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5 Winning Methods For E-Commerce Businesses To Own And Escalate Customers' Loyalty

With the global online retail market topping $3.4 trillion in sales in 2019, customer loyalty in eCommerce has never been more critical or more challenging (Source: It’s a no-brainer now that returning customers are assets, and businesses should cater to them to increase brand awareness and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. But, in a world where speed, convenience, and 24*7 customer support mean everything, brand loyalty is the most slippery thing.

A friendly and loyal relationship with the buyers will pay off immediately. However, retention of customer loyalty is much more difficult in e-commerce than it is for brick-and-mortar businesses. Physical stores and companies can deliver more personalised services, attend to customers in need, and conveniently reach them. However, bringing those all inside a phone and laptop screen is challenging, not to mention that building relationships is undoubtedly the trickiest of tasks. However, 2020’s global pandemic makes developing customer loyalty more important than ever for eCommerce businesses and has indeed changed the scenario.

However, e-commerce businesses cannot take customer loyalty for granted and develop better and insightful ideas to help retain the customers for repeat purchases. Actionable business tactics are the only solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Here we have brought five such helpful strategies for businesses to own and improve their brand loyalty.

1. The first impression lasts long

In E-Commerce, you sell what you have shown to potential buyers. The first visit of consumers to any E-Commerce website should be great, more like the first significant impression that will stay forever. This article in says that the best way to accomplish this is with authentic messaging that connects and excites an audience but never oversells or falsifies any information. After all, 91% of people are more likely to buy from an authentic brand than a dishonest one.

To stay more authentic, businesses should use actual photo of products, tell both the strengths and weaknesses of the product, don’t go overboard in the descriptions, customer reviews, and an informative and interactive sales page communicates to customers who it is and its value in a straightforward yet engaging way.

2. Once In A While, Put Products On Sale

Everyone loves sales. E-Commerce websites compete against each other to offer the best sale price to their customers via online stores. Engage the buyers in the process of initiating sales. Brands like Myntra and Amazon has introduced activities like spinning wheels, throwing dice, and scratching a coupon to engage the customers. When buyers check-in, a pop-up comes up to offer personal discounts on particular items.

Compulsive shoppers don’t miss a chance of enjoying these special offers with lots of engagement. However, businesses should conduct thorough market research to know about the prices customers are willing to pay. Don’t make sales and discounted prices a habit of your customers. This may result in customers leaving.

3. Create An Informative Blog Section

Engage the buyers with blogs that are informative and updated. Many customers conduct their share of research by not only going through the product review but also reading the blogs. Blogs usually hold every possible information about the industry within, written by some of the best-in-class bloggers and influencers.

Use the blogging section to write about your products, passion, self, and industry. It is a perfect way to connect with customers on an emotional level and provide some practical pieces of advice.  Based on the industry you are in, share tips, advice, and trends to keep the customers informed.

4. Nurture Target Customers On All Possible Channels

To win the target customers’ loyalty, businesses should connect with the customers on various channels such as emails, newsletters, online forums, and social media platforms. Having an ‘omnichannel presence will be highly beneficial in increasing customer engagement’ (Source:

Also, customers don’t like to receive only promotional content and messages from E-Commerce platforms. The super-effective method of 80:20 help businesses shares 80% of promotional content, followed by 20% of the information. This technique adds value by sharing links to valuable content, offering exclusive discount coupons and exclusive information to the platform. Arranging contents, creating visually appealing content on social media sites, customer stories, leveraging user-generated content, and interacting with customers via social media platforms are effective strategies to keep the customers engaged and come back while retaining loyalty.

5. Finally, Contribute To A Social Cause

By now, you must know that special incentive for every type of shopper–new, old, loyal and the customers force them to come back and to become your brand their favourite. When customers' values match with your cause, they will likely prefer your brand over others. This is where brands contributing to social causes and engaging in valued CSR activities come into the picture.

Consumers prefer brands that are green and environment-friendly. They will likely choose your brand over others when they see the business is sustainable or has a USP to go back to nature. For instance, if your brand focuses on sustainable fashion, you should leverage it and let your customers know about it. Contributing profits for charitable acts also form a better connection with customers.

Closing Lines

In the modern Ecommerce world, success is built on the foundation of returning businesses. Instead of spending a fortune trying to bring on new customers, companies can take up the strategies to focus on maximising returning customers’ value through these solutions.

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