deadline of 6 hours. The prices might vary according to the type of service, paper, academic levels and the number of words required to complete the paper. You can visit their website and have a look at their price chart for a clear idea.

Comparing the price list with other high-end writing service providers, students might find the prices at EliteAssignmenthelp.com to be quite expensive. Usually, students look for cost-effective service providers to get their writing task done easily. So, they might have a problem with the prices mentioned on the website of EliteAssignmenthelp.com.

According to the ‘Discounts’ page on EliteAssignmenthelp.com, you can avail several discounts and offers. For instance, they provide seasonal discounts which are usually revealed in the holidays or during a specific season. The bulk discounts are valid for 20 pages or more. Since they haven’t mentioned the discount percentage, you can place a call at their number to gather more information regarding this matter.

The referral rewards are for those students who have created an account with them or are a part of the email group. These students need to fill up the referral box to enjoy discounts upon referring friends or family to their services. The process to qualify for the referral reward is long and time-consuming. The students might not have enough time or patience to fill out the forms or subscribe to their email newsletters.

Like other writing service providers, EliteAssignmenthelp.com also provides a discount of 30% for the first time users. The ‘Discounts’ page also mentioned lifetime discounts if you order 15 pages or more. What if you have less than 15 pages to order? Will you be eligible for a discount then? It is better to have a word with their support team and clarify the doubt.

According to the ‘Money Refund Policy’ page on EliteAssignmenthelp.com, you can opt for a money refund if you were not happy with their quality of work. However, you need to submit valid proofs to support your claim for the refund to be applicable. After you ask for a refund, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct a thorough quality analysis to check the validity of your claim.

If you find that the paper is plagiarised, then you need to provide them with a Turnitin.com report to ask for the refund. According to their website, EliteAssignmehthelp.com will not accept any other report.

Also, you can’t ask for compensation or refund if you have placed the order for a deadline of 3 hours or 6 hours. It is better to go through their refund policies before placing the order.

According to their cancellation policies, you are eligible for a 100% money-back if you have canceled the order when they have assigned no writers for the task. If a writer is assigned, then the amount of compensation would not exceed 70%. The amount of compensation would be 50% if the writer has been assigned and half the deadline is over.

On-time delivery

As per their website, EliteAssignmenthelp.com provides on-time delivery of the papers without compromising with the quality. You can check out their client testimonials to know more about their delivery timings. It is important to know if the company is able to match pace with your deadlines. Why don’t you mail them stating your query and let their support team get back to you with clarifications regarding this matter?

They have mentioned a different compensation for students if their writers fail to deliver papers within the deadline. The compensation depends on the initial deadline and the time of delay.

If you have long-term orders of more than 14 days, then the compensation rate would be 7%. However, you cannot ask for a money refund if there was a delay in payment, due to technical issues or if you failed to answer their queries at the correct time. Interact with them if you have any questions regarding their delivery timings.

24*7 Availability

Like most of the assignment service providers, EliteAssignmenthelp.com stated on their website that they provide constant availability over the phone and through live chat. You can get in touch with them via the phone number mentioned on their website. You can also send them an email at the mail ID provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page. However, the website does not mention whether they provide instant responses or if the student needs to wait for several hours.

A request form is also given on the ‘Contact Us’ page where you need to submit your name, email ID, phone number, country and finally place your query.

The live chat option is also there, but you need to submit your email ID to start the conversation. Many students might not want to share their mail IDs right away. Despite being the most comfortable mode of contact for various students, they might find it difficult to contact EliteAssignmenthelp.com with the complicated live chat option.

Customer Reviews

As per the ‘Reviews’ page of EliteAssignmenthelp.com, the clients have regarded the quality of their work to be ‘top-notch’ and ‘satisfactory’. Most of the clients have rated them 5 out of 5 stars. However, authentic review site https://uktopwriters.com/review-eliteassignment/ says the opposite. Mary Benson posted: I needed instant help with my assignment. Despite paying a hefty amount, the paper that was received was poor, filled with syntactical and grammatical errors.”

According to https://nsw-writers.com/, EliteAssignmenthelp.com provides average quality papers that might be enough to earn the pass grades at schools. However, if you are looking for writing services at Universities and college levels, then you might have to look somewhere else, because they don’t deliver quality as good as the University requirements. NswWriters have also mentioned that the reply to your email can take a long time. The email newsletters that is supposed to send you discounts and other interesting deals usually send spam messages to the receivers.

The online assignment companies are responsible for your assignment grades in your academic course. So, make sure you choose the perfect writing company by analyzing the website and talking to their support executives for clearer information regarding their services. When you’re investing money in something, why would you go for the average one and rather than opting for the best service?


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My advice

Reviewed By Tim Vaughn on 08 Apr, 2019

Team eliteassignmenthelp.com, my only advice would be to start thinking about the convenience of clients instead of extracting money from them, otherwise you will lose on the customers.

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Fraud company

Reviewed By Cooper Henley on 12 Nov, 2018

They hire people who can write well. Sorry to say but, they do not have any experts to complete your assignments and essays. You can’t rely on these frauds if you really want good grades!

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making fool

Reviewed By Joshua Queale on 05 Nov, 2018

Don’t ever fall for anything that they promise on their flashy website! Everything is a lie. They deliver old essays and that too full of errors.

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Reviewed By Milla Button on 31 Oct, 2018

I paid for one of the best services that they provide and all I got was a piece of copied content full of errors! Seriously disappointed!

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