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The company boasts of having more than 1,500 professional academic writers working for them. The executives claim that students choose them for the kind of academic guidance and proofreading and editing services they provide.

Students use essay-writing services in a variety of ways and for a whole host of reasons. The principle reason is for guidance of various kinds. This includes the provision of proofreading and editing services but predominantly involves the furnishing of model answers.”

Yup, that’s what you would find on visiting the “About Us – Why do students use us” section.  But the question is how far it is helpful and rewarding for a student to get in touch with the “experts” of the company? Here’s what I’ve found out!

Price & Discounts (Rating: 2.5/5)

When I visited the FAQ section of this writing service firm, I figured out that the executives are of the opinion that they won’t start working on a project until they’ve received the payment, which is, to some extent acceptable, if we are to consider the industry norms. But what is it with this price policy? They are anything but cheap. They are asking for £125 for an undergraduate 2:1 level.

Now that’s a lot of money. Being a professional academic writing service provider, they should have been more responsible and reasonable with their pricing structure. For a novice, such high price might create problems for them in the long run. They would obviously be unaware of the industry trends and might just end up paying a high price even for a minimal chunk of work. This is one particular aspect of the firm that has made me come up with a 1.5 rating out of 5 for this overpriced service rate policy followed by

Just in order to be sure of what I have found out and realized, I tried to refer to other reviews posted regarding the price policy of this particular firm.

Moreover, the company doesn’t offer any discount or student-friendly schemes except one 25% rebate, and that too only during the Christmas. They have got a few free services and features, and that’s all. Even though free features are always helpful, an additional yearlong discount on the assignments could have been more helpful, especially when they are quoting such high price for essay assignments.

Consequence: Well, the consequence is clear. If they do not revise their price policies and come up with something more reasonable and helpful for the students, sooner or later people will come to know about this unfair practice. This, as a result, will only bring down the level of the company and its reputation.

On-Time Delivery (Rating: 2/5)

Now coming to probably the most essential and critical context of every academic writing service company, I am sorry to say disappointed me big time. If you visit the website, right on the homepage, you will be able to find this feature that says “TIMELY DELIVERY – Work delivered on time, or get your work for free”.

The flipside of the coin tells a different story altogether. I tried ordering an essay and had an agreement with the experts that they would get the job done, absolutely on time enough! No prize for guessing, the academic experts of the firm failed the deadline miserably. So, I decided to get in touch with the executives to figure out if they are offering me a free service as promised. No way! They started coming up with excuses and argued that due to an intricate and uncommon essay topic assigned to them, it took time for them to figure out and organize all the information.

Hence, they failed the deadline, and no free work will be offered as a result. I really could not understand what was wrong with them, and the attitude shook me a like a thunderstorm. If you are not sure of something, then coming up with false promises and ending up breaking them is a bit rude and unprofessional.

Consequence and Reality: Such inflexibility and an attitude of unprofessionalism displayed by the company made me look for other sources and reviews for a re-confirmation of the factor the reality which I had come across. 

24/7 Availability (Rating: 2.5/5)

Talking of the on-time delivery aspect of, I would like to mention that the customer relationship managers of the firm are somewhat responsive but not consistent. I mean you would find them active and attending client queries seamlessly, and the next moment they are gone. No one’s there to attend your calls and reply to your messages.

Moreover, I couldn’t figure out the reason behind making things unnecessarily complicated. The very first time I tried getting in touch with the experts, I found them offline.

So, they were basically asking me to introduce myself, send them a separate message, attach my email address and name, and they will get back to me soon. Why there is so much hassle, just for the sake of having a quick conversation with the customer care guys?

I have found this policy complicated and troublesome from a lot of notable aspects. The entire purpose of offering a 24/7 availability is to stay online round the clock. Going offline and making clients wait for a reply is no way an option, at least for me.

Consequence: For an instance, if a student is in the middle of a great hurry and wants to get connected to the team of experts at the earliest, then how long would he/she wait for the executives to come online and revert? As a consequence, the company might just end up losing a client. This is something ridiculous and complicated.

Customer Reviews(Rating: 2/5)

As I have always been a man who loves to believe in facts and data, in addition to what I have already figured out, I decided to look for real-time customer reviews regarding this particular website. So, I decided to count on the reviews and ratings posted by the online academic writing company review site And this is what I have found out.

Now with so many issues and shortcomings associated with the company and its work culture, I would personally like to suggest them re-considering each of the highlighted aspects and come up with a revised service policy.  An online academic writing service provider should be a combination of smart skills, professionalism, and flexibility.

Now that is lagging behind in terms of keeping up with these attributes, the experts might take some more time to work on the loopholes and relaunch the portal with an attitude of focus and freshness.

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not worth

Reviewed By Luke Bentley on 16 Nov, 2018

Trust me guys, if you care about your academic career, don’t even think of taking their assistance. Their writers know nothing!

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worst experience

Reviewed By Jade Downey on 18 Oct, 2018

If you are really serious about your academic career, never ever trust these people! They are least interested in your academic success! Worst ever assignment writing service!

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Worst experience

Reviewed By Benjamin Jenkins on 12 Oct, 2018

I wish I can give them 0 rating. 1 star is still too high for them. Fraudsters..!! They are making fool to us stay away from them.

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