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With growing competition and a steady increase in academic pressure, availing professional support for academic tasks has become a norm in most part of the world. However, it is no longer safe to trust random academic solution provider on the internet, as the number of fraud and incompetent websites has increased lately. If you have stumbled upon, and if you are considering placing an order, we suggest you read this blog before making your final decision.

The landing page of is quite impressive. The use of texts and graphics on the blue background certainly looks amazing. Also, the website is easy to navigate, as the link to all the significant pages is provided on the navigation bar on the top right corner. You can find significant information about the service provider just by scanning the landing page itself.

However, you cannot get concrete details about the years of service. This is something that might make you wonder about the legitimacy of the website. Besides that, the website looks quite promising. In fact, the company has around 200 experts in the team who can provide support with a range of academic tasks, including essays, assignments, research papers, coursework, case study and much more.

Interestingly, you don't need to move to another page to place an order. The landing page features the basic order-placing form where you can choose the type of task and enter your email ID to place the order. You can click on the "proceed" button and see it yourself what happens next, or check out "how it works" page to understand the procedure.

Pricing of the services:

Sadly, the website does not feature any price chart for their services on the website. You need to register yourself and choose the service to know how much you need to pay for the service. Basically, the website does not want you to compare its prices with other service providers. You can try to ask the price of a certain service on the online chat option, but it cannot provide correct information.

Since has a different approach towards order placement, you may need to invest some time to learn the price of the desired service. Here, you are given a choice to bid for the expert you want to hire for your task. You cannot choose from the 200+ writers. Those who have made a bid for your request are the ones you can choose from. Since the fees vary from one expert to the other, the website does not show any fixed price chart.

Interestingly, the website receives payment through a number of online means. You can use your debit/credit card, net banking and even PayPal account to pay for the services. However, they do not mention anything about offers or discounts. Unless you have a lot of money to spare, this website is not exactly ideal for you.

Time needed to deliver the order:

Since there is no price chart for the services mentioned in the website, you cannot learn about the various price packages based on the deadlines. The order-placing form that is available on the internet is set to 10 days from the day of order placement. So, you can guess that the standard delivery time is 10 days for each essay paper.

However, the website boasts of on-time delivery of the services, which signifies that if a client asks for early delivery, the website is capable of delivering the same. However, it's recommended to get connected with the customer support and check with them if the writer can deliver the task on an urgent basis. For obvious reason, you may need to pay a higher amount to get urgent help.

However, it will not be feasible for the people at to deliver a lengthy task like a dissertation or coursework paper within 2-4 days. They do have a money back policy that safeguards the interest of the client, but it is advised to ask before making any assumptions.

The efficiency of the customer support team:

Since the website does not provide with a clear idea about the pricing or the delivery time, you need to depend a lot on the customer support team's help. There are a number of ways to get in touch with the customer support team at There's this online chat option that remains active almost throughout the day. It is useful for general information. However, you cannot rely on chatbots for in-depth details.

Sadly, does not have any helpline number where you can talk directly to an executive. You need to rely on the contact us form and the email address to get in touch with the people at Since these means of communication is not spontaneous, you might face some difficulty along the way.

Your options to contact the company are limited, because you have three channels (live chat, email and contact us form). So, if you are looking for urgent assignment help, might not be the ideal choice for you. The customer support team responds to your emails and messages, but since they are not spontaneous, you may need to go with your intuition while placing an order.

What people say:

If you go through the client testimonials published at, you won't find any negative review about the website. However, there are several areas where this website fails to deliver quality support. So, the biased representation of student testimonials on the website might make you wonder about the legitimacy of the website.

To get a better look at the customer experience of, you need to consider a few third-party reviewing platforms. There are plenty of them. Some of them have mixed reviews, while some are really harsh on the service provider. However, they all unanimously agree to the fact that is not as helpful as it claims it is. highlights the fact that does have plenty of options, but they cannot look past the cons that the service provider comes with.

You can check other reviewing websites as well, but sadly, you are only going to find similar reviews.

The website might seem like one with potential, but it is not as efficient as it claims to be. is okay when it comes to tasks of lower academic level, but as the requirements get complicated, they fail to deliver a flawless paper.

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A greedy assignment writing company

Reviewed By Rick Wilson on 25 Feb, 2019

Although I was a little sceptical in the beginning, their customer support executive convinced me that I would get only the best quality essays from them. I placed my order and made a big deposit. Contrary to what they promoted, I had to give the full money without seeing the work. Right before the delivery date I received a poorly written essay!

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Fake discounts and offers

Reviewed By Kyle Wan on 14 Feb, 2019

Edubirdie ads came popping on my youtube account every other day. So when I saw they were offering discounts on their services, I decided to go for it and get them to write a thesis for me. It was when I visited their website that I realized it was just a scam and nothing else. I filled up their online form and when I was about to place the order, I could not get the option to avail the discount and so had to ultimately pay the entire rate for it. So if they are showing you discounts, do not expect to get one.

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Faulty research paper outline

Reviewed By Natasha Miller on 13 Feb, 2019

The research paper outline I have received was not at all perfect. II had to resend the task for a further rectification. But the so called academic experts at were too reluctant to pay heed to the criticality of the task. I really did a big mistake by believing their words. Guys please don’t place any order with this company if you want to save your grades.

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Reviewed By Rosalind Parker on 06 Feb, 2019

Since I had an urgent deadline to meet, it was getting difficult for me to cite my programming assignment. Then one of my acquaintance told me about Edubirdie. I decided to check out the APA Citation Machine of Edubirdie. Believe me; I was devastated. It was the most terrible Citation machine that I have ever used. I am so disappointed and ripped off by them. I wasted my money and had to do the whole citation in a short time again. Horrible experience. Do not go to them.

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poor chat support

Reviewed By Salvador A. Wolfe on 17 Dec, 2018

Their live chat support is the enough to drive you away. They’ll ask the same question over and over again and piss you off within fractions of seconds.

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Worst service

Reviewed By Wilson R. Karr on 05 Dec, 2018

You can surely avail their assignment help services if you are fond of screwing up your grades!

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poor writing quality

Reviewed By Eve Marshall on 22 Oct, 2018

From the quality of the essay that I received, I can clearly say they hire freelance writers to make sure that you fail!

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Worst Experience

Reviewed By Elizabeth Dorsch on 11 Oct, 2018

Their prices are too high and quality is very poor. They don't fulfilled my requirements.

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pathetic chat support

Reviewed By Matthew Charron on 07 Sep, 2018

I wasn't really impressed with the solution I received. The writer did a very average job. Although I did manage to pass and my assignment was delivered on time, I still believe it could've been done better

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