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The website was founded by Andrew Grauer, a college student, in 2006. claims to be associated with more than 80,000 faculty members from the United States, Canada, and Australia. The company has its headquarters in Redwood City, CA.

Let’s dig deep into the operations of and understand why the company cannot be relied upon with assignments.

Is Safe to Buy or Worth Buying?

You have to understand whether you should invest your money in a website with a customer rating of 1.58/5 as per This is because the customers are mostly dissatisfied with the website.

As per, ranks 425th among homework help websites. So you can understand why students should never look up to the website for assignment help.

You will find similar reviews on Maximum reviews are negative.

You can understand that the site is not safe if you want to invest in it. Hence, don’t make a hasty decision and refrain from taking assignment help from the website.

How Much Does Cost? do not keep the prices transparent. As a result, you will not find the prices once you click on the website or search for the help you need. It is a significant problem for students looking for assignment help for the first time. As per some reviews on, the prices are as high as $119.

It is not feasible for students to pay such high prices for getting help with the assignments. It is wise to look into other websites and get the right help with the tasks. Even the tutors complain about too little salaries. Here is a review from an educator on

The reviews can help you understand the true nature of the website and invest wisely. The refund policies are also not transparent, making the website even more suspicious. Stop before you pay for the services. Look around for a better one and signup.

Does Offer Discounts to Customers?

There are no discounts as such. As mentioned earlier, the pricing is not transparent for However, if you check a few reviews, you will come across some insights into their prices. The subscription amounts vary, and you might get some benefit if you choose an annual subscription. Unfortunately, the website will not offer any new signup or seasonal discounts.

Their promise of paying the annual subscription in instalments is a hoax. Many customers complained of being forced to pay up the entire amount once they signed up. You can check the images in the previous section to understand how they cheat you of your money.

Avoid the website for any assignment related help. Instead, look for a better and well-known website to get the right support.

Is a Good Service Provider that Can Deliver Projects on Time?

You cannot deny the significance of time when it comes to assignments. The students are often stressed out with the deadlines and seek assignment help. But if you are relying on, you are in for a ride. They take a lot of time to answer your queries. So, forget about delivering the project on time.

You can understand when it comes to urgent assignments, is not the right choice. You have to make decisions wisely when it comes to completing urgent assignments. Do not rely on with such projects. It is better to do it yourself than relying on them.

Is there Any Complaint about Customer Support?

Don't expect 'no' as an answer to this question. With so many flaws, you should not expect good and effective customer support from The customer support is not prompt. You will have to wait long to get a response to your queries.

The website does not acknowledge your concerns. You will be left waiting for a solution and will not get the correct one at the end of the day.

Is There Any Possibility of Refunds?

It is weird to expect a proper refund policy from a company that keeps its prices hidden. Many customers have complained about not getting any refund. They have also complained of their money getting deducted without their consent. Hence, don't believe in the company's lucrative offers and promises. You will be disappointed with the result.

Cancellations take a lot of time. You will be unable to cancel your order in the first time. The company keeps all your information with them and never deletes them.

Nothing is transparent on the website. Avoid the website if you are looking for assignment help. Look for other options and get the right help with the tasks.


It is not easy to get through all the assignments. You will look for help. But it is necessary to check the website's authenticity before signing up. If you have shortlisted, then delete it right away. The website is not the appropriate one for your assignments. You can go through the review above to understand the same and decide. You can also browse through the reviews to understand. Understand the significance of the assignments and make sure to choose the right website for help.

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