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About is an academic writing agency providing assignment writing services to students in the UK. They claim to offer services like essays, research papers, dissertations, theses and other academic paper writing services.

This review will help you understand whether it is worth investing your time and money into this agency. Read on to know more.

Is worth buying?

It would be best to be careful when placing orders from an academic writing agency or any such company claiming to be one. This is because your future academic career will depend on the quality of the agency you are availing services from.

Their website at appears to be sketchy, and they have no reviews. This leaves a huge question mark on the quality of services they provide. Further absence of any kind of customer testimonials proves that the quality of services they provide is not praise-worthy.

How much does cost?

They have three types of pricing segments according to the quality of assignments they provide. First, they are 2:2 standard which is the cheapest, then comes the 2:1 standard and finally, first-class. For 2:2 standard, the prices start at £8.99 for receiving your assignment within 6 days and goes up to £17.99 for receiving it within 24 hours.

Their 2:1 standard starts at £13.99 for 6 days and then increases to £22.99 for 24 hours. Their first-class package starts at £18.99 for 6 days and goes up to £24.99 for 24 hours.

Does offer customer discounts?

They only have one discount for customers where they provide 15% off. However, the terms of availing of their discounts are not clear. Thus, it is not possible to say whether all students can avail their discount coupons.

Is a service where the delivery deadline is good?

They claim to provide instant delivery to their customers. However, we did not find any such reviews informing us of their delivery time and commitment to deadlines. Thus, it cannot be established whether they take care of deadlines or not. Furthermore, not a single review points out their punctuality, and hence, it is not proven whether they deliver assignments as they promise on their website.

Is there any complaint about’s customer support?

The academic agency hardly has any reviews on their website, although they claim that they have ratings above 4.8 out of 5. The only review we could find was their service, which was too negative.

Thus, it is clearly established that they do not have effective customer service in place for students.

Is there any possibility of refunds?

Nowhere on their website is anything mentioned about refunds. Thus, we can safely assume that they do not have an option for refunds for customers. This can be a deterrent for several students who wish to get the best value for their money and want refunds in case they are not happy with the type of assignments they receive.

Conclusion has a functioning website. However, it is hard to tell whether they are a legit assignment writing agency or not as they hardly have any reviews about them. Even with a simple online search, one will not get any reviews about this company.

Thus, it is clear that the agency is not trustworthy, and it is not recommended to spend your hard-earned money on buying assignments from them.


1. Is a British Company?

The headquarters of is located in Sussex, London. It is a British assignment writing company that caters to the needs of students in the UK and also from different parts of the world.

2. What is’s contact no?

The contact number of is 0203-034-0743. You can also check their contact us page for more information about their mail addresses and social media pages.

3. How to login with

If you are using their services for the first time then you will need to sign-up with them using your contact number and email id. After that whenever you want to visit your student profile you can login with your credentials and access your profile.

4. Where can I get discount code?

Only after you place an order with them will you be able to get a discount coupon. They claim to offer you 15% off on your first order, only after you have successfully signed up with them.

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