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Top 7 Tactics to Get a Customer to Leave Behind a Review

Today, 91% of 18-34 olds believe in online customer reviews before they buy a product or avail services. Thus, every business must make sure that they ask the consumers for reviews, so that the next customer might be convinced. This is also applicable for educational service providers.

How to Ensure Customers Leave Behind Reviews?

In order to get service or product reviews from customers, you have to follow certain steps. These are highlighted below.

1. Start by Simply Asking

You can simply start by politely asking for reviews. You can reach out to your customers on Twitter or other social media platforms. When the students get back the assignments, you should ask them to leave a review on, Quora,, The more the other students search for you, your Google search engine ranking improves.

2. Automate the Review Collection

If you wish to improve the brand reputation, you must get reviews. You can automate the entire process by making a form and a landing page. You should provide space for the customers to provide the details and a clear notice explaining how you will use the testimonial. You can thank loyal customers by sending them an email. You can take advantage of the automation software Constant Contact.

3. Focus on Getting Good Reviews

You must not be satisfied with reviews only. You should try to target satisfied customers in order to get good reviews. Only positive reviews would help you drive your sales and more students would be interested in availing assistance. Ask the customers to specify the aspects they enjoyed, such as, on-time delivery, additional perks, premium service, etc. This is because consumers get attracted to the facilities that the educational service providers offer.

4. Offer a Personal Touch

A personal touch works wonders, such as a thank you video for availing the service. In the video, you appreciate the gesture of the customers and in the end, you ask them to leave a review. You might even call them up and thank them personally and send them links of the feedback form. Personalization is a powerful tool for developing relationships and a perfect way to get more positive feedback.

5. Ask the Students for Elementary Reviews

A review need not be intricate, loaded with mellifluous words or complex sentence structure. The message should be clear, so that the other consumers can understand it. Furthermore, it should be wrapped up within 40 words as no one has ample time to go through a whole page. So, you should explain the review writing to the consumers to make the entire process easier for the reviewers and the next consumers.

6. Offer them Sample Reviews

There might be instances when your consumers might not be aware of the review writing process. You must not be frustrated and you should offer them a brief talk and provide them with sample reviews, so that they get the gist. By reading the testimonials, they will also get to understand the format of the reviews. One of the biggest advantages of this tactic is that you can influence what the students might say about your service.

7. Engage with the Reviews

If you want to retain customers and also attract new prospects, you should definitely engage with the existing reviews. Once the students leave behind a review, you should acknowledge it. If it is a positive review, you must thank the customers. If it is a negative review, you must apologize for the service and state that you will rectify the mistakes. You should also offer to help them out (if that is possible).

Hopefully, the tips stated above comes in handy. However, the trends keep on changing with the change in time. Thus, you have to experiment with various tactics to see which one works for you. 

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