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6 Things Selectors Look for While Reviewing an Admission Essay

There are a number of misconceptions regarding the content of an ideal admission essay. Most students believe that writing impressive details about themselves can boost their chances of getting admission in their dream college/university. However, the reality is slightly different. At times, boasting of the skills and knowledge might impress the admission committee. But that’s not going to be enough if the student wants to confirm his/her enrolment in that institution.

The admission committee looks for a few particular things while reviewing an admission essay. Having knowledge of those factors can give students an advantage over other applicants.

  • Proofreading errors:

In the majority of cases, the admission committee rejects an application essay right away if it has multiple errors. It is important to understand that the selectors have to go through thousands of essays. Grammatical and spelling errors give them a reason to reject the essay without reading it till the end. A student needs to proofread and edit the essay before submitting it.

  • Content of the essay:

Selectors prefer essays that highlight the personality of the student, instead of objective facts like the test scores and grades. Ideally, an admission essay should describe how the student can be a valuable part of the institution. The selectors appreciate the essays that describe the personal story of the student. Students should try to include the stories that have helped them learn and grow.

  • Thought behind the essay:

The admission committee wants to know what type of person you are. If they see a student has used the essay to boast about his/her grades and achievements, they may develop a negative opinion about the candidate. Instead of doing self-promotion, students should put thoughtful words to describe the academic journey. In most cases, the selectors prefer essays that are written after careful consideration.

  • Use of examples:

Selectors are very particular about the legitimacy of the claims one makes in the essay. Most students are not afraid to use false data to make an impression on the admission committee. This is why the selectors look for evidence that supports the claim made by the applicants. For students, it is better to be honest with everything and include events from the past that highlight the knowledge and skill set.

  • Originality of the content:

The admission committee has zero tolerance for plagiarised content. If an application essay has traces of plagiarism in it, the selectors reject the copy immediately. In some institutions, they blacklist the candidate and make sure he/she does not get admission in any of the campuses. It is always a good idea to verify the originality of the admission essay before submitting it with the admission committee.

A student should write an admission essay in compliance with these aforementioned factors. Focusing on these elements can boost the chances of impressing the admission committee.


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