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Pursuing higher education in Australia is much tougher these days. The colleges and universities in the country are continuously revising their standards of education.

Being a student of a reputed Australian university, I had a tough time to cope with the pressure of completing the lessons that are taught in class and a load of assignments that keep on adding to the pile every day.

However, I extend my thanks to the academic writing services that have come to assist the students with the assignments. They take responsibility for the assignments, finish them and send them back to the students.

I don’t have to take the trouble of doing the papers by myself.However, the issue that I faced was during selecting a writing service provider. The reason is, there are so many of them that I found it tough to select someone who can really cater to my requirements.

I was looking for someone from Australia as I needed a native writer who is well-versed with Australian English. Though there were many service provider from Australia, I chose because they specified that they have a ‘qualified team of writers, editors and researchers.’

But, then I conducted research on my own, only to realize that there are fake service providers all over the internet. Therefore, one needs to be careful. I decided to check the site and the reviews that the students have posted. I am going to write everything that I found.

After I visited the page, I was quite disappointed. I saw the price quote at first instead of getting any information about the site. I scrolled down the page and got information which seemed very little and nothing different from the other sites.

Scrolling down further, I found customer testimonials. Some of the testimonials were rated. Next, I came across the free features, and I believe that these features are always free because if I order a research paper, of course I will get a bibliography with it. I will get a title page, and the paper should be well-formatted.

Scrolling down to the end of the page, I found information about their academic services, their custom writing service, etc. They have elaborated on the different styles of essays that they write. They have mentioned the subjects on which they write the assignments.

But, I could not find any information about the company. There was no ‘about us’ link. Moreover, I found many links were hidden in the ‘menu’ link. Now, that is something I did not like at all because students really do not have time to find out things that are hidden under different menus.

I had a second thought here. The company might be fake. Else, why would not they provide any information about themselves?


Prices and discounts

Coming to the aspect of prices and discounts, I must say that I was in complete shock. Firstly, the exorbitant price shook me, and secondly, they charged for every small service. The drop-down list displayed a list of services like rewriting, academic paper writing, math/physics/ economic/ statistic problems (which I basically understood as service for solving sums, editing, proofreading etc.)

I chose academic paper writing. The second drop-down menu was ‘to complete my' which displayed the type of assignment. I chose an essay because that's what I wanted. I felt the ordering process to be very complicated because these could have been written in a simpler form. I chose the academic level as masters, one page and the deadline within fourteen days.

The price they quoted to me amounted to $31, which was too much because they stated that their dissertation services started at $25.19. I did not feel like proceeding, but yet I wanted to see further. I did not know that a surprise was waiting for me.

The surprise greeted me when I was offered three choices to choose the writers. Also, I will get a freelancer to write the paper. If I need a high ranking professional, I have to pay 25% extra. And If I chose an expert in my required subject, I will be charged 30% extra. I realized that implemented these ways to charge more from the students.

Basically, they are trying to cheat the students. They will provide an originality report for $42.40, proofreading which will cost $3.60 per page!!!! (good way to cheat) and a list of other things which basically comes for free along with the assignments. I checked with my classmates and found that they edited and proofread paper without any extra charges. Again, I am highly disappointed.


On-time delivery

Well, after so many surprises, I did not dare to go ahead and order the papers. I went through few review sites to collect information and know if they deliver the papers on time. I scanned and have found that the rating was 1.5 out of 5. Few students mentioned that they did not deliver the papers on time.

Here, I want to mention that I went to the ‘our writers’ link which was hidden in the ‘menu’. However, there was no substantial information about the writers though they have given a list of writers. The list did not have any profile picture of the writer.

I viewed the profile, and it was all the same. That’s where I understood that if they have unverified writers, the assignments are never going to reach the students within the due dates. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.


24/7 availability

Speaking about the availability of the customer care executives, I found a phone number. The website claims that they are available round the clock, but when I called them, the number kept on ringing. There is an email id too, but dropping an email at the time of need is useless.

I found that they were available on chat too. But, I have to provide my details. To be honest, I felt that the need for my personal details is useless. Therefore, I did not proceed to chat with the executive.

Another aspect that I want to mention here is that they have three choices for customer service. The basic one comes for free where you can simply contact the customer service agents. The ‘advanced’ option is charged at an additional $8.45 where a team of chat agents keeps constant communication with you.

The last option is ‘premium’ which requires you to pay $14.09 and there will be a dedicated QA and service executive to look after the order. Nice way to do business. I wonder that when these people do not pick up a call, the money for the paid services will be a total waste.


Customer reviews

Let us see what the customers have said.

