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About offers assignment help through its custom academic writing services. In addition, they offer 100% money-back assurance and on-time delivery every time. But per user feedback, the company is not reliable and not legit in most of its key service parameters.

(Feedback from UKEssayReviews)

liahelp/australianhelp review and feedback by australian students

Essay Critics looks to determine if the existing user reviews are false or true!

So read the below-reviewed sections.

Table Of Content

1. Quality of Assignment- Is safe to buy or worth buying?

2. Pricing- How much does cost?

3. Offer & Discount- Does offer customer discounts?

4. Delivery- Is a service where Delivery Deadline is good?

5. Customer Support- Is there any complaint about’s customer support?

6. Revision & Refund Policy- Is there any possibility of refunds?

7. Conclusion

8. Frequent Ask Questions



Is LiaHelp/AustralianHelp safe to buy or worth buying?


According to reviews from its users, the company doesn't deliver the quality work it promises. There are multiple complaints regarding the low-quality work and final copies having lots of plagiarism throughout.

Moreover, some users have stated the work doesn't appear to be well-researched or written by any field expert. There are several spelling errors, poor sentences, incorrect referencing and amateur writing quality with inaccurate facts, data and information!

(Review from Trust Pilot)

liahelp/australianhelp review and feedback by australian students

So, answering the common query – "Is safe"; we believe it is not!


How much does LiaHelp/AustralianHelp cost?


After reviewing its poor work quality, let's see the feedback regarding's cost! On visiting the site, we discovered the company has a tariff costing system with the minimum time being 3 hours. However, the cost is inversely proportional to the work completion time.

(Check the company’s pricing table below)

liahelp/australianhelp review and feedback by australian students3

Urgent assignment requests will cost you the most per page. But, of course, per reviews, price per page for 3-hour assignment completion is a bit costly and with their track record of low-quality work, they’re not worth it!

Based on the feedback, we can say the company of not reliable!

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Does LiaHelp/AustralianHelp offer customer discounts?


Students often visit the site to avail offer/discounts and get quality work. 

But based on reviews, many have said they didn't get the promised 18% discount on their first order and had to pay in full. 

Moreover, other users label the site as not legit and not reliable despite paying the full amount, as the work delivered was terrible and its rework caused unwanted delays.

We also learned that not many customers return to the website after their order.


Is LiaHelp/AustralianHelp a service where delivery deadline is good? claims never to miss deadlines. And the exhibited offer/discounts are a means to lure students into trusting them.

However, based on what we gathered from reviews, the company has been repeatedly condemned for its late work submission and missing deadlines.

Review from TopAustralianWriters

 liahelp/australianhelp review and feedback by australian students

Moreover, some students even commented that the company is not reliable for tight deadline assignments and always presents lame excuses for their incompetence!

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Is there any complaint about LiaHelp/AustralianHelp’s customer support?


After knowing that disappoints in its work quality, delivery and even in pricing – we move over to's Customer Support!

According to reviews, the customer support team is sometimes unavailable.

There are reports and feedback from users stating after pointing out mistakes in the presented final copy, their customer team became hostile and unprofessional. 

(Review from Trust Pilot)

liahelp/australianhelp review and feedback by australian students5

Many more negative reviews and complaints exist from its previous uses. And that leads us to believe the customer support team is not reliable and not legit!

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Is there any possibility of refunds?


As per reviews, the company doesn't seem inclined to present refunds and often presents ridiculous and unacceptable reasoning. 

Some users have stated their customer support team doesn't accept that their writers produce poor-quality work (despite showing them proof). Others pointed out their support staff doesn't like answering questions regarding refunds. 

Such reviews point to the apparent conclusion that the company is not reliable in presenting refunds even if the blunder happened from their end!




After assessing reviews, our final verdict is that the company is not legit and not reliable for assignments with tight deadlines requiring extensive research and quality writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is LiaHelp/AustralianHelp a reliable service?

Ans.: No, the company is not reliable and not legit for urgent assignment tasks.

2. What is LiaHelp/AustralianHelp’s contact number?

Ans.: TOLL-FREE 1-855-888-3355

3. How to login with LiaHelp/AustralianHelp?

Ans.: Click the log-in page- enter your email and password.

4. Where can I get LiaHelp/AustralianHelp discount code?

Ans.: You can get discount code from the website.

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Highly recommend that kindly don't go through them

Reviewed By Shivani on 01 Dec, 2020

They tells lies. Just want money and if u are not satisfied they will not alter the assignments and nor refund the money.

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Dishonest spammers

Reviewed By Sushil Kumar on 27 Nov, 2020

Dishonest spammers. I've received dozens of spam emails from them, and other similar companies using near identical names and formatting. I contacted them through their website, and they refused to tell me where they got my contact details from.

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They are scammers

Reviewed By Rishabh Sharma on 26 Nov, 2020

They are scammers, they will scam your money and in return you will have poor quality assignments that won't even get you to a 50. You are better doing the assignment yourself and possibly getting a passing grade of atleast 50, because if you pay them to get you work done, you will have an incomplete or completed assignment that will not score you any higher than a 50. If the work provided from them gets you a 50, consider yourself lucky. Trust me the people who runs this sites does not have returning customers, the only customers they will get are first time customers because those are the ones that do not know how bad of a company they are. Once they get scammed, they will not go back.

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Stay away from Australianhelp

Reviewed By Afzan Sahirah on 15 Sep, 2020

Despite placing my order early, Australianhelp delivered my work after 5 days. Either they don’t value student’s time or they are looking for easy money. Stay away from Australianhelp.

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The worst company ever

Reviewed By Antonella De Luca on 11 Sep, 2020

I had a problem with my assignment. I missed out on several lectures as I was not well. I placed my trust in Australianhelp and asked them to work on my paper. They said not to worry and took a lot of my money. But in the end, they delivered a paper infested with errors. Since I did not have time, I somehow brushed the assignment and submitted it. I failed because of their solution.

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they are unprofessional

Reviewed By Divya Nethri on 14 Jun, 2019

they turned out to be unprofessional as they missed out many major instructions. they simply turned down my request.

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You Stole My Money

Reviewed By Farhan Akhtar on 09 Apr, 2019

The customer executives tell me that the money cannot be refunded because the writer has to be paid.

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Absolutely not worth it

Reviewed By Kajal malhotra on 08 Apr, 2019

After wasting my money on this incompetent writer, I had to modify the some of the information on the paper myself. Absolutely not worth it.

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Prices are unreasonable

Reviewed By Quinn James on 14 Feb, 2019

This concept of assignment writing services were quite new to me, and now that that I think about it, I wish hadn’t been curious about these services. Now my first impression has been ruined completely. I had heard these services were quite convenient, as some of my classmates have also availed them. So I decided to give a try as well, but to my horror I was charged for every little thing that was supposed to be free as per claims made by the website. I was charged for the bibliography, formatting, outline. What’s more I was even asked to pay a hefty sum to subscribe to their premium service, and the customer service executive told me that I can only obtain the plagiarism report for free if I subscribe to the premium services. With such harrowing first experience, it’s only obvious that I will stay away from these services.

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third class service

Reviewed By Michael Kidman on 12 Nov, 2018

A big “NO”! Don’t even try investing in their services. You’ll be crying in a corner, just like me!

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greedy for the money

Reviewed By Chelsea Storkey on 05 Nov, 2018

None of their services is worth the hefty amounts that they charge! This is a fraud service backed up by a team of people who are greedy for your money!

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Fraud Service

Reviewed By John Disney on 31 Oct, 2018

At first, I was just doubtful about using an academic writing service, but now, I am sure that I will never trust any of these fraud services ever!

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