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Protecting yourself Against Online Scammers

You will find scams in all shapes and sizes. Scammers know exactly how to attract your mind. They know all the right buttons to press so that they get what they want from you. So you need to stay alert when you are trying to choose a good Australian writing company. Every year, we hear cases on how students are getting scammed by fraudulent writing companies. If you do not want any of that to be happening with you, it is extremely important to choose your writing companies carefully. Further in this blog, we are going to discuss some effective ways you can protect yourself from fraud Australian writing companies.

You need a writing service which remains trustworthy till the end of its service. You are paying so much, so it is obvious you only deserve best writing solutions. Your essay writing will be of no value if it is submitted late. The worse tension students tend to have is getting plagiarised essay writing solution. This is why some of the most eminent reviewers from have decided to share some important details on how to protect yourself from fraud writing companies.

Excellent Ways to Choose a Reliable Australian Writing Company

Many times, students end up with a mediocre writer even though they are promised to have the support of Australian native experts. It is important that you know for sure that you are working with highly qualified expert writers. It is completely unacceptable of getting low quality assignments with numerous errors and poorly formatted when you are paying so much to get a winning assignment.

You just need to see lookout for the red flags while choosing a proper writing service. You will usually find a gimmick or two among in almost every dishonesty writing services. You just need tricks to identify them.

Here are a few suggestions by top reviewers from

1. Research on the website

Spend hours on researching about the website. Make sure that you know everything that you required to know about the writing company. It is important to find the contact details of the writing company. You will find the address either at the bottom of the website or in the contact section. It is essential to get to know the license number as well as the contact details of the writing company.

2. Read the review section carefully

Before you choose the writing company, it is necessary to read all the reviews of the students. Instead of relying on internal feedback, make sure you explore the internet to gather the external feedback also. This is the best way to ensure that you are not reading internally-made testimonials to make the company look legitimate. It will help you make a decision on whether you should proceed with the order or not.

You can also read a number of review companies such as where the reviewers dedicate their time in investigating the website and assessing the performances of the writing companies.

3. Consider checking the author bio

A reputable writing service like will always hire writers who have high qualification and years of experience. You must have the assurance that the services are 100% original. Writing companies which wants to be taken seriously, then you must dedicate a page which will represent author’s profile. It must include their qualifications, skill-set and also their experience.

4. Check the guarantees

A genuine writing company will always offer guarantees like unlimited revisions, 100% refund, complete security and free plagiarism report. Before you choose a writing company, it is necessary to make sure the company offers these guarantees.

After receiving such guarantees, you will have the confidence to count on the writing service and their experts.

5. Prices and discounts

The biggest red flag will be unrealistically low prices. Writing companies offering services at such a low price only means there is something fishy about the writing company. A lot of students got scammed as they fall prey on the low price. 

We know that students look for inexpensive writing services, but students must always prioritises quality over anything.

You also must check offers and discounts since nowadays almost all writing companies’ offers them. The offers will lower the total cost of the writing service.

6. Ask for samples

Samples are a great way to understand the abilities as well as the capabilities of the expert writers. There can be no better place than samples to learn about the quality standard maintained by expert writers. Make sure they do not charge anything extra for the samples as they come in free of cost.

7. Check the behavior of the customer support executives

Sometimes not all writing companies’ offers round the clock support as they claim to. But they are extremely important to get regular updates about the progress of the work. Try calling the customer support executive at different times in a day to understand if they are always available. Also, focus on the tone they are using while talking to you. It is important to have support from a friendly executive to have a smooth academic writing experience.

8. Choose Progressive Delivery

That option again is suitable for long papers. If you need a paper that is longer than 5-6 pages, it is a good idea to use a progressive delivery option. It adds about 10% to the overall price, but it allows you to control the entire process. You receive your paper part by part and pay in installments.

Make sure you follow all the advice suggested above so that you protect yourself from getting scammed from fraud writing companies. Having support from a legitimate writing service confirms the fact that you will have 100% original document.


Keira is a PhD expert with a specialization in Communication, Cultural & Media Studies from a prestigious university. Having been scammed by online academic writing services as a PhD student, Keira took up the responsibility of weeding out the scammers. When she is not busy stalking these money mongers, you can find her travelling to the most bizarre destinations or breathing life into her crazy imagination, on her canvas.