Samara posted at saying “I had such a horrible experience with them. The assignment came mostly wrong, plus lots of issues about grammar and spelling, very poor assignment, support team also wasn't polite at all. Summing up, it wasn’t even worth half the price.”


Ipsitaposted similar feedback at, saying“I used their services quite a few times. The first work was done well, and I thought all other work would be equally good. Then, came the shocker. I got an assignment which was 1000 words of pure nonsense. Even after emailing them several times, they sent me the same article, blaming me for not mentioning the task. Their customer service is horrible and they literally threaten you. I have proofs of the emails exchanged. Please don't trust them. You will fail. Write whatever you can, and it will be better than what they write."

Mary wrote a review at saying “ was my first website to hire a writer. From this experience, I might never again hire writers unless I get a recommendation from a friend”. mentioned that provided a very low quality of academic paper when they ordered one. “I must say that the writer did a shoddy job and didn’t take time to research. We also noticed the following comment from a past client who seemed disgruntled by the service offered mentioned, " service is yet one more scam place…” They have called the site as a fake one, claiming that the site hires Kenyan writers instead of native Australian writers, which is contrary to what they promise.

The reviews that I found on authentic websites were all negative. Therefore, I recommend the students not to hire a writer from

Check reviews that the students have posted. And avoid incidents of scam thorough study of Australianhelp and relevant information from


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Highly recommend that kindly don't go through them

Reviewed By Shivani on 01 Dec, 2020

They tells lies. Just want money and if u are not satisfied they will not alter the assignments and nor refund the money.

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Dishonest spammers

Reviewed By Sushil Kumar on 27 Nov, 2020

Dishonest spammers. I've received dozens of spam emails from them, and other similar companies using near identical names and formatting. I contacted them through their website, and they refused to tell me where they got my contact details from.

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They are scammers

Reviewed By Rishabh Sharma on 26 Nov, 2020

They are scammers, they will scam your money and in return you will have poor quality assignments that won't even get you to a 50. You are better doing the assignment yourself and possibly getting a passing grade of atleast 50, because if you pay them to get you work done, you will have an incomplete or completed assignment that will not score you any higher than a 50. If the work provided from them gets you a 50, consider yourself lucky. Trust me the people who runs this sites does not have returning customers, the only customers they will get are first time customers because those are the ones that do not know how bad of a company they are. Once they get scammed, they will not go back.

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Stay away from Australianhelp

Reviewed By Afzan Sahirah on 15 Sep, 2020

Despite placing my order early, Australianhelp delivered my work after 5 days. Either they don’t value student’s time or they are looking for easy money. Stay away from Australianhelp.

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The worst company ever

Reviewed By Antonella De Luca on 11 Sep, 2020

I had a problem with my assignment. I missed out on several lectures as I was not well. I placed my trust in Australianhelp and asked them to work on my paper. They said not to worry and took a lot of my money. But in the end, they delivered a paper infested with errors. Since I did not have time, I somehow brushed the assignment and submitted it. I failed because of their solution.

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they are unprofessional

Reviewed By Divya Nethri on 14 Jun, 2019

they turned out to be unprofessional as they missed out many major instructions. they simply turned down my request.

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You Stole My Money

Reviewed By Farhan Akhtar on 09 Apr, 2019

The customer executives tell me that the money cannot be refunded because the writer has to be paid.

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Absolutely not worth it

Reviewed By Kajal malhotra on 08 Apr, 2019

After wasting my money on this incompetent writer, I had to modify the some of the information on the paper myself. Absolutely not worth it.

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Prices are unreasonable

Reviewed By Quinn James on 14 Feb, 2019

This concept of assignment writing services were quite new to me, and now that that I think about it, I wish hadn’t been curious about these services. Now my first impression has been ruined completely. I had heard these services were quite convenient, as some of my classmates have also availed them. So I decided to give a try as well, but to my horror I was charged for every little thing that was supposed to be free as per claims made by the website. I was charged for the bibliography, formatting, outline. What’s more I was even asked to pay a hefty sum to subscribe to their premium service, and the customer service executive told me that I can only obtain the plagiarism report for free if I subscribe to the premium services. With such harrowing first experience, it’s only obvious that I will stay away from these services.

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third class service

Reviewed By Michael Kidman on 12 Nov, 2018

A big “NO”! Don’t even try investing in their services. You’ll be crying in a corner, just like me!

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greedy for the money

Reviewed By Chelsea Storkey on 05 Nov, 2018

None of their services is worth the hefty amounts that they charge! This is a fraud service backed up by a team of people who are greedy for your money!

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Fraud Service

Reviewed By John Disney on 31 Oct, 2018

At first, I was just doubtful about using an academic writing service, but now, I am sure that I will never trust any of these fraud services ever!

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