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10 Reasons Why Students Must Consider Joining Rotary International

Do you know Rotary International unites almost 1.2 million members and operates through 35,000+ clubs? The community takes initiatives to create lasting changes in society, both on the local and global level. From promoting Polio awareness to growing local economies and supporting education for all; the Rotary International projects are spread across several domains and functionalities.

If you are a proactive student, who loves to learn and grow effectively, joining Rotary International as an active volunteer will introduce you to numerous benefits.

Here are the ten reasons why every student must enrol themselves to the Rotary International programs.

  1. Sign up for amazing partnerships

Be on the good books of your professors with reputable partnership accolades added to your list of achievements. Wondering how? The Rotary International projects offer incredible partnerships. Students can collaborate on social projects initiated and conducted by brands such as:

When you become a part of volunteer projects from an early age, you come out as an active and responsible citizen. Moreover, you also develop organisational and management skills earlier in life as compared to others.

  1. Be a part of a new culture with Rotary Youth Exchanges

If you are 15-19 years of age and wish to study abroad for a year, then you qualify for the Rotary Youth Exchange projects. On enrolling to this project, you will get a chance to learn new languages, explore or discover a new culture, and adapt to other attributes of a true global citizen.

If you are 15 to 19 years of age, then contact your local rotary club to check and confirm what exchange opportunities are available, along with detailed insight into the application process.

Here are the essentials you will require during this particular project.

  • Travel documents including your Visa and Passport
  • Travel Insurance
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Additional expenses for other travels and tours
  1. Improve your oratory skills via Rotary International Conventions

Are you interested in listening to eminent speakers, meet new people and explore new cultures? Then how about attending the Rotary International Conventions for exposure? The organisation has combined fellowship with distinguished guest speakers and entertainers to be a part of these events.

Attending such conventions will introduce you to a whole new world of public speaking, stage presence and presentations. These are skills that every young student must hone to get ready for a competitive tomorrow.

Here’s a list of the future Rotary Conventions for your knowledge and convenience.

  • 2020: 7th-10thJune, Honolulu, USA
  • 2021: 13th-16thJune, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2022: 5th-8thJune, Texas, USA
  1. Rotary International provides you with fantastic Internship opportunities

Are you interested in a 3-months internship in a different country along with your friends and acquaintances? Signing up with Rotary International’s New Generation Service Exchange gives you some exciting opportunities.

With this particular program, you can design your own short-term exchange goals. Besides, the program has other benefits to offer. Here's everything you should know.

  • Establish connections with service-dedicated community leaders in other countries
  • Build your professional expertise, expand and explore more academic avenues and gain international recognition during the time of internship
  • Travel and explore different cultures, lifestyle and introduce yours to them

Rotary members often arrange no-cost internships, financial assistance, and budget-friendly homestay options for the participants. Simply find the nearest Rotary Club and extract sufficient information on how much the program would cost you.

  1. Develop some critical problem solving skills with RYLA program

RYLA or the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a week-long professional and personal development program. The intensive leadership experience program offers the following benefits:

  • The course provides you with the perfect platform to discover strategies for becoming a dynamic leader in your community, school or college.
  • You will be able to unlock every potential to turn motivations into actions that would count in the long run.
  • You will be able to establish communication and problem-solving skills.

For your information, RYLA participants are nominated by the local Rotary Clubs. The events, typically last for 3-4 days which include presentations, workshops and activities covering a plethora of topics.

  1. Students can serve abroad with Rotary Peace Fellowship programs

Every year Rotary International selects 100 peace fellows to study at Rotary Peace Centres across the world. The Rotary Peace Centres executives, through academic assignments, training and global networking opportunities, prepare the members to change them into catalysts for peace.

Here are the essentials you should take note of.

  • Each year the Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for Master’s degrees and 50 for certificate courses at reputable universities
  • Experienced peace ambassadors gain practical tools for promoting peace during an intensive three-month program.
  • The Master’s degree program lasts for 15 to 24 months which includes a 2-3 months field study.

All peace fellowship candidates must meet these following requirements.

  • Great leadership skills
  • A minimum of 3 years of volunteer or full-time work experience related to his/her field of study for Master’s degree applicants
  • Minimum 5 years of volunteer or full-time work experience related to their domain of interest for Certificate applicants
  1. Rotary International has some amazing scholarship opportunities

This is undeniably one of the most crucial reasons why every student must consider signing up with Rotary International projects and programs. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could manage to get a scholarship approved by the forerunners of the organisation? It surely would.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • The foundation offers scholarships for college graduates to study conflict and peace resolution.
  • Global grants are available to students studying in one of the  Rotary’s six causes which include promoting peace, fighting diseases, provisioning clean water, hygiene, sanitation, supporting education, administering local economic growth and saving children and mothers.
  1. Develop transferable skill sets with Rotary International

Rotary offers a great platform for students willing to serve on local, international and national committees. As a student, you can develop excellent skills and organisational techniques while working on important projects such as:

  • Disaster relief
  • Fighting off polio
  • Clean water sanitation
  • Promoting peace

This, as a result, will only make you a better person and a true human being with each passing day.

  1. Establish a relationship with the United Nations

Are you aware of the fact that nearly 50 out of 800 UN delegates are members of Rotary International? Rotary International and the United Nations are close partners, offering several opportunities for today’s youth.

Signing up with the foundation will increase your chances of being recognised by the UN body for future possibilities that would fuel your self-service initiatives.

  1. Rotary International offers an experience of a lifetime

Lastly, being a member of the prestigious Rotary International Foundation is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. Here are your takeaways from the house of Rotary enthusiasts.

  • Personal growth and development
  • Travel opportunities
  • Constant learning and knowledge sharing
  • Business Development
  • Establishing friendship within your community and across the world

So, wait no more and visit the Rotary International website today to put your best foot forward.  Get started with a noble initiative to foster personal development through self-service and care.

Good luck!


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