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How can you protect your organization from bad reviews?

Nowadays, consumers trust online reviews more than anything when it comes to making purchasing decisions. The statement is true for retail giants like Amazon as well as for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). But, the question is that are these reviews authentic? Consumers don’t question because they make the purchasing decision solely on the basis of this aspect. Good reviews will make customers inclined towards a particular product/service and vice-versa.

Why review matters

According to a survey, potential customers read ten online reviews approximately to get the feeling of whether they can trust your brand or not. Nowadays, people rely on reviews as much as personal recommendations. A positive reputation about your offerings makes the customers trust your brand. Furthermore, it converts searchers into leads and enhances your organization’s local search rankings.

If you are the business owner, a poor online review obstructs your organizational growth in more ways than one. In that case, you start losing your potential customers. According to popular statistics, a single bad review can cost you 22% of customers. The number rises to 59% with three negative reviews. Four or more negative feedbacks relating to your product/service may take away 70% of potential buyers.

It’s a fact that more than 90% of businesses won’t tie up with agencies with less than four out of five stars. When individuals browse the first page of Google, the search results will be adequate for them to get an impression of your agency. Negative reviews mean they are likely to choose a competitor with a higher ranking.

The true cost of bad reviews

A bad review can have devastating consequences for businesses. It’s true that you can’t measure the damage extent, but after going through the below-mentioned aspects, you can get an idea of the same:

  1. Lost sales revenue: It won’t be an exaggeration to say that consumers nowadays trust online reviews more than anything. Nine out of ten customers won’t opt for a poorly-rated product/service. However, negative complaints may be grounded in legitimate grievances or entirely fabricated. Whatever it is, the review will carry the same weight, and customers won’t be able to discern the difference. You can’t measure the exact costs of a bad business reputation in absolute terms, but estimates exceed $500 billion in the developed nations like the United States.
  2. Bad press impacts hiring and retention costs: A downtrend in sales revenue isn’t the only causality of negative feedback. The bad press also impacts hiring costs leading to an employee retention crisis. According to a study, 71% of U.S. workers won’t apply to an agency with negative press.

How can you protect your organization from bad reviews?

Go through the actionable steps that you can adopt to save your business from a bad reputation:

  1. Prevent bad reviews before they arise: Being the manager of an organization, you should give an ear to what customers have to say about your offerings. Listen to customers’ grievances and suggest them a simple way to provide critical feedback before they voice the dissatisfaction online.
  2. Seek reviews from happy customers: If you have happy customers on the cards, it will undoubtedly be a boon for your business. Ask them to give your product/service a review. You can solicit positive reviews on multiple online platforms. With these reviews, you can counterbalance the negative feedback.
  3. Stay vigilant: It’s also a great way to protect your brand from bad reviews. Sign up for Google alerts for your convenience so that as soon as a customer posts negative feedback, you can quickly take action.
  4. Claim your social media profiles: You have to determine the social media profiles that make sense to your business. Thereafter, publish your product/service updates on them regularly. It will expand your digital footprint at large.
  5. Submit press releases: A press release highlighting anything positive associated with your agency, like charities or sponsorships, can help your business gain traction with local media.
  6. Respond to bad reviews smartly: If you give a bitter response to a legitimate complaint, it will damage your organization’s reputation more than the original criticism. So, ensure to respond to all negative feedbacks with the reader in mind. Understand the customer’s situation and express regret while offering to fix the issue in the shortest possible time. People will overlook a few bad reviews if you are proactive enough to correct the problem.

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