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How to get over fake reviews?

Trying to take down fake reviews, again and again, can be really frustrating. But it is quite common in the world of business where every now and then you will experience false reviews. The State General from New York has been said to have taken action against the 19 NY based companies who were associated in fake reviews back in 2013. Unfortunately, legal rights were not enough to put an end to this, but there are a few tips that may help you answer to your query “how to get over fake reviews”

You will be surprised to know that even well-managed businesses suffer the outcome of fake reviews. According to research, it came into light that 91% of customers aged between 18-34 years place orders by reading the online reviews. Whether you have a small business or large business, negative reviews can create a devastating effect on your business, and that is why you simply cannot ignore it. In this blog, we have stated a few tips that will help you get over your fear for fake ratings.

7 Best Ways to Get Over with the Fake Reviews


  1. Stop panicking

Understand the fact that every company receives fake reviews in spite of providing top-notch services, so you are not alone in this. All business has up’s and down’s and not every time you have control over it. So try keeping your nerves together and treat it just like another review. Always be professional when you are dealing with such reviews and try not taking it personally.

  1. Give an appropriate response

Response to the review by keeping a professional and positive attitude. Even if the review is bad, you need to keep your calm and write in a polite language. When you are responding to the review, do remember even others will see your response. Your quick response and generosity are great ways to win back the customer’s faith in your service.

  1. Adopt a resolving attitude

Even though there is a chance for the review to be fake, try having a resolving attitude. Appreciate the customer for sharing his/her review and show that you have a perfect understanding of the issue and apologise for it. Then make them sure that you will do something about it.  

  1. Reason out by politely claiming to the false accusation

Even when you are doing this, avoid arguing or fighting with the customer. It will only lower the reputation of your company. If you are really angry, avoid answering in the state. You need to politely state that there must have been some misconception and then state your reason.

  1. Flagging the reviews

If any review has foul language, report it to the social administrators immediately. You have an advantage in this area as you will have full support from the webpage. They will remove it once you report it there. But before you decide to flag, try getting information on the main issue and get relevant data of the website administrators. Make sure you note down the case number in case the administrator has placed any case.

  1. Keep all the reviews in track

You must keep all the track of the reviews to understand what your current position of the company in the customer’s mind. This will help you get your facts regarding where you are actually going wrong. You will also be able to respond to fake reviews as soon as impossible.

  1. Try getting more positive reviews

If your service is of good quality, you are bound to have positive reviews. So when you have lots of positive reviews, a single negative review may get pushed down. Customers tend to read all the review. One bad review may indeed seem questionable to other services. But when a customer notices that most of them are positive reviews, there will be a chance of winning their trust.

Online reviews are a crucial part of any organisation. They are an incredible way to boost your business, but at the same time a bad review can bring down the reputation of your company. All you need to do is keep your calm and be polite while responding to all the negative reviews. Meanwhile, fill your review section with loads of positive reviews by upgrading and improving your services. We hope this blog has answered your query regarding “how to get over with a fake review”.


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