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Managing Online Reviews: 6 Ways To Effectively Deal With Customer Feedback

According to, ill management of consumer reviews has been responsible for jeopardising sales of many businesses. As many as 62 per cent of consumers say they will not support brands that engage in review censorship, hence refrain from transacting from the business provider. Major review sites like Google and Amazon include many where fake reviews about businesses are available. Statistics show that 62 per cent of consumers have no tolerance for fraudulent reviews and believe that they should be removed.

Keeping this in mind, business-gurus have always emphasised on responding to reviews, either positive or negative. Responding to positive reviews is hassle-free, and it is easier to deal with. However, when it comes to the negative review, it gets a little trickier. The first tip is to remove the emotion from your response. Negative reviews will feel bad, but let’s not bring it in the front while responding. A negative review is an excellent opportunity for your business to learn, grow and tackle situations professionally.  

This being said, we have put together some of our top time-tested suggestions below to manage customer reviews by businesses, both local and online-

1. Request reviews from happy customers

Good reviews bring more reviews. This is also one of the most prominent ways to improve SEO for the business. One way to manage your reviews is by asking your customers to share their feedback and avail the services again.

Nearly 10% of Google's SEO algorithm is based on an online review; you can fall below your competition in online searches without them. So while businesses may hesitate to urge customers to take time out to write a review and you may fear a bad review, you do need reviews.

2. Leverage influencers

Social media or Instagram influencers are the most contemporary additions to leverage and boost reviews and SEO for businesses. Thousands of people follow influencers; they are always under the public eye for making opinions, sharing insights about food, drinks, gadgets, products and service. Thousands of people rely on what influencers are suggesting or asking to avoid. So, invest your time and redesign the marketing mix involving influencers and YouTubers. As a business, if you want to have more customers and their reviews, this is the most data-backed strategy.

Influencers are people who have an audience-base that listens to their opinions. Find an influencer in your business niche and offer products or services free of charge. They will share their honest review with their followers. If appropriate, you may choose to contribute monetary compensation for their time to review your business.

3. Track your reviews, Yelp, Product Review, TripAdvisor, SentiOne, My Assignment Help are some of the most used review management tools that businesses can use and keep track of what people say about their brand online. The capacity to track what people say about companies online comes with several benefits.

From leaving a timely reply to the customers' reviews and queries, to help improve reach the products and services to new customers; from creating ad and content, the client will prefer to enter your company name to get alerts. These tools offer full monitoring of all social media and mainstream news sites, insights like trends, keyword discovery, and influence scoring. With these review trackers, businesses get access to not real-time and historical data and map how many times the brand name or keyword has been used in positive and negative reviews.

4. Maintain regular frequency of reviews

Target customers like to have regular reviews at different platforms regularly. When they see regular frequency reviews coming in, they believe in its quality and service. This technique helps businesses grow a customer base, repeat visits to the app or website, more prolonged website engagement, more extensive browsing history and instils trust with potential customers.

Nico Dato,  VP of marketing at Podium, has referred to this action saying, "The recency, frequency, and quantity of your reviews have a direct impact on your local search ranking.” Dato added, “And the higher you rank in local search, the more visible you become to your audience.”

5. Don't delete negative feedback

Rather than deleting a significantly negative review, ask the reviewer to follow up, send a mail, or ask directly to contact so that you can address their concerns. This removes the dialogue from the public forum but shows your willingness to respond to complaints as a growing business.

Negative reviews are a valuable place to understand what is bothering your customers and other genuine issues. Addressing it through reviews always ensure the better thriving of the business. As you have the tools to track and manage the reviews, assess how many of the reviews are real and if you need to flag or address those.

6. Deliver excellent quality product or service

No matter how many strategies digital marketers invest in supporting businesses, customers, and reviews it brings, the fundamental lies in helping people with high quality product or services.

Good products and services automatically help earn positive reviews. You can improve your chances of getting these reviews by proactively asking your customers to share their experience with your business online. Sending a message right to their phones with a link to a review site can be a helpful reminder. A CTA button saying 'Review us now' button on the website help customers share their opinions faster. Regularly extending the customers with new reasons like introducing new offers, products, and incentives promote reviewing your business.

Today’s consumers value what others say about a company or business than anything else. As a business, if you have embraced the process of reviewing and sharing feedback, the chances of building a reputation that grows your business is unfailing.

